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Hi! I was considering running a game of Carrion Crown via for some friends I have on a different city and I wanted your opinion.

Do you guys think is a good AP to run online? Do you have any advise for me?

It'll be my first time running an online game, so any tips are appreciated...

Grand Lodge

Love it. One of my favourite APs. It has some complexities.

For classical simplicity? Rise of the Runelords.

I run CC (well any gaming session) online through Fantasy Grounds and have found no disadvantages except if you or one of the players have an unstable connection. There is nothing adventure related that should cause any problems that I know of.

As for advice, since you say you will play with friends I would definitely use whichever VoIP solution you prefer. Some groups like to keep IC by text and OOC by voice, I keep everything except private/hidden messages by voice. Your group will likely figure out what works best for you.

Sovereign Court

Running a horror-themed AP is tricky task in a F2F campaign. You will have to work extra hard to convey the themes of fear and horror via a VTT game. I would suggest that you try to use a video conferencing service (I use Google Plus Hangouts) so that your players can see your visual cues as well as the descriptive ones. So much can be conveyed by facial expressions and body language, and much of this is lost in a voice-only VTT game.

We just finished Harrowstone using d20pro and skype...maybe not as much 'atmosphere' as the AP intended by playing this way, but adventure around town and specifically the prison piece worked well with d20pro. Skype allowed for group interactions and pm's etc.

Only real miss for me was the Father Charlatan element; hard to pull someone into the other room when we were all remote.

Fubbles the Baby Cow wrote:
Running a horror-themed AP is tricky task in a F2F campaign.

Yes, that's what I was afraid about. So, after much consideration, I've decided to go a different way...

Helaman wrote:
For classical simplicity? Rise of the Runelords.

You, sir, are right. I had forgotten about Anniversary Edition, which uses PF rules. I'll get a copy of this one instead.

Thanks a lot for all the responses!

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