Save a horse, ride a Synthesist!

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How I learned to stop worrying and love the Gnome Mounted Fury Barbarian on my back.

So, the gist of this thread is that I'm looking for pairings and trios of Pathfinder character builds that go farrrrrr beyond just being "complimentary". I'm looking for those "You got chocolate in my peanut butter" combinations that are simply unreal when played together as a pairing or cohesive team. Builds you wouldn't even try without that other person or persons by your side.

I play in a couple different games of varying group sizes, but almost always with both my wife and my brother-in-law. Our games rarely see anything higher than about level 7 and while one is a bit more strict in just allowing Core and APG, the others pretty much allow anything from Core, APG, UC, UM and ARG.

So, lay some combinations on me, for us to play. Stick to stuff that's around level 4 or so, as telling me how great your level 18 superdude can be is like telling me how much I'm going to enjoy the year 2149.

Mounted Fighter and a druid who turns into a horse with dragonstyle feats.

Kangaroo druid and a halfling archer.

Slumber hex focused witch and a fighter with a sycth.

Sorcerer with enlarge person, haste, telekinetic charge, and anything with 2 handed weapon.

Street performer bard and a ninja.

Anti-paladin graveknight, a wizard lich and an advanced mummy cleric (actual PCs played in our home game!)

There's a rage power that lets a barbarian pass rage to his mount. There's another that lets him pass passive rage powers. Superstition is a passive rage power.

Put that barbarian on a synthesist and you're wasting a gish since you can't cast spells while raging.

Instead we're going to take advantage of the Shaping Focus feat for +4 levels of wildshape to a max of total character level. Druid 4 Unarmed fighter 1 maneuver master X. Unarmed Fighter gets an extra no-prereq Dragon Style. Maneuver gives a combat maneuver after a full attack and can take improved and greater maneuver feats as prereq free bonus feats.

Introducing rage lance pounce pounce dirty trick.

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