Alchemist's Dispelling Bomb Effects on Conjurations

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So, in PFS I have noticed that higher level spellcasting baddies often are about denial of movement. Especially Black Tentacles...which as a player I find annoying :-).

I have the option to get Dispelling Bombs, which I think will work on this evil conjuration. Here is me arguing both sides.

Side one, it doesn't work:
Per pg 30 of APG about Dispelling Bombs: "This cannot be used to target a specific spell effect." That pretty much says it there, the black tentacles spell would be a specific spell effect.

Side two, it could work:
From what I understand of Dispel Magic, you can target a person/object to dispel 1 spell, going from the highest spell level spell to the lowest. You can also use "targeted dispel" to specifically end one spell affecting the target or one spell affecting an area.

For example, the way I read the Dispelling Bombs, I couldn't specifically pick on a stoneskinned flying mage and dispel the fly spell (a lower spell) over the stone skin spell (the higher of the spell). The Dispelling Bomb's check would be rolled, and from the highest level spell downward, the dispel magic number would be accessed until one spell was successfully dispelled (or none if the roll was that pitiful).

But from all I have seen, Black tentacles are effectively a magical conjuration that is not able to be attacked, but is able to be dispelled. Because it looks like there is a ruling that "Dispelling Bombs" can target summoned creatures, what stops it from being able to dispel Black Tentacles?

Any thoughts on this?


I think the "This cannot be used to target a specific spell effect" line just means "When you toss this at the flying invisible wizard, you don't get to choose whether Fly or Invisibility is the effect that gets dispelled."

The dispelling bomb requires an attack roll to see if it hits - but what are you attacking?

Tentacles can't be damaged - and they have no AC - and the bomb doesn't have a 'splash'.

Are you throwing the bomb at the player caught? In that case you have a chance of stripping good stuff off the player and not affecting the tentacle.

Personally (were I the DM) I'd let you - but I'm unsure if the bomb can be used on an area affect spell like that the way it's written.

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Tentacles has a good size area (20' radius), so even using the "AC 5 for targeting a grid intersection" for splash weapons, it would only get a 10' x 10' area. But is the spell going to be an all gets dispelled, or only that small area?

Being a DM in a Non-PFS game I would allow it to dispell it all,( since it takes a feat or discover, and since Dispel Magic was somewhat nerfed in PF vs. D&D), but it is one of those things that as an Alchemist, is it worth 1 discovery in PFS for an "up to a GM" on such things.

Just glad to see other peoples view/thoughts on this.

Thanks again.

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