MEGACON 2013 in Orlando, FL March 14-17th

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My only regret about MegaCon was that I should have GM'ed one more table of an Intro scenario... I am 2 tables short of three stars and it would have been nice to have achieved that at the Con. :-| I just didn't realize it at the time.

Honestly, Central Florida is blessed with some really wonderful organizers and the quality of gaming at MegaCon (as well as this past Dice Tower) is something you should all be proud of.

Silver Crusade

Heh. I'll be exactly one table short of my second star once Kristie gets all three of my MegaCon tables reported. I'm actually not signed up to GM anything for another 3 or 4 weeks, I think.

Sovereign Court 5/5 Venture-Captain, Florida—Jacksonville aka Corax "the honest thief"

It was a great Weekend. Kristie and Dom went above and beyond and it showed. From the devotion of the volunteers to the last minute GMs who gave up their slots to help seat the extra players :D It was amazing. I had a blast DMing Day of the Demon. Got to play in the Blakros Matrimony with my fellow VOs. Ran Fortress of the Nail and again a great group of players and ran a stellar First Steps Part one with a little kid who was done to 1 hp and yelled that the Cleric should "bring it because she was going downtown" I about cried from laughter. Hearing a kid laugh with his dad and 2 other people he just met was awesome. Have the group was knocked down and the kid brought his A game. COME AT ME!!! Im bringing the pain with my crossbow! (I was having a KODT flash back. I could almost hear Bob say "I waste'm with my crossbow!")Smack talk indeed. Just a great Experience. Cannot say enough about the PLayers or DMs. I also gave 2 players Supernatural STDs LOL. Ahhhhhhh.........memories.


James Apostolou wrote:
I had a blast DMing Day of the Demon.

As one of the players in your group I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed your acting skills on that one. Great job, James!

Scarab Sages 5/5

1st BoneKeep table of only 2 at Megacon.

My girlfriend and I were lucky enough to be picked for the 1st try BoneKeep table and were excited to participate in it. Kudos to Michael Brock for running the event and seeing the look of fear and excitement on the players faces as he challenged us with creatures not readily known. It was a challenging event and of the six of us that entered only 4 came out.
To illustrate how tough the event was, the second room we entered is what killed the 2 front line fighter types and we had to continue with myself an archer as the frontline fighter, luckily I use a Zen Archer archetype which makes ranged combat a whole new ballgame for frontline. My girlfriend has a Super Cleric made for healing with versatile channeling mainly positive and we had another cleric with versatile channeling mainly negative so while one damaged; another healed. The last member was minimum level for the event but contributed overall and is a enchantment/charm type.
I can only say that to me it is a fantastic way to be challenged and look foward to other deadly/meatgrinder special scenarios to participate in!!!!

Lantern Lodge

I rather like that charming young lady in the red dress that showed up on Saturday. Though I heard she had a wardrobe malfunction during the Special.

Scarab Sages

Oh Beezy, you are not supposed to let the souls take over your personality, poor poor Beezy. :P

Lantern Lodge

Chris Mullican wrote:
Oh Beezy, you are not supposed to let the souls take over your personality, poor poor Beezy. :P

Seriously, the new avatar is freaky... Ginger or not.

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