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Definitely dotting.

Broken Zenith wrote:

@ Prototype: Changed!

Brilliant! Though no stars? ;_; Did I miss some part of your criteria? (I.e. do I need to upgrade the format of the build?)


Broken Zenith wrote:
@ Mirrel: Wow! That's unfortunate! Shatter Resolve is pretty awesome though. Where are you getting that extra channel can only be taken once?

In that it does not specify that you CAN take it more than once, all the other feats that can be specify in their description that they can.

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Sorry, forgot! You get stars! :). I think people will be interested what he looks like at levels besides 20, though, so add maybe something about him at 8 & 12 and you shall get three stars!

Broken Zenith wrote:

@ Prototype: Changed!

@ Ohako: That stuff is very interesting, but probably is worthy of its own guide. A "Party Synergy' guide. If there is enough support I'd write up a guide for it, but I'd want more information/examples. I've started a thread here and posted your example as a starting point (giving you credit of course). Feel free to head over there and offer more suggestions!

Party Synergy Thread

Okay Mr. Zenith, I've posted my two best party ideas to your synergy thread. I've got 6 characters for this thread, it'll just take me a little time to get everything just the way I like it.

Broken Zenith wrote:
Sorry, forgot! You get stars! :). I think people will be interested what he looks like at levels besides 20, though, so add maybe something about him at 8 & 12 and you shall get three stars!

Hi Zenith, if you scroll up on the page, you'll see that I have builds at lvls 1, 5, 10, 15 and finally 20 with commentary for each level.


I've got an antipaladin build that I rather liked making:

"Do Not Pursue"


dhampir 20 (antipaladin 17 / (phalanx soldier)fighter 3--staggered in at 6/10/11-14th levels)

stats (20 point-buy):
str - 24 (10pts. +6 belt)
dex - 12 (+2 racial)
con - 14 (5pts. -2 racial, +2 ioun stone)
int - 14 (+4 robe)
wis - 10
cha - 24 (5pts. +2 racial, +6 headband)

-Unnatural Presence (can intimidate animals/vermin, intimidate is a class skill)
-Anatomist (+1 to crit confirmation rolls)

alt. racial features:
dayborn (replaces 'detect undead' SLA)

1 - EWP (fauchard)
3 - Power Attack
5 - Furious Focus
6* - Weapon Focus (fauchard)
7 - Cornugon Smash
9 - Critical Focus
10* - Dazzling Display
11 - Shatter Defenses
13 - Dreadful Carnage
15 - Strike Back / Bleeding Critical / Intimidating Prowess
17 - Strike Back / Bleeding Critical / Intimidating Prowess
19 - Strike Back / Bleeding Critical / Intimidating Prowess

for levels 15-19, take feats as you feel appropriate: enemies outreaching you for some reason or getting ganked by huge crowds? grab strike back. your obscene intimidate not obscene enough? grab intimidating prowess. if you're comfortable on both fronts then grab bleeding critical to bring more pain.

Equipment Slots
belt of str (+4-6) (16k gold - 36k gold, 1lb., belt)*
headband of cha (+4-6) (16k gold - 36k gold, 1lb., head)*
+2 con ioun stone (8000g)*
Bracer of the Avenging Knight (11500g, 1lb., wrist)*
ring of spell turning (100000g, ring)*
ring of excellent security (180000g, ring)* / +5 ring of protection (50000g)
amulet of natural armor (+5) (50k gold, amulet)*
quick runner's shirt (1000g, chest)
robe of runes (44000g, 1lb., body)
lens of detection (3500g, 1lb., eyes)
lesser cloak of displacement (24000g, 1lb., shoulders) / cloak of resistance (25000g)
gloves of dueling (15k gold, hands)
handy haversack (2000g)
Pink Rhomboid (+2 con, Ioun Stone) (8000g) (can be removed from list if you're getting a belt of physical might/perfection with a con boost)

while not required, pearls of power are great and cheap.
get a mithral full-plate of speed (w/armor spikes if you can) and winged boots if you want more mobility options.


it's your standard fauchard critfisher paladin until 11-14th (when you take that third fighter level for phalanx fighter's 3rd-level ability), then grab a mithral buckler (enchanted as high as you like) and be both an aegis and castigator at the same time! not particularly team-focused though, other than being a reaching-demoralizing-murdering machine to draw enemy fire (because if they ignore you will kill them--especially if you can smite them). never actually use dazzling display--you get the same effect for free while power attacking (cornugon smash) and later when you drop an enemy (dreadful carnage).

keep an ominous/cruel/keen/element burst fauchard on-hand at all times (threaten melee via armor spikes), keeps a hand free for ToC'ing yourself (dat negative energy affinity, man) as well. shield bonus only applies while wielding it one-handed though, so you'll have to decide whether to 2H the fauchard for damage or 1H it for more defense/healing/etc on any given turn.

it can also be a paladin build rather painlessly (just change race to something without negative energy affinity). angel-blooded aasimar has +str/cha and fits for paladins

and my own take on the tankbarian here (the weapon/armor prices are probably vastly miscalculated), not going to statblock it here since i'm not sure it's worth its own new entry as it's only a minor tweak from domocles' version (grabbed witch hunter/spell sunder/flesh wouund/strength surge).

