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So I was trying to build a character and I need some help. Originally the idea was a bard/magus combo where he would juggle knives and cast touch spell through his knives. So what you would get would be a knife throwing caster. But my GM was showing me Alchemist, so could it be possible to juggle bombs and then throw them. Starting level is 5, any ideas? Also what would juggling be under in a Bard's performance? Thanks guys and gals !

Acting, I would assume. Or Comedy. To be honest, it could be what you want to make it, just OK it with the DM.

Comedy? Its not a great fit, but its the closest I can think of.

Juggling is under comedy, in the description (I have a juggling fighter-bard who throws knives out her pattern.)

You could also use Perform (other) and define other as juggling.

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I think we had a conversation a while ago where we decided that perform (juggling) would be its own skill.

Fromper wrote:

I think we had a conversation a while ago where we decided that perform (juggling) would be its own skill.

Well, the Halfling jugglesticks call it comedy:

Advanced Race Guide wrote:
Halfling Jugglesticks: This group of four brightly colored sticks is adorned with colorful streamers that can be juggled and manipulated to create displays and patterns. Halflings use them to even greater effect, gaining a +2 circumstance bonus on Perform (comedy) checks

But the core rulebook only refers to juggling under the Sleight of Hand skill: "You can also use Sleight of Hand to entertain an audience as though you were using the Perform skill. In such a case, your “act” encompasses elements of legerdemain, juggling, and the like."

Probably a GM call, overall.

It doesn't sound like you're seeking any mechanical advantage here... you just like style and imagery of juggling bombs (or knives) before lobbing them at the enemy. This is of course legal and would hardly even be worthy of a roll in most situations. I would however recommend at least a rank in Sleight of Hand, simply because it (unlike Perform of any kind) cannot be used untrained. It is also of note that neither knives nor bombs are particularly heavy. Having either simply orbit your person should be well within the scope of Prestidigitation or the abilities of an Unseen Servant as long as it provides no actual mechanical benefit.

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