Assess my character please


I'm trying to build a gunslinger (Yes, i know there is hate) and I would like some assessment on my build. The concept is to make a mounted gunslinger that can do damage while remaining mobile. I didn't want a combat monster mount, so I avoided taking levels in classes with an animal companion mount.
For the DPR, I used one of Tejons calculators. I'm not sure if I used it correctly, so if anyone is bored and wants to double check thenumbers that would be awesome!
Outside of combat, he has access to survival, perception, Handle anmimal, and a few other skills.

I've posted the basics of this concept before, but not with the details available here.

Goblin Gus:

Goblin Gunslinger (Musket Master) 7, Monk (Sohei) 2, Fighter (Dragoon) 1

Ability Scores:
STR: 10 (+0) (12 base, -2 Race)
DEX: 26 (+8) (18 base, +2 level, +4 racial, +2 belt)
CON: 12 (+1) (10 Base, +2 belt)
INT: 12 (+1) (12 Base)
WIS: 18 (+4) (16 base, +2 headband)
CHA: 08 (-1) (8 base,-2 race, +2 headband)

HP: 108 HP (8d10+2d8+10)

Initiative: 8+2+5= 15

Saving Throws:
Fort: +11 Ref: +16 Will: +9 (+1 vs fear)

AC: 28 - Touch 26, Flatfooted 18 (10 +4 Wis, +8 dex, +1 Amulet of Natural Armor, +1 Ring of Protection, +2 Nimble, +1 bracers of armor, +1 size)

Attacks: +1 Musket +19/+14 or +14/+14/+9 (PBS use +15/+15/+10)(while mount is double moving, additional -2) Damage: 1d12+9 or 1d12+15 (PBS use 1d12+16) Crit: 20/x4

Class Abilities:
Deeds, grit, gunsmith, Nimble +2, Rapid Reloader, Musket Training, Skilled Rider (mounted combat and Skill focus ride), Devoted Guardian, Monk bonus feats x2, flurry of blows, unarmed strike, Evasion

BAB: +9 CMB: +8 CMD: 33

Goblin Gunslinger (1)
Deadly Aim (3)
Point Blank Shot (GS Bonus)
Rapid Reload (5)
Mounted Combat (F Bonus)
Skill focus Ride (F Bonus)
Mounted Archery (M bonus)
Quick Draw (7)
Trick Riding (M Bonus)
Precise shot (9)

Acrobatics: +14, Handle Animal +11, Perception +17, Ride, +31, Sleight of Hand +12, Stealth, +30, Survival +17, Swim +4

+1 medium musket
+2 Belt of dex/con
Amulet of Natural Armor +1
Ring of Protection +1
Handy Haversack
Masterwork Great axe
+2 headband of Wis/Cha
Slate Spider x2
Miscelaneous other gear

Gus uses his trusty mount Penelope the pony XII for battlefeild mobility in order to keep moving while fireing full attacks. His trusty sidekicks, sam the spider I and II, clean his barrels to prevent misfires two minutes of each day.
Riding, using rapid shot and deadly aim, and having his mount take a double move, he suffers a -7 to his attacks. However, Penelope usually takes a standard move for a total penalty of -5.

Although Penelope XII only has 20 hp, with mounted combat and Trick Riding, Gus can increase her AC to between 32 ad 51 twice a round.

Gus's initiative score of +15 helps him to go first in each round. His perception of + 17 helps him to avoid ambushes. In the event of an ambush, Gus can still act in the surprize round due to his Devoted Gaurdian ability.

Gus starts with regular powder and bullets, then uses alchemical paper cartriges for the free action reloading.

His average damage per round with deadly aim and rapid shot, and not within PBS is 72.45.Gaining an additional attack adds adds 24.58 DPR, a +1 to hit is worth 1.29 DPR, and +1 to damage is worth 3.22 DPR. Within PBS these change to 77.02, 25.67, 0.00, and 3.28 respectively

His expected damage with a single attack using Deadly aim and Rapid shot, not within PBS is 24.58. Within PBS this changes to 25.67

Thanks in advance.

I forgot to add, for the purposes of the dpr test, I used a 12 touch AC.

You are using a 29 point buy for your stats. That is very high.

DEX 17
WIS 10
Cha -2

I agree and I blame the GM, but since im not the only player, i wont argue it. It's actually a modified 76 point buy, with each point in an attribute, starting at 0, costing 1 point. For example, 10 str cost 10 points, 18 dex cost 18 points etc...

Other than the high attributes, how well or poorly do you think this class would work?

Can you suggest a better build? I'm only level 3, so I can change some things...

Does the damage at this level look decent for the attributes? I know I could get higher dpr off I focused less on mobility and defense, but does it look like a good balance?

The 5th level feat should be rapid shot and not rapid reload.

The Exchange

A few comments for the competition:

Add jousting to your armor.
I do not know how your trusty spiders can clean the guns. Comment, please.
You may wish to consider indomitable mount. Buy a permanent reduce person.

Go look at my zen archer build under ultimate archer for a few other suggestions.

The spiders are a wounderous item that have the sole purpose of cleaning guns. They work for about a minute each.
The GM wasn't using the Golorion feats when I made this guy. for the purpose of the Arena, I'm not sure if he is either. I like the reduce person though since it won't affect my weapon damage. I'm not sure what kind of mount I'd use though.

Thanks, I will.

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