Why aren't you linking RavingDork's character emporium?


Earlier in this thread Jubal.

Broken Zenith wrote:

I've asked Ravingdork, but he wants to hold off for now. He said he'll let me know around christmas, so I'm hopeful.

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actually think i will statblock the tankbarian take i have (mostly to try out the model build template you were so kind to have on-hand)

meet Astrid:


Human, CG, Barbarian Invulnerable Rager 19/Unbreakable Fighter 1

Pretty much your standard tankbarian with a twist: it actually gets the strength surge/spell sunder combo, while retaining decent DR. doesn't have any focus on range unlike similar builds, and assumes you wont be using desperate battler (you're a flanking buddy for the rogue perhaps) enough to need it. a side-effect of the spread needed to meet the reqs for feats gives you a good number of skill points as well. all stat increases into strength, all FCBs into superstition bonus.

Attributes (with Racial Modifier):

15 Point Buy (AC will be 1 less than what is listed below)
STR: 17 (7pts. +2 racial)
DEX: 12 (2pts.)
CON: 14 (5pts.)
INT: 13 (3pts.)
WIS: 10
CHA: 8 (-2pts.)

20 Point Buy
STR: 17 (7pts. +2 racial)
DEX: 14 (5pts.)
CON: 14 (5pts.)
INT: 14 (5pts.)
WIS: 10
CHA: 8 (-2pts.)

25 Point Buy
STR: 17 (7pts. +2 racial)
DEX: 14 (5pts.)
CON: 16 (10pts.)
INT: 14 (5pts.)
WIS: 10
CHA: 8 (-2pts.)

(combat) Threatening Defender (1 less attack penalty when using combat expertise)
(religion) Indomitable Faith (+1 will saves)

Feats/Class Choices:
1: Endurance, Diehard, Combat Reflexes, Power Attack
3: Combat Expertise, Superstition
4: +1 into str
5: Extra rage power (witch hunter), Lesser Beast Totem
7: Extra rage power (Spell Sunder), Beast Totem
8: +1 into str
9: Stalwart, Reckless Abandon
11: Improved Stalwart, Greater Beast Totem
12: +1 into str
13: Extra Rage power (Come and Get Me), Guarded Life
15: Extra Rage power (Auspicious Mark*), Greater Guarded Life
16: +1 into str
17: Extra Rage power (Flesh Wound), Strength Surge*
19: Extra Rage power (Improved DR/-), Improved DR/-
20: +1 into str

*- trade these as you see fit.

Suggested Gear:
Astrid wields a (+3 furious courageous) lucern hammer and threatens melee via armor spikes. She also keeps a few +1 anchoring daggers (I recommend living steel so you don't have to replace them as often) to chuck at people and lock them down if she's got the money. grab a belt of strength ASAP, and upgrade it to a belt of physical might/perfection when you can (str>con>dex). and remember that controlled rage is optional--you can still rage as normal. As such, tailor your rage to the situation at hand. get an amulet of natural armor and a ring of splendid security--same effect as a ring of protection +5, frees up your cloak slot for something other than a cloak of resistance +5 (like, say, a lesser cloak of displacement), and gives you SR 22. It's expensive, but worth every gold. for your other ring consider a ring of friend shield (if you've got a ranged teammate willing to be an HP battery for you) or a ring of spell turning (twice the price of friend shield, but still worth it).

What the Build Looks Like at:

-Level 1: Welcome to your one and only fighter level. Approach and hit enemies with power attack, work with your team. AC 16 (hide armor), 2/0/1 saves

-Level 4: Finally Hit that 18 str, and you've got rage to work with as well, you become innured to hot or cold environments (choose one). AC 18 (agile breastplate. 16 raging), 5/1/2 saves (10/6/7 with superstition), DR 1/-

-Level 8: Woohoo, iterative attacks! You've also got witch hunter, spell sunder, claws (if you get disarmed), fire or cold resist 1, and +3 nat AC. AC 21 (agile breastplate, 19 raging), 7/2/3 saves (18/13/14 with superstition), DR 3/-

-Level 12: You've pretty much come together, now you've got reckless abandon, pounce, and both stalwarts so you can get an additional DR 6/- when using combat expertise for only a -2 to attack (threatening defender). you also get fire or cold resist 2, and nat AC increases to +4. AC 25 (full-plate, 23 raging), 9/3/4 saves (25/19/20 with superstition), DR 5/- (11/- with combat expertise/imp. stalwart)

