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Please cancel order #2254565. (I.E. two of the goblin plushes in my sidecart -- make sure to leave one of the Licktoads. 8^)

I've decided I don't need multiples of the same ones skulking around the house. (The first two are for my daughters, age 5 [by the time she gets it for Christmas] and 2. I'll get one for myself when the next one after the Licktoad one comes out. 8^)

Paizo Employee Sales Associate

Two of your three goblin plushes have been canceled. Please take a moment to stop by your My Account page and make sure that everything looks as it should.


Scarab Sages

Hmmm, I must have ordered two Licktoads originally. Forgot about that. Could you cancel one more of those? (Leaving just one to come.)

Thanks, Cos!

Paizo Employee Customer Service & Community Manager

I've adjusted your sidecart to have only one of the Licktoad Goblins.

sara marie

Scarab Sages

Thanks Sara Marie!

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