Are there going to be any December Sales events on Paizo items?

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I know Paizo just did a big sales event in November but I was wondering if there was going to another one for Christmas or for year end? I'd like like to get a pdf of Pathfinder Chronicles: Seekers of Secrets - A Guide to the Pathfinder Society, but if there is going to be a year end sale, I'd wait a few more days.

I probably posted this question in the wrong sub-forum, sorry.


Generally, Paizo doesn't announce sales before they go live, which means you're not likely to get an official answer.

Historically, I don't think there has been a year-end sale. The Black Friday sale is usually the big one.

There has been, however, a promotion code around Christmas good for a discount in the past. They may do that again.

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Yeah, there is a holiday code that will become active on the 21st, through to January 31st. It's normally comes up on the store blog around Christmas Day

Thanks for the responses.

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