Party for zombie campaign / high level planar game.


Ok I would like a quick critique of this party composition for a 1-10 zombie campaign then switching to a Planar game at level 10 or so.

25 point buy
Core rule, APG, and possibly add one more book at level 10 to modify our character options.

Lore Oracle
Sorcerer GM will play 1-10th levels
Bad Touch Cleric
Fighter/rogue GM will play 10-20th levels

One gm will run the zombie half. Then another will take over for the planar game.
Thanks for any input.

There's nothing to critique.

You might be missing a Rogue during the zombie part, that depends on what the GM trows at you.

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Aristin76, the following products may be of interest to your zombie DM:

So What’s The Zombie Like, Anyway? releases the week of October 15th

100% Crunch: Zombies releases the week of October 23rd

100% Crunch: Zombie Lords (no webpage yet!) releases either December or January

I hope that helps!

I think you should put in a variety of enemies in levels 1-10, not just zombies. If you do only put in zombies you should switch it up with LOTS of different types of zombies (like in Plants vs Zombies).

Thanks gents for the info. I'll pass the zombie links on to our zombie GM. Our Zombie Gm was worried that our planar half of the game would be rough with out an arcane caster. We'll be mostly playing on the second layer of hell. ie DIS.

Our zombie GM probably won't use a lot of traps. Perhaps a few. Our Planar GM is notorious for traps. 17 traps on one chest in a second ed game.

Oh on zombie types basically plague zombies added to whatever creature it could be added to. And perhaps a few normal mobs tossed in for seasoning.

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