-Level 16: Things start getting absolutely crazy here. another iterative attack, CaGM, auspicious mark (or strength surge), nat AC increases to +5, combat expertise/stalwart becomes DR 8/- for -3 attack, fire or cold resist 4. AC 26 (full-plate, 24 raging), 11/5/6 saves (32/26/27 with superstition), DR 7/- (15/- with combat expertise/imp. stalwart)

-Level 20: congratulations, you've beaten the game. 4 attacks, flesh wound, strength surge (or auspicious mark), +4 DR/-, nat AC increases to +6, DR 10/- with combat expertise, and you dont get fatigued when raging (though you should have remedied that LONG ago), and fire or cold resist 6. AC 27 (25 raging), 13/6/7 saves (39/32/33 with superstition), DR 13/- (23/- with combat expertise/imp. stalwart)

pop rage, combat expertise, and wade in. PA+reckless abandon will lower your AC to increase damage (effectively), which will make you a more inviting target for enemies. remember you get +1 AC (dodge) when adjacent to 2 or more enemies.
sunder spells or enemy equipment when you want (because even though you get strength surge rather late, your roll is still respectable, and rage-cycling isn't too hard to do), and AoOs from sundering w/o improved sunder don't particularly matter because of your defenses.
flesh wound and your doubled base DR against nonlethal (as well as your decent con and rage bonus hp) makes you quite beefy, and if you drop below 0hp, diehard/guarded life/greater guarded life makes you even harder to kill.

In Conclusion/Notes:
I should hope everything was adequately explained. If anyone spots any bad math on my part, please point it out so i can correct it.

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Guide to the Builds

Builds we need:

Bard, Cavalier, Druid, Magus, Oracle, Ranger, Samurai

Dotty Dot Dot....Doot.

I'm sure someone can make a decent-if-not-great vanilla or sword saint samurai. i might take a crack at the latter when i wake up.

Alright, ::cracks knuckles::

Here's a nice selection of the builds I dream up. Let me know if there are any glaring errors in any of them.

Blanziflor Quatrefoil, a musetouched assimar bard 7/oracle 1/fighter 1, who has piles and piles of Knowledge skills, and uses Kirin Style in battle

Halda Lilta, an elven kapenia dancer 6/shadowdancer 3, because bladed scarf dancing powers wheee!

Pandemonium Zodiac, an angelkin aasimar barbarian 13 with up to 15 attacks (11 natural) on a charge. I got a little help on this one from Duskblade, naturally.

Retarius Magpie, a tengu fighter 13 disarm and Deadly Stroke specialist

Solfatara, a merfolk barbarian 3/oracle 3/rage prophet 3 who has a 40 ft. movement speed (before magic items)

Throckmorton the Woodcutter, a half-orc rogue 8 with lots of ways to get those pesky sneak attack dice

Yugi Invictus, a dwarf monk 8/duelist 5 who can poke bad buys to death

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Great! I added a few of these (the ones level 12 or above and the bard). Thanks!

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Added a few, including a few Maguses.

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Only missing Cavalier and Samurai builds now! How sad for them...

Guide to the Builds

Here is a heavily multiclassing, meele build using vestigial arms to combine a shield, a greatsword and an empty hand for crane wing goodness. x_Uc/edit

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Hmm, link appears to be broken? Did you enable sharing for the google doc?

This should work: neACyx_Uc

well, so much for posting THAT build. having lost it three times now, i've given up on getting it into the proper format in this thread.

Here's a magus/rogue/arcane trickster that makes an awesome scout-slash-rogue-type-character

could REALLY use some polish feat-wise and such, so (constructive) criticism is quite welcome.

Here's a white-haired witch/sohei/eldritch knight build that I've been working on, with help from the kind folks on this thread

The Bride of Hell, who can use flurry of blows with weaponized hair.

AndIMustMask wrote:

well, so much for posting THAT build. having lost it three times now, i've given up on getting it into the proper format in this thread.

Here's a magus/rogue/arcane trickster that makes an awesome scout-slash-rogue-type-character

could REALLY use some polish feat-wise and such, so (constructive) criticism is quite welcome.

here's the statblock here (with a few modifications):


Elf, (any non-lawful), Magus Kensai 6 / Rogue Knife Master-Bandit 4 / Arcane Trickster 10

STEP 1. take agile keen kukri
STEP 2. apply (see: spellstrike+sneak attack) to enemy while invisible/flanking
STEP 3. ???
Treat yourself as a rogue with more nova and utility. make sure to keep your disable device, stealth, perception, and use magic device high (and at least 4 points into escape artist before level 10).

Attributes (with Racial Modifier):

15 Point Buy (AC will be one lower than what's listed below)
STR: 10
DEX: 16 (5pts. +2 racial)
CON: 12 (5pts. -2 racial)
INT: 17 (7pts. +2 racial)
WIS: 10
CHA: 8 (-2pts.)

