What makes a Class, a Class?

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As the development team works on making the various classes, my question is, what makes a Cleric a Cleric? What is a Paladin? What features does a barbarian have? Should a 20th level equivalent Fighter look like all other level 20 Fighters?

This thread has two aspects: List the core of what makes a class unique to you. Describe what qualities a cleric should have, in your mind.

Secondly, how do we differentiate classes? Do we require all level 1 merit badges before we can hit level 2 merit badges? Should there be 4 or 5 trees of talents, and a character has to only fill out 4 before reaching the next "tier" of skills?

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There are no classes in Pathfinder Online.

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Good question, Alexander.

Succinct response, Ryan. :)

I don't have much to say, personally. I figure that they already have an idea of what they are going to do and it is going to be different than anything we have seen yet.

In particular, it can't be exactly like EvE, because in EvE you couldn't use abilities from different ships simultaneously.

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Upper class
Middle classs
Lower class

In that order

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Ryan Dancey wrote:
There are no classes in Pathfinder Online.

Very well. What makes an *archetype* an archetype? Or whatever term we are using for a group of skills that culminates in a capstone?

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I think the term of art favored now is "role."

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An archetype is a category for skills, abilities, and badges.

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