"Two handed weapon" Soulknife build, any idea ?

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I'm currently playing a level 3 soulknife, but I find myself facing some dilemna about its build.

Technically, it's not an optimized character, being the result of my GM permitting me to switch classes between adventures (a monk, now a soulknife). But the change isn't a complete one, as I must now keep my beginning race: a tengu.

I want to make a Two-handed soulblade specialist of it, with an accent upon very focused and brutal strikes (like "vital strike" augmented), but if I already know what blade skills I should take, I'm quite in the fog about feats (I need a list of feats going to the 14th level, nothing more, as our GM doesn't intend to go beyong that point...). Feats can come from pathfinder official line, as well as Dreamscarred "psionics expanded", and "psionics unleashed".

If it can help, our group is made of:
1 half-orc paladin.
1 half-orc witch.
1 human sorcerer
1 halfling bard.
1 tengu soulknife.

Thanks in advance!

you should make one of the soulknife archtypes. :P

Soulbolt, cause its fun. I always wanted to make a knife thrower, and Soulknife cutthroat (gives soulknives sneak attacks instead of psychic attacks), with 60 ft of throwing with enhanced blade skills. Your group lacks a rogue, just saying :p.

Alas, archtype is something our GM has forbidden...

And yes, we lack a rogue... but it wasn't quite the type of pc I was envisioning, and we have a boat "full" of them, so... ;)
And as for "far reaching" classes, we have our quota with the sorcerer and the bard... ^^'

Ew No archtypes? Thats half the fun of character creation. I am not overly fond of the soulknife, unless its a knife thrower, since its about the only class in the pathfinder universe that does it well. (save 3.5 master thrower)

I understand your point of view, and if I have the opportunity to make a range-based character in an other game, soulbolt is a solid first in my choices list.
Let's just say that my GM is very fond of D&D 3.5, and things which go beyond his narrow vision of the game are not permitted, or just tolerated (as a matter of fact, soulknife was authorized because it's the least psionic of the psionic classes (with Aegis)...).

You may want to choose a variety of different forms, so you've always got good options. Orc Double Axe, Heavy flail, a reach weapon; weapons with different special qualities.

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

I would go with Power Attack (bonus feat), Psionic Weapon (bonus damage if you're maintaining focus) and later Greater Psionic Weapon, Weapon Focus, Extra Blade Skill is always useful, Deep Impact later, Vital Strike later...

Those would be my recommendations for a two-handed soulknife build.


The vital strike chain of feats becomes much more viable with the existence of psionic weapon and it's greater cousin. This becomes particularly true once you manage to get deep impact and your BAB is high enough for feats like dazing assault. You will most liekely never miss and have some SOS effects on top of very good dmg.

I had a two-handed soulknife in a higher-level campaign that was completely devestating (I don't have the exact feat list in front of me, so this is going from memory)

Blade Skills:

-increased crit range by 1 to get to x3
-enhanced mind blade for addtl +1 enhancement
-Alter blade, just in case you need to switch to light (my GM likes to grapple/swallow...)
-whirlwind attack


Power Attack
Weapon Focus (you'll always be using mind blade)
Psionic Weapon
Improved Critical (you'll be critting on 17+)
Critical Focus

Collision is a good early enhancement, as is psychokinetic

Bodyfeeder enhancement as soon as you can get it, and you'll be generating a ton of temporary hit points

I used the Gifted Blade archetype, and augmented Enlarge meant my half-giant was huge (got reach) and was swinging a 6d6 weapon with lots of STR...

Is the "psionic meditation" feat viable, for such builds ? I mean, psionic focus as a move action is a good trade, it seems...

I think psionic meditation + vital strike + psionic weapon is a really good combo. It would let you expend focus and vital strike at the same time, regain focus as a move action, then repeat. You'll be getting really heavy single hits.

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