A Bard in need of Stories


So I made a level 6 bard in a new campaign that will be starting up soon. He is a half-elf with Varisian roots(Mother's side) and I wanted to emphasize his story telling abilities by actually having a few stories written out before hand. Unfortunately I'm not the brightest when it comes to this sort of thing and I was hoping you all could throw out some ideas for potential stories he can tell.

The only story I've come up with so far involves my characters attempts to romance a jungle giant(think amazon women but much taller).

It all depends on how you plan to portray your bard.

A random game of dice (life vs wealth) with the chieftan of a goblin tribe.
Singing to the nobles to solve a conflict between two nations
Putting a horde of bandits to sleep with whatever perform skill you have

The beauty of a story is.. it doesn't necessarily have to be completely believable. At least that's how I'm portraying my bard. The audience doesn't want to hear about the one guy who did the one thing to that one other guy. They want legends, they want the unbelievable, the unexpected. So give it to em!

In our last campaign, our monk was knocked out and the ranger went for help. What was actually a completely uneventful night of me walking between two nearly dead people and making sure they were safe actually was a story about an additional 8 goblins and a hobgoblin returning from near death to seek revenge. And me, being a halfling, pushing the hobgoblin off the edge of the cliff to his inevitable doom.

Man I looked good with my rapier.

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