Looking for PFS near Cincinnati, Ohio

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Looking for a PFS game that my brother and I could meet to join. Somewhere in near the west side of Cincinnati, Ohio to Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

Anthing in that area?

5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Cincinnati

There are games at Rockin’ Rooster off Glenway Avenue in Covendale run by Bill Norris. You can sign up at warhorn.net/cincinnati.

Thanks Russell.
Right now, wednesday's do not work for our schedule.

Anyone know of a some place with PFS on a different day of the week?

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If you are a student at Cincinnati State we have a group that meets every other Tuesday. Right now we are on christmas break but should resume with the spring term if that works better for you.

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Is the game at Cinci State only open to Cinci State students?

I've been considering joining a PFS game in the Cinci area myself.

Sadly no, we are no longer students.

Engineers in th eover 35 category. Usually student groups don't want people as ancient as us.

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