Lycanthropy doesn't work so good for some creatures unless you're willing to bend the rules.

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Weresharks, for example. They can't breathe under water and don't even have a swim speed... which kind of spoils the shark part of being killer-shark hybrids. I assume this is because lycanthropes use the base creature's speed (and not the animal's movement rates) and don't gain the subtypes of the base animal (like aquatic.)

Compare this to werebats who can fly which is a pretty iconic element of being a bat in the same way as breathing water and swimming are to a shark. They also have claw attacks, which aren't evocative of bats inherently but are of giant bat humanoids in media (like the Man-Bat.) Arguably, they shouldn't get that because dire bats in PF don't have claw attacks. And werecrocodiles, which have a swim speed and the sprint movement ability, (and can hold their breath for a long time, though that's a special quality, so I suppose that bypasses the rules.)

I guess what I'm trying to say is that werecreatures can't always capture the essence of the animal they're lycanthropes of unless you're willing to bypass the rules and the wereshark could stand to gain from the example of the werebat and werecrocodile.

Yes, that seems like a sound observation.

But what's the question?

Seems like this is a place where some sort of change might be needed/wanted but not so much a rules question. Continuing on a non-rules note Frog God Games will be putting out Razor Coast which has some wereshark goodness in it. It will be interesting to see how they change them (assuming they do).

Werewolves also don't get claws although in pretty much every other depiciton of werewolves (except those where they turn into a completely wolf-like form) the have pretty vicious claws.

I don't see where you're getting that weresharks can't breathe underwater or don't have a swim speed?

Looks like they change shape into a shark, which is polymorphing into an animal, which is treated as beast shape II. (If you polymorph into a creature with a swim speed, you can breathe underwater.)

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