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So I've begun to play Pathfinder Society, a choice I'm enjoying quite a lot right now, and while my Sword Saint is loads of fun, I had a quick question about a mechanical thing:


My main concern is how they would level. In the case of the Druid's Animal Companion, you have the level of the animal set equal to however many levels of Druid you may have. But with the case of a hired animal, you never really get that clarification on the matter.

If anyone could clear up the confusion I'm having regarding this particular point of the game, then I would be extremely grateful :)

Mounts that you buy (as opposed to ones that you gain from class features) never get any stronger/tougher. Their base stats are always those of an ordinary animal of that type (as found in the bestiaries, e.g. here). You can, however, give them armor and appropriate magic items to help them survive if you like.

You are right to be concerned. Your hirelings and mounts ARE going to die.

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