Wierdest hunting trip ever. (Spoilers, duh)

Legacy of Fire

So we arrived in Kakishon, saved ourselves from a ravening monster, and received the note about getting out of there. (Not sure why we'd want to. As far as my sorcerer is concerned, this looks like a fine place for a vacation...just him, his hooka, and a lot of pesh, relaxing on the beach.) Off we went on the hunt.

Our first two attempts were less than stellar. Despite the halfing ranger advising a slow and stead approach, our mostly noisy group constantly scared off the golden ram. Finally, it was decided that an ambush was needed and that the party would hide itself well and wait. But how to lure the animal?


Our druid used wildshape and turned herself into a large ewe and started bleating. It worked. The ram eventually came around and sought to, erm, become romantically entangled. (Jokes were made about grappling and whether bonuses should be applied...) Ambush is sprung, but we have to wait until next week to see if the mighty hunters are successful.

So many jokes...

So you're saying the Golden Ram got blue-balled.

What, is the druid allergic to goldenrod?

I hear this monster drops a powerful staff. Or was it a fully charged wand?

I guess I'd better save some material for other posters.

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