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So thrilled this project came through and campaigns are playing out everywhere...

Marvelous job.

Editor, Jon Brazer Enterprises

Louis Agresta wrote:

It was hyperlinked in the body of my last message, but for ease of reference:

Click me!

The blue lettering of a one word link is sometimes hard to distinguish. It works better if you underline the link or use a sentence as you did just now.

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All you pirates out there keep an eye on FGG tomorrow for a special deal on all Razor Coast books. Its time to get the add on adventures (Heart of the Razor) and those extra copies of the players guide (Freebooters) that each of your players need! Details tomorrow!

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For those of you who enjoy podcasts, Pathfinder, and live play: in this here podcast I get interviewed on the awesomeness of Paizo, Golarion, and Razor Coast.

Then I get to run the inestimable Satine Phoenix through the opening to a Razor Coast adventure by Richard Pett titled "Angry Waters." It's one of four in Heart of the Razor, for which we won an Ennie.

Live play starts around min 36:00.

Editor, Jon Brazer Enterprises

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Our two-year-long campaign, Savage Tide in the Razor Coast, is concluded! Click here for the rest of the journal entries and the epilogue.

We've played from level 1 all the way up to level 20 in the Razor Coast, and had a blast doing it. Since there's some heavy overlap between the Frog God crew and the design team that created the Savage Tide AP, I hope any of those folks who read this will enjoy the way I weaved the two stories together!

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Reading now!

EDIT: That was awesome! Thank you! The puzzle leading to Garr's treasure is near and dear to my heart. Loved seeing that!

RAZOR COASTERS, I'm coming to a turning point in my campaign. I'm soon going to make a MEGA-POST-9000 of the last several months of recaps since my PCs made it out of the sewers, but the short version is:
- Sewers exploded, Port Shaw nearly destroyed, PCs running for the hills
- Night of the Shark, PCs run away AGAIN
- PCs try to get the Tulita to leave the Razor Coast en masse and finally discover the aboleth-heavy metaplot I started 2 (RL) years ago
- OOG they want to keep playing even though they're headed straight to the final encounter, so I am going to have them go back in time (and back to level 1) to stop the aboleth plot before it began, like Neutral Good T-800s.

AND I may be transferring systems to a fantasy conversion of the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars "Narrative Dice System". Yeesh.

Haha good luck! A fair bit of GM work to come then ;)

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I promised a giant recap collection. I edited a giant recap collection. But it got a little out of hand.

By the numbers:

3 ships
10 levels
12 players
16 player characters
26 sessions
30 months
30,000+ words of recaps


Thank you Frog God and all your acolytes. This is an amazing story that continues to live on!

^ Hooo wow!

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brvheart wrote:
Sending you one that another poster created about a year or so back Mark.

Hi there, I'm about to start a Razor Coast themed campaign, and the rules in 'Fire as She Bears' are daunting me. the spreadsheet you mentioned could be a great help, is it possible to take a look?


Frog God Games

Loved seeing those stats Alex. I appreciate it when our stuff gets play like this.


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Pathfinder Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

So this is available for d20pro, will it ever be available for other VTT platforms?

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Pathfinder LO Special Edition, Maps, Pathfinder Accessories, PF Special Edition Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Starfinder Superscriber

We (Frog God Games) will have full color, hi-res, VTT ready (with toggles for grid on/off, player and GM, 5' square, plus more) maps for Rappan Athuk available in the fall of this year. If those get the response we think they will, then there is potential for our whole catalog to be open for that treatment.

We do have an agreement in place with Smite Works and more of our catalog will be coming to Fantasy Grounds soonish™.

Frog V

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