20 Point Buy
STR: 10
DEX: 18 (10pts. +2 racial)
CON: 12 (5pts. -2 racial)
INT: 17 (7pts. +2 racial)
WIS: 10
CHA: 8 (-2pts.)

25 Point Buy
STR: 10
DEX: 18 (10pts. +2 racial)
CON: 14 (10pts. -2 racial)
INT: 17 (7pts. +2 racial)
WIS: 10
CHA: 8 (-2pts.)


(magic) Magical Lineage (spell of choice--usually shocking grasp)
(combat) Reactionary or (Regional) Wayang Spellhunter (spell of choice--see above)

Feats/Class Choices:
Mgs 1: Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (Kukri)
Mgs 2:
Mgs 3: Combat Casting, Arcane Accuracy
Mgs 4: +1 into int
Mgs 5: Improved Initiative, Empower Spell
Mgs 6: Prescient Attack, Close Range
Rg 7: Intensified Spell
Rg 8: +1 into int, Offensive Defense
Rg 9: Quicken Spell
Rg 10: Underhanded
AT 11: Critical Focus
AT 12: +1 into int
AT 13: ???*
AT 14:
AT 15: Spell Perfection (trait chosen spell)
AT 16: +1 into int
AT 17: ???*
AT 18:
AT 19: ???*
AT 20: +1 into int

* - don't actually know. advice would be appreciated.
Favored class is magus, all points into racial bonus.

Suggested Gear:
+5 keen/agile/(cold or acid burst, since you've likely got more than enough electricity) kukri for you weapon, and either a +5 haramaki/SCA/armored kilt, or a +8 bracers of armor.
aim for an int headband and a dex belt (in that order), and upgrade the belt to dex/con later on when you've got the money. you'll wanna keep up on your ring of protection/amulet of natural armor/cloak of resistance +5 when you've got the dosh too.
a blessed book WILL be your spellbook of choice later, and a ring of wizardry (type III) will serve you quite well--after trait a quickened empowered intensified shocking grasp will be a 3rd-level slot (quicken can be forgone before spell perfection at 15th level)
other items to look into:
-spellguard bracers (5000g)
-magician's hat (20,000g)
-robe of runes (44,000g)
-tunic of careful casting (5000g, can be worn with robe of runes, as one is a chest slot, and the other is body slot)
-rod of absorption (50,000g, worth every copper)
-glove of storing (10,000g, works quite well with teh above to shield you from spells or act as a battery)
-metamagic rods (price varies)
-handy haversack (2000g, incredibly useful)
-waterproof bag (5 sp, you should have this at 1st level, can prevent a lot of environmental drama with your spellbook)
-pathfinder's pouch (1000g, place waterproof sack w/ spellbook into here and turn off the extradimensional storage bit for a *reasonably* safe, secure spellbook)
-efficient quiver (1,800g, can hold up to 60 wands, 18 rods/scroll cases, and 6 staves all at once)
-a collection of various wands, scrolls, etc. for utility or for refilling your spellbook should it meet an untimely end.
-misc. mage stuff (other spellbook protections, extra component pouches, etc.)

What the Build Looks Like at: (assuming nonmagical armor (haramaki/SCA/armored kilt) for AC), your AC will likely be higher.

-Level 1: Ever played a dex magus? that's you. reduced spellcasting from kensai means you're hurting for spells, so use them sparingly and support your team. AC 16, 0/0/2 saves.

-Level 4: more of the same, now you've got 2nd-level spells and are finally starting to come into your own. Arcane accuracy helps when you wanna hit things. AC 19, 4/1/4 saves.

-Level 8: finished your time in magus, and halfway into your career as a proper rogue. close range increases your variety in what you can spellstrike with, prescient attack helps you get those sneak attack dice onto the enemy, and offensive defense increases your survivability a little. AC ~21 (if you've got an int headband), 5/5/5 saves.

-Level 12: Rogue levels complete! now you're starting your journey into arcane trickery. now you've got 3rd-level spells (better late than never) and more sneak attack dice. AC ~21, 6/7/6 saves.

-Level 16: 4th- and 5th-level spells, more sneak attack, tricky spells (silent+still for free!) 3/day, and impromptu sneak attack for some more craziness. AC ~21, 7/9/8 saves.

-Level 20: surprise spells are yours, as are 6th-level spells! more SA damage to tack onto people as well. AC~21, 9/11/11 saves.

your endgame sneak attack+surprise spell+spellstrike hould be: 1d4 base + dex and enhancement bonus + 7d8 SA + 15d6 quick. int. emp. shocking grasp + 7d4 (surprise spell)

the spell damage and weapon damage will be multiplied on a crit (30%-ish), as well as an additional 2d6 energy damage from the burst enchant on your kukri.
along with the rest of your usual full attack/spell combat/whatever.
not the best in town, but you'll still wow your friends.

