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Here is something I'm curious about. What shape is the drug trade in Golarion? I know it's a fiddly detail, but do they ever really cover any exotic or rare drugs that might be popular in region xyz?

The reason why I ask is my Numeria game will feature a great deal of the criminal underworld and their trades.


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Might want to read These pages of the wiki

I know that the drug trade is a big deal in Katapesh where it is legal (as is most anything else that dosent mess with trade). There is a complete rundown of a few diffrent drugs and their effects and prices in the Guide to Katapesh and throughout the Legacy of Fire AP.

In my Magnimar/Sandpoint-based game, the Sczarni deal in a number of drugs, but the most-traded is flayleaf. Flayleaf is technically illegal in Sandpoint and Magnimar. I ran a subplot about the PCs breaking up a flayleaf smuggling ring led by Jubryal Vishki using the smuggling tunnels beneath Sandpoint.

If you want to make a Darklands connection...

...trade in the drug Midnight Milk is connected with an attempt by the intellect devourers of the subterranean city of Ilvarandin to infect the surface-dwellers, swell their own ranks, and collect new bodies to inhabit. More info on this can be found inthe Campaign Setting guides Into the Darklands, Lost Cities of Golarion, and Magnimar: City of Monuments.

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Excellent. I'm cooking up some new additions 'extracted' from the Silver Mount.

Thanks for the links.

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