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I just thought I'd clarify this before I created my PFS character:

The Leadership Subdomain (Advanced Player's Guide p92) ability "Inspiring Command" doesn't have a restriction on number of uses listed. (Other domain/subdomain abilities say things like "you can use this ability 3 times per day + Wisdom modifier" or something similar). Does this mean that my PFS character would be able to use this ability every turn indefinitely by sacrificing his standard action?

What I found on another post

Cheapy wrote:
Strife2002 wrote:

Page 92 - Leadership subdomain

Another that was mentioned in the product discussion thread but didn't make it's way over here. The ability of the leadership subdomain doesn't mention how often it can be used per day.

It's probably it was meant to be at-will

I believe that it's meant to be at-will, because it's similar to the base ability, but only 1 round, whereas that one is a few rounds.

...and you edited your post to say the same thing...

Rules as Written, at-will, no errata so far and has been mentioned before so I'm guessing it's staying that way.

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