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As you may or may not know, Wildfire, the small company that develops Cthulthtech, has had no end of trouble with companies who print and distribute their books.

Yet they endure.

They're seeking to re-energize their fan base, do some easy word of mouth marketing, get some Kickerstarters going, and basically scream at the world they've not given up.

One thing they're doing towards that end is giving away the finished PDF of their latest hardback for free! Burning Hoizon.

At first it looked like this was a gift to their loyal messageboard posters and forumites, but I just found a poster by one of their head developers saying it was okay to spread the word to other forums.

It does appear that you need to register on their forums to see the post where they provide a link to DriveThruRPG, GOOD FOR THE END OF OCTOBER. It's been going for like two weeks and I don't think word has gotten out much.

I will post a link to the announcement which you do not need to be registered to read.

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general announcement here

About 8 posts down is a link to the thread where the free link is at, which you need to be logged in to see.

actual freebie link post

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Just to clarify, I guess at one point this was supposed to be a quiet thank you to loyal fans. Not so much due to sales, but so that they feel special. At some point (actually October 9th to be specific) they changed their mind.

this thread, a couple posts down, they give their blessings to discuss and post on other forums, enjoy guilt free!

Huh. I love their stuff. I had no idea they were having trouble with their printers. They certainly are appreciated by our local distributor, and by my fave FLGS.

I'll pass the word around my gaming fellas.

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You can read some of their past woes HERE

And more specific stuff and their last publisher HERE

I know someone who'd approve of this.

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My print copy arrived yesterday! :D

I only got to thumb through it for about 20 minutes, but it's good stuff about the colonies, the mecha and power armor and the whole nine yards.

Damn, secret-mistress-Cthulhutech, why you gotta show up all sexy and alluring when I'm on deadline?


what is cthulhutech?

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Piccolo wrote:
what is cthulhutech?

Click here

I was more interested in your opinions, not a general search. Ha, ha.

Cthulhutech is a combination of Cthulhu Mythos based story line mixed with anime style mecha. Personally, I like the combination. It is definitely different than any other game world I have ever seen. I like the feel of it.

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