By and large you shouldn't be using magic too much early on--your reduced spellcasting from kensai hurts. you'll want to stick to scrolls or wands for your utility spellcasting, since wands usually pay for themselves by the time you've used them up.
Scout ahead (you've any number of spells to aid this) to get info for your team and set up ambushes. using tricky spells and proper positioning, you can be of use across most of the battlefield.
During combat proper, you'll wanna be using greater invisibility (and flanking when possible) to spellstrike/sneak attack/surprise spell (they all stack for about) freely for great damage.
Keep an eye out for pesky mages (a surprise spell acid arrow can really ruin their day) and work to keep them out of your party's hair.
Your low BAB is offset somewhat by your high dex (and reliance on such) and arcane accuracy--as well as the ability to increase your weapon via arcane pool.

remember that surprise spell only works on flat-footed enemies, and only adds d4's since you're a knife master.

In Conclusion/Notes:
I should hope everything was adequately explained. If anyone spots any bad math on my part, please point it out so i can correct it.

need to find a way to get enemies reliably flat-footed, not just dex-denied. considering *shudder* feinting.

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Added a few more. List keeps growing, but still no cavalier or samurai! Help me out here people!

Guide to the Builds

I'll post a few Cav builds soon. I love the class.

i'll get on an intimidation sword saint once i finish these npcs for a friend.

actually first i'll build an "scary invincible warlord" vanilla samurai

currently the idea is a half orc who uses the naginata from horseback with the PA+cleave feats and mounted combat. great against waves of mooks (think dynasty warriors), less so for solo battles

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seems I lied, here's a cleaving sword saint:

Half-orc, LG, Unbreakable Fighter 1 / Sword Saint Samurai (order of the warrior) 19

"Aye, 'tis a heavy helm,' the swordsman said, 'but I'll be carrying it and leaving your corpse behind if you don't put it on." - The Traveler's Tale

fight tons of dudes and be quite good at it. you're no slouch in one-on-one combat either.

Attributes (with Racial Mod):

15 Point Buy (AC will be one lower than what's listed below)
STR: 17 (7pts. +2 racial)
DEX: 12 (2pts.)
CON: 14 (5pts.)
INT: 7 (-4pts.)
WIS: 10
CHA: 14 (5pts.)

20 Point Buy
STR: 17 (7pts. +2 racial)
DEX: 14 (5pts.)
CON: 14 (5pts.)
INT: 8 (-2pts.)
WIS: 10
CHA: 14 (5pts.)

25 Point Buy
STR: 17 (7pts. +2 racial)
DEX: 14 (5pts.)
CON: 16 (10pts.)
INT: 8 (-2pts.)
WIS: 10
CHA: 14 (5pts.)


(Faith) Unnatural Presence (can intimidate animals/vermin, intimidate is a class skill)
(Combat) Anatomist (+1 to crit confirmation rolls)

Alt. Racial Features:
Sacred Tattoo (+1 all saves (luck), replaces orc ferocity)

Feats/Class Choices:
Fgtr 1: Power Attack, Endurance, Diehard
Sam 2:
Sam 3: Cleave
Sam 4: +1 into str
Sam 5: Great Cleave
Sam 6:
Sam 7: Lunge, Deathless Initiate
Sam 8: +1 into str
Sam 9: Surprise Follow-Through
Sam 10:
Sam 11: Strike Back
Sam 12: +1 into str
Sam 13: Improved Surprise Follow-Through
Sam 14:
Sam 15: Furious Focus
Sam 16: +1 into str
Sam 17: Cornugon Smash
Sam 18:
Sam 19: Intimidating Prowess, Dreadful Carnage
Sam 20: +1 into str

Favored class is samurai, all points spent on bonus skill points.

Suggested Gear:
+5 cruel defiant keen ominous katana, made of adamantine or living steel if your DM likes sundering things.
NOTE: cruel is only useful after 10th level when you can actually get terrifying iaijutsu off, and ominous is only useful to you once you hit 17th level or more (terrifying iaijutsu doesn't actually use intimidate), so a simple +5 defiant keen elemental burst katana will be your go-to weapon normally.
keep your armor up-to-date (the champion (1) enchant is fairly nice), purchase a cloak of resistance ASAP, get extra armor (ring of protection, amulet of natural armor) items as you feel you need them.

What the Build Looks Like at: (assuming nonmagical armor/gear, your AC will likely be higher.)

