Is a low magic-item campaign viable?

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Low Magic is definitely viable, and very fun. I like to use the example of 2ed's Dark Sun world. It was so low-tech, any metal weapon was basically considered magical because it was so rare. It was my second favorite campaign setting behind Spelljammer.

As long as you, the DM, tailor the campaign appropriately (taking the items away from the NPC's, changing things like DR/Magic to perhaps DR/Masterwork, etc...) it can be plenty balanced.

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LoreKeeper wrote:

Use a vow-of-poverty monk (the Pathfinder version, not that broken crappy one).

*raised brow* Those are the same things.

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Can'tFindthePath wrote:
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we're very much the magic sword matters, type players, but it does make high level play very hard.
That is one of the reasons I really like my house rules. I completely removed the +x from magic weapons, and moved them to internal bonuses characters can choose from as they level. So the math works out pretty well. In my home game I reacently gave one of my players a flamming bow. (no +x just flamming) and that bow will likely be the bow he always uses. It has a name and history, and it will continue to matter throughout the game.

As I read this last post, I was struck with a thought about + powers on weapons. Min/max stacking them in weapons is a VERY mechanical and somewhat meta-game approach. It would be even worse without the enhancement bonus as a base. I'm not saying I disagree with your system, far from it, but I would lower the max "plus" weapon build from +10 to +5.

That flaming bow may continue to matter, but you don't want it to become a flaming, frost, lightning, acid, holy, brilliant energy bow.

It cant, in my game you cant craft magic items normally. They are rare and wondrous things. The flaming bow will only every be igneous the flaming bow.

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