Best Battle Ever Courtesy of The Hungry Storm

Jade Regent

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I am a player in Jade Regent, so I have stayed away from the particular board but I thought some players may get a kick out of this story.

Spoilers may follow for certain aspects of The Hungry Storm

We had just left the Iritaki village with the intent of killing the white dragon Vexenvag. My character, an ulfen-raised Elf, had the goal of one day becoming a linnorm queen, so testing her strength against a dragon was entirely something she was up for. We left the caravan behind and traveled on foot.

Once we arrived at the glacial rift that served as the dragon's home. We used multiple climber's kits worth of pitons and ropes to secure a line for ease of access. We all clambered down into the dragon's egg chamber and realized that someone had set up the tribe to take the brunt of the dragon's fury. At this point we heard a piton falling from the top of the rift and smashing into the side with a heavy thud. Someone had pulled it out and thrown it into the rift. We heard the dragon begin to stir. We all knew that the one responsible for the piton was the priest of Sithud we had discovered in the Iritaki village, who had unfortunately