-Level 1: you're a fighter. power attack things and work with your team. you're also not proficient with your katana yet, so grab a longsword or something as well to tide you over until level 2.
AC 17-18 (scale mail or four-mirror armor), 3/1/1 saves

-Level 4: now you're proficient with your katana, resolve powers, have cleave and that wonderful 18 strength--things are looking up. cleaving is great when possible.
AC 18-19 (breastplate or four-mirror armor), 6/2/2 saves

-Level 8: hooray iterative attacks. now you've got a choice to make: do you stand and hit one guy twice, or move and hit 2+ adjacent guys (the second of which is againt touch AC) within your shiny new 10' reach with lunge? the answer is the latter when possible. you're also way harder to kill now.
AC 19-20 (o-yoroi or full-plate), 8/3/3 saves

-Level 12: got another iterative and you're at 20 strength now, so full attacking is looking like a much better option, and your iaijutsu is actually usable now (also deals 6d6 damage and some interesting statuses)! strike back lets you get free attacks against people who attack you when you hold an action for it. great for dealing with lots of attackers at once.
AC 20-21 (mithral o-yoroi or mithral full-plate), 10/4/4 saves

-Level 16: here you are, at the end of your advenure path. you get your final order ability, furious focus is great, all great cleave targets after the initial one are at touch AC, and you get that third iterative. your iaijutsu strike does 8d6 damage, and does lots of cool things too, so its great for closing on a big guy after challenging.
AC 20-21 (mithral o-yoroi or mithral full-plate), 12/6/6 saves

-Level 20: with cornugon smash, dreadful carnage, and intimidating prowess, you are now a literal terror on the battlefield. iaijutsu strike does its full 10d6 now.
AC 20-21 (mithral o-yoroi or mithral full-plate), 14/7/7 saves

PA+cleave (after 7th use lunge for more flexibility) like a mofo when confronted with multiple opponents, or (after 10th), challenge, close and lunge + iaijutsu strike (subsequent turns spent full-attacking) for single targets.

against groups after 11th level, your combat startup should look like: hold standard action for strike back if you've got multiple enemies within closing distance, when they close and attack (you're not currently at any penalties so you shouldn't be too worried) you can hit them all for free with strike back, and once your turn rolls back around lunge+great cleave to hit everyone again.
since all extra attacks from great cleave are at full BAB against touch AC (from improved surprise follow-through), and if you drop someone, you can take another free swing (full BAB) at someone else (including a previous target).

the AC penalties from cleaving and lunge will help you seem like a more inviting target for enemies, and with your good con, diehard/deathless initiate, the various resolve powers and your defiant sword, you'll be incredibly tough to kill or control.

In Conclusion/Notes:
I should hope everything was adequately explained. If anyone spots any bad math on my part, please point it out so i can correct it.

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Awesome, thanks AndIMustMask (and nice formatting)! Now we are only missing a Cavalier Build and we'll have everything.

(Additionally, I posted a Bard and a Ninja Skill-Monkey. Interesting to compare).

Guide to the Builds

Broken Zenith wrote:

Awesome, thanks AndIMustMask (and nice formatting)! Now we are only missing a Cavalier Build and we'll have everything.

(Additionally, I posted a Bard and a Ninja Skill-Monkey. Interesting to compare).

Guide to the Builds

just usin' the format you posted for people to use--did the same with every build i've posted here afaik.

unfortunately "and if you drop someone, you can take another free swing (full BAB) at someone else (including a previous target)." line should be removed--it was there from a draft that had cleaving finish/imp. cleaving finish (that was removed in lieu of cornugon/dreadful carnage), that i didnt notice i had missed until after i couldn't edit the post anymore.

honestly though, you could trade the last three feats out for anything, really. you'd wanna change the unnatural presence trait out as well since you wouldn't really be intimidate focused and wouldn't have much need for it.

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Basic Charger Cavalier, Small Size

Gnome Emissary

Corranderol, Gnome Emissary, Order of the Sword, Chaotic Good

Point Buys (post race adjust, no dumps)

15 pt
STR: 13 (7pt)
DEX: 14 (5pt)
CON: 16 (5pt)
INT: 10
WIS: 10
CHA: 10 (-2pt)

20 pt (10 min)
STR: 14 (10pt)
DEX: 14 (5pt)
CON: 16 (5pt)
INT: 10
WIS: 10
CHA: 12

25 pt
STR: 15 (13pt)
DEX: 14 (5pt)
CON: 16 (5pt)
INT: 10
WIS: 10
CHA: 14 (2pt)

STR needs a minimum of 13 to take power attack. CON is always valuable. DEX makes your ride checks easier and your AC better. CHA becomes valuable at 15th level with Order of the Sword so pick it up if you have extra points.

