Kickstarter Land Rush Leaderboard

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An Aria of Luna and Sol 0 0%
Ardent Consortium 2 0%
Aseveljet 11 1%
Associates 1 0%
Band of the Hand 0 0%
Blackthorns Band 3 0%
Clan Grimwolf 0 0%
Crimson Wing 5 0%
Death's Door 1 0%
Excelsior 9 1%
Gayme0n 9 1%
Georgia PFS 11 1%
Grim Maw Clan 6 0%
Guild of Calamitous 3 0%
Inconnu 12 1%
Keepers of the Circle 39 4%
Knights of the Crusader Road 27 3%
Knights of Vancouver 1 0%
Loot and Scoot 2 0%
Magical Advancement & Growth Initiative 8 1%
Magistry 12 1%
Mystical Awakening 12 1%
Pax Aeternum 81 10%
Penguinati 0 0%
Roadsmen 0 0%
Shadows of the Blood Oath 7 0%
Steel Wind 6 0%
Peace Through Vigilance 12 1%
Strange Company 2 0%
The Community of Shadow Haven 9 1%
The Empyrean Order 124 15%
The Golden Retrievers 1 0%
The Reds 1 0%
The Seventh Veil 62 7%
The Way, the Mount, the Burn and the Death 1 0%
Twilight Avengers 1 0%
Geist Korps 3 0%
Wrenn's Nest 0 0%
YONAS 4 0%
Brandar ok Gandar 1 0%
Iron Council 2 0%
Elite Royal Guard of Artume 2 0%
Kalyana Rajani 0 0%
Validian Fellowship 2 0%
Foolpool 2 0%
Dweomer 0 0%
League of Extraordinary Goblins 2 0%
Lost Legion 10 1%
Horns Guard 6 0%
Blood Thorns 1 0%
Pax Mercatorum 1 0%
Starkonja 0 0%
Silvermoon Guild 0 0%
Quick Fortunes 0 0%
Reading Between the Lines 1 0%
The Old Timers Guild 5 0%
Stormwardens 1 0%
Inner Sea Trading Company 4 0%
Marsh Wardens 1 0%
The Vanguard of a Thousand Voices 0 0%
Deathwatch 3 0%
Agents of Erastil 6 0%
Silverhawks 1 0%
Company 404 2 0%
Order of the Cerulean Shield 0 0%
The Button Makers 1 0%
Bloodsong 3 0%
Manticore's Own 1 0%
Concordia Discors 3 0%
The Agency 1 0%
The Alabaster Dawn 1 0%
Vwoom Crusaders 0 0%
Dark Horselords 6 0%
The Button Makers 2 0%
Thod's Friends - PFS UK 8 1%
Artisans of Avarice 1 0%
Stalwart Aegis 0 0%
Phoenix Rising 1 0%
Go Rin No Sho 5 0%
Know Direction 8 1%
Misery 1 0%
Vision Valor Victory 5 0%
The Iron Gauntlet 7 0%
The Drunken Linnorms 2 0%
Hooded Sentiels 0 0%
Heroes of Torilia 4 0%
Mazon's Misfits 0 0%
Rancorous Ash Crickets 9 1%
Platinum Blades 5 0%
Eastern Sun 6 0%
The Vigilant 0 0%
House Draconis 1 0%
Doom 7 0%
The Guardians 6 0%
A Game of Dragons 1 0%
Knights Tempest 6 0%
Principal Gods 6 0%
Terra Australis Incognita 5 0%
Order of the Nidhogg 0 0%
Simple Adventurers 2 0%
Gnomepunters 0 0%
Einsof 0 0%
Fools Errand 0 0%
Kellids that Care 3 0%
Dragon Blade Mercenaries 11 1%
Ravensworn 0 0%
Lightbringer Company 0 0%
Knights of the Aethyr 0 0%
Les Compagnons 26 3%
Fortune Tracking Wanderers 3 0%
Citadel 1 0%
Avengers of Aroden 1 0%
The Overland Raiding and Trading Company 0 0%
Death Guild 0 0%
Black Rose Order 0 0%
Triumvirate 0 0%
Keepers of the Desert Flame 0 0%
Fortune's Favored 0 0%
Obsidian Blades 1 0%
East Commons Trading Company 0 0%
The Lost 0 0%
Hammerfist Clan 9 1%
Blood Ravens 0 0%
Five Foot Step 0 0%
Brotherhood of Immortals 0 0%
Hand of Iomedae 3 0%
The Order of the Electrum Dragon 0 0%
The Forbidden of Parlainth 0 0%
Greyhawk It! LLC 0 0%
The Carrion Corps 3 0%
Discovery 0 0%
La Garde Noire 0 0%
Eternity Council 0 0%
The Bastard Sons of Daggermark 2 0%
The Watchers 0 0%
Forgotten Sons 0 0%
The Phoenix Brotherhood 1 0%
Dreamless 1 0%
Wayward Fellowship 0 0%
Golarian Liberators 4 0%
Defenders of Endi 5 0%
Northern Lights 1 0%
Brains and Brawn 2 0%
Swiss Army Boar 0 0%
Lotus Guardians 2 0%
Hearthguard 6 0%
Maelstrom Company 5 0%
The Shining View 1 0%
The Gauntlet 1 0%
The House of Axes and Ales 1 0%
Peasant Uprising 3 0%
Clan Ulfrrekkr 0 0%
Artifice 0 0%
The Soulforged 2 0%
River Rats 3 0%
Knights of Sollabria 0 0%
Cailean's Private Reserve 1 0%
Mad King Geoff's Portalian Battalion 4 0%
Red Mercy 3 0%
Taur-im-Duinath 17 2%
Sons of Golarion 3 0%
House Ironclad 3 0%
Knights of the Mithril Dragon 1 0%
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Poll: Kickstarter Land Rush Leaderboard

