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Is there much in the way of supporting information, backstory, for the new (old really I guess.. but new per the ARG) races in Golarion?
There's a little bit in the ARG.. but I guess I'm looking for more..
Are there areas of the world where they have colonized?

Stuff like that.

Nothing official. The ARG is pretty much it as far as info on the new races.

I expect we'll see the truly new ones showing up in adventures and with backgrounds attached now that they exist though, if they exist in the setting.

My current party are almost all special little ARG snowflakes and there's no racial overlap in the party.

Most of the "new races" appear to be native to other continents/regions outside of the Inner Sea. Kitsune, Nagajor, Tengu, Ratfolk, Wayang and Samsarans are from Tien (and are covered a bit in some of the Dragon Empires material). Vanaras and Vishkanyas are from Vudra, and unfortunately don't have much stuff on them yet. I believe Catfolk are most common in Southern Garund, and also haven't been covered in detail anywhere that I know of.

Liberty's Edge

So essentially in most games ... modules, scenarios, APs ... they should be 'travelers from a distant land' as part of their background?

Probably, although Tengu have a large inner sea population, and I could see some of the bigger cosmopolitan cities having at least small numbers of most races.

I've made three homebrew races and incorporated them into Golarion.

Just takes some time, creativity and motivation to get them to fit in there.

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