Alternate Race Traits: Darkvision [optional] (replaces Keen Senses and Low-Light Vision), Eternal Hope (replaces Hatred and Defensive Training) [Save it for a failed saving throw]

Traits: Animal Friend (+1 to Will when near an animal), Reactionary (+2 initiative)

1: Power Attack, Mounted Combat (bonus)(Mount: Wolf)
2: (Order ability: +2 will saves if Chaotic Good)
3: Ride-By Attack
4: (ABI: STR +1)
5: Spirited Charge, Mobility (bonus, also applies to mount)
6: Furious Focus (Bonus)
7: Improved Overrun (Mount: Large Wolf)
8: Trample (Order Ability Bonus), (ABI: STR +1)
9: Charge Through, Trick Riding (Bonus, applies in Med Armor)
11: Dazing Assault
12: Combat Reflexes (Bonus) (ABI: STR +1)
13: TEAMWORK FEAT (Suggest: Pack Attack or Shake it Off)
14: Mounted Skirmisher (Bonus)
15: Greater Overrun (Order Ability: Knight's Challenge)
17: Iron Will {Erratic Charge !!! Probable Misprint: Master Tactician?}*
18: TEAMWORK FEAT (Suggest: Pack Attack or Shake it Off)
19: Greater Iron Will

*Please note that I expect there is an error with the Ultimate Combat printing. It makes very little sense that Master Tactician remains after all of the other previous iterations of the ability have been replaced with (very handy) feats. Chat with your GM if you're going to be getting to high enough level that it matters to be sure you're on the same page.


Wolf Mount - Spothistagastlan (Spot for short)

STR 30 = 13 + 8 + 6 (+3, ABI @ 9, 13, & 20)
DEX 18 = 15 - 2 + 6
CON 19 = 15 + 4
INT 3 = 2 (+1, ABI @ 4)
WIS 12

16 total HD

1: Light Armor Prof (Bonus), Combat Reflexes (Ability: Link)
2: Med Armor Prof
3: (Evasion)
4: (ABI, INT +1)
5: Bodyguard, Mobility (Bonus)
6: (Devotion)
8: In Harm's Way
9: Multiattack (bonus, extra bite attack @ -5), (ABI, STR +1)
10: Toughness
13: TEAMWORK FEAT (Suggest: Shake It Off or Pack Attack)
14: (ABI, STR +1)
15: (Improved Evasion)
16: Lightning Reflexes/Dodge
18: TEAMWORK FEAT (Suggest: Shake it Off or Pack Attack)
20: (ABI, STR +1)

Play Notes

How to Play:
Unlike your Teamwork oriented Cavalier, the Emissary is selfish.
You and your mount form a grand alliance. As you begin, you pick up the
relevant mounted combat feats that get you to Power Attacked Spirited
Charge as soon as gnomishly possible. While you do this, your mount
is collecting the feats necessary to take hits in your place.

Charge! Charge! Charge! Whenever possible. It's like spring attack
except you do more damage and must travel in a line. Rush in, hit with
many bonuses, then rush out with Ride-By attack.

In Harms Way lets your mount take the hit from an attack that would hit
you. Mounted Combat lets your ride check ignore all damage from that

Once you get to that point, you can begin to pick up mutually beneficial
teamwork feats at levels where you both gain a feat. If you are okay to
wait with a useless feat for a level or two you can, though I prefer not
to defer my gratification any further than I have to.

Shake It Off and Pack Attack are my two top choices. Pack Attack will allow
you to move 5 feet after hitting even on a charge, and Shake it Off boosts
each of your saving throws.

The rest of the feats are based around making you better at charging and
getting to the target of your challenge.

I chose Gnome not only because of the small size, but because of the SLA
speak with animals. This allows you to speak wolf and commune with your
pet even before you increase its intelligence to allow it a common language.
Also, the choice of small size is not merely to get a medium sized mount,
but to get the wolf, which is my personal preference for a mount.
IF YOU DO NOT WANT A LARGE MOUNT, a boar will suffice. It won't be as
potent as a wolf, but you will be able to travel in small corridors.

Order of the Sword pairs well with Emissary, removing the often redundant
banner bonus for a bonus feats, top tier of which being Mounted Skirmisher.
Do not underestimate the value of using Trick Riding in medium armor. Ignoring
rolls is a godsend when your entire raison de terre is moving with your
mount each turn.

Recommended equipment.

You will always have a lance. This is your key instrument upon which you
work your doom. The Courageous magic special ability is your friend, given that
your order boons are largely morale bonuses. A weapon ability that enhances
your will saves is nothing too small to ignore.

Belts should augment strength. Headbands at your choice, but I recommend
Wisdom early and Charisma towards 15th level or if you're using Charisma
for its out of combat purposes.

Medium armor is your max. Rhino Hide is good until you reach about 8th to
10th level, at which point a higher armor bonus is recommended. Saddles
are key until 9th level, at which point you can largely ignore them. Even
so the only real drawback they provide is encumberance to your mount.

Horses and hoved creatures can get horseshoes that grant excellent abilities.
Horseshoes of the Zephyer are my top pick as you can charge in places you can't
otherwise do so. Of course, you can't use them with Wolves, which is something
of a shame unless you convince your GM to allow a modification, such as paw

Shadow Lodge

Excellent, and added!