Pathfinder Online

CEO, Goblinworks

Who Can Vote

Please only vote in this poll if you have backed the Pathfinder Online Kickstarter at the $35 Adventurer Reward Level or higher and are a member of one of the listed Guilds.

This is the Leaderboard for the Kickstarter Land Rush. Guilds appearing on this Leaderboard have registered with Goblinworks. If you have backed the Kickstarter at the $500 Crowdforger Guild level, and you want your Guild name to appear here, please email ryan.dancey@goblinworks.com with your Guild name. Names are probationary and you will be able to change them before play begins. It is more important to track your Guild Kickstarter backers than to finalize your Guild name at this stage.

If you are a member of a Guild on this list and you have backed the Kickstarter at the $35 Adventurer Level or higher, you can vote on this poll to indicate your Guild Membership.

Because there is no way to link a pledge on Kickstarter to external data like this Leaderboard, we're asking everyone to be on their honor when indicating their Guild membership. Results will not be finalized until confirmed in the post-Kickstater Backer Survey, and will be subject to change.

This is not a popularity contest or a way to indicate support for the Kickstarter or for a particular Guild name. This is a Leaderboard to track Guild participation in the Kickstarter, so if you are not a member of one of the listed Guilds please don't vote in this poll.

All listed Guilds are credited with 6 "members" via the $500 Crowdforger Guild pledge. The person who pledged at that Reward level should not vote in this poll. Your participation is already being tracked.

The Kickstarter Land Rush Promotion

This Leaderboard will determine the order that initial Settlements will be created in Pathfinder Online during the Early Enrollment period. After a suitable amount of time has elapsed in Early Enrollment for players to get a sense of the available territory and the relative merits of the initial Hexes available, we will conduct a draft for Territory.

The Guild with the highest Membership total will draft first, the second highest Membership will draft second, etc. These Membership totals will be finalized as a part of the post-Kickstarter survey process so final totals will not be available until after that process has completed. This Leaderboard should give Guilds a sense of where they stand in relation to other Guilds during the Kickstarter and it will help them track how effective they've been at recruiting Guild members to join the promotion.

The First Settlements

During Early Enrollment we will not have the Territorial Control game mechanic implemented. During this period, Settlements will not face the threat of being displaced by hostile forces. Near the end of Early Enrollment we will be expanding the territory in the game to include a lot of unclaimed Hexes where players will be able to create new Settlements even if they were not participants in this Promotion. After a suitable interval, the Territorial Warfare system will be introduced, and Settlements will begin to vie with one another for Territorial Control.

You'll be provided with a Guild Lodge in your Hex that you can restrict access to and probably some other early buildings as the Settlement system matures.

The entire Settlement system will be implemented incrementally during Early Enrollment so issues of Settlement Charters, Settlement Alignments, Settlement Management, etc. will all be determined later as a part of the Crowdforging process and you need not worry about them for the purposes of this promotion. Until the system is more robustly implemented, these initial Settlements will not affect a character's ability to train skills and gain character abilities.


We reserve the right to limit your choice of Guild name and if we determine there is a problem we'll contact you to resolve it. We also reserve the right to add or remove Guilds from the Leaderboard at our discretion to preserve the integrity of the Leaderboard. If we determine that a Guild has accumulated a material number of votes without corresponding Kickstarter backers, we will remove those votes, or remove the Guild from the Leaderboard, or take any other action that we determine in the best interest of the game and the community to resolve the situation.

The submission of a name to this promotion does not guarantee the backers the use of that name in the game. We reserve the right to assign a Guild name to another group if we determine that it is in the best interest of the game and the community to do so.

Help & Support

If you have questions or concerns about the Leaderboard, please email ryan.dancey@goblinworks.com directly. Please do not contact Paizo's customer service department regarding the Leaderboard. Please do not post messages in the forum about help or support with the Leaderboard; they may be easily overlooked.

No trademark or copyright infringement is intended by the use of any Guild name. If you are a trademark or copyright holder and you wish to contest the use of a Guild name please contact us directly to resolve the dispute.

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More guilds have been added to the poll.

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Poll updated with more guild names.

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Final batch of guild names has been added.

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So, last batch was the not-so-final one. A slew of stragglers have been added to the poll.

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