Advanced Race Guide vs Fursona: which is better?

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Okay, here's the thing... I have both the Otherverse Games sourcebook Fursona (and Fursona II), as well as Paizo's Advanced Race Guide. And I've decided to build myself a new homebrew fantasy setting, building my own races (mostly Anthro, admittedly).

Now, question is, which Race-building system should I go with? Both have a lot of race-building options the other doesn't, although I think it should be easy enough to steal Traits from one to adapt to the other.

Does anyone who's tried both have any opinions on preferences?

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I haven't actually tried either in play, and my familiarity with the ARG is only very passing (from what I understand it assigns points to a suite of traits, and notes that most races have a certain amount of points).

Ultimately, there are advantages and disadvantages either way. Fursona is quicker and, I suspect, easier to use. You pick a base species, assign the number of major and minor traits you want it to have (with corresponding drawbacks), and presto, you're done. There's something of an inherent balance even to races that end up with more because the more major traits (worth) you add to a custom race, the more drawbacks it has to have.

The ARG, by contrast, is a more complex and in-depth process. The system encourages a more careful examination of racial construction based around numerical point totals - it's easy to find yourself wanting to make sure everything is balanced by having races end up at the same, or very close, numbers of Race Points spent.

I don't know how many (or if) drawbacks are present in the ARG system, but I suspect it's a comparatively small amount, probably focused on things like ability score penalties, along with elemental vulnerabilities and light blindness. The comparative lack of a negative modifier means that, unless you don't mind having some races be "better" than others, you'll find yourself trying to achieve parity by bumping lower-point races up to match the higher-point races, rather than scaling the higher-point races down with penalties to match the lower-point ones.

It's also worth noting that, (again, from what I've read) the ARG system is fundamentally concerned with mechanics and not flavor; outside of creature type, you can add whatever descriptive details you want. Fursona, by contrast, ties some of its flavor to its mechanics. Taking Order: Canine means that your race is going to have some degree of dog-like qualities - this may help you to flesh out your new race, or it might be a straitjacket that you want to escape from (bear in mind that this doesn't take into account Rule 0: that you can just ignore the accompanying flavor text via GM fiat).

That's my take on it. Which system is better for you really depends on your style of race creation.

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