We now have at least 1 build for every class. That's excellent!

Next step: fleshing out the underperforming classes (and adding more great builds to the popular ones).

Classes with one or two builds:

Keep them coming!

Guide to the Builds

Just curious, does anyone know of a fully built out (and explained) Master of Many Styles Qing Gong monk? Possibly using Crane and something else going around being awesome. I'll keep looking for a solid fully built out one.

i hadn't thought of in harms way and mounted combat working together, i'll have to remember that.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Not sure if this would qualify for a build as it really only comes into it's own at level 12, but reaches unbelievable power at level 20, but I give you Captain Falcon. This was originally a theory craft to break Vital Strike using the Monk of the Four Winds archetype. I believe I succeeded.

Shadow Lodge

Man, that is an awesome theorycraft. Totally included it. Any build that's based off of Captain Falcon and does over 950 damage in one turn on average is good in my book.

Guide to the Builds

I have a couple of builds I will work on in the coming days to share with everyone. They are an update to a battle herald I posted about a year ago, an order of the staff cavalier turned Eldritch knight, an arcane duelist bard who believes herself to be a paladin of shelyn.

Hi there Mr. Zenith. I'm not seeing the 'send private message' link on your profile page, so I guess I get to ask this in public.

Since I, you know, like to show off, I want to know what I should do to get a few more of the builds I've posted here into your lovely guide. Like specifically the kapenia dancer/shadowdancer or the witch/sohei/eldritch knight.

I know they're not mighty by any means, but I think they're both at least a little interesting, and I did include somewhat useful-looking preambles to both. Anyway, let me know if I can fix anything, and I'll give it a shot.

I was also thinking of building up a snioer rogue, because I've seen a lot of 'help me build a sniper' threads that end with 'make an explosive missile alchemist already!', which while probably strictly better, is not really the desired effect. Could your build guide use something like that?

Shadow Lodge

Best way to get into the guide is to do the following:

1: It will be be hosted externally in pdf or google doc format with a stable link, using the format I have provided.
2: It will have a feat advancement list, showing what feats are taken at each level.
3: It will have a short paragraph or two explaining what the build does, and why it chose what it did.
4: It is either a good build, or it is an interesting build. This should be explained in your paragraph. Additionally, you should be able to drum up interest on the forums about it.
5: It should show items that the player should buy.
6: Showing what the build looks like at some important level, such as 1,4,8,12,16, and 20.
7: It must be well-written, and well organized.
8: It should be built out to level 20.

I'll also favor builds for classes with few builds already up (such as the witch, bard, or cavalier).

The Classic Ninja and The Angry Caterpillar are examples. Really any build with three stars is a good example.

In short, build it out to twenty, follow this format, and make a separate thread to have people on the forums look at it. Make edits until people say they are impressed with the build. Do all those things and the build will wind up on the guide, 100%.

Proofreading: On page 2, the “Standard Invulnerable Rager Barbarian” by (Elder Wyrm) should have DR 13/- not DC 13/-.

I don't suppose my Way of the Angry Bear Monk/Druid can find it's way onto the build guide? 12d8 damage and a wisdom focused or str focused build, take your choice.

Only question, where to put it, as it's half monk, half druid.


Shadow Lodge

@ KutuluKultist: Thanks and changed! I always appreciate proofreading.

@ Prototype: Yup, I have that one saved away - but I was under the impression there was going to be an updated version. AFter the build you linked, you have a few comments with realizations about why it would work a little differently then intended and that you would post an updated build. I assume the level-by-level analysis isn't correct anymore? It's a fun build and I want to post it, but I'm holding off until it gets re-edited.

Also, I'd probably put it in both monk and druid.

Ah, right, sorry had lost track of it for a while. Let me take a look at it and I'll get back to you.


Shadow Lodge

Awesome, thanks. I have been looking forward to this build! I love trying to optimize wild shape.

Here is the link to H4X the Android Magus

The above blog post has lots of RP ideas for him as well as a decent amount of crunch. The first level stat block can be found HERE

Okay, I have updated the Bride of Hell to go to level 20, and I also added a list of 'Ask your GM' questions at various levels (because, after all, this is a white-haired witch we're dealing with, sigh). Let me know if there's more or less to do here.

Shadow Lodge

Excellent! Added.

Guide to the Builds

Everytime I try to open the arcane trickster build it takes me back here instead of opening the document.

Broken Zenith wrote:

Excellent! Added.

Guide to the Builds

Didn't see the Magus added to the list of builds, please send me a message if there is a problem or reason it wasn't added intentionally :)

proftobe wrote:
Everytime I try to open the arcane trickster build it takes me back here instead of opening the document.

that would be because the AT build is posted by me in a spoiler here in-thread (because my horrible crippling laziness prevents me from making google docs). perhaps let the link load completely so it'll center on the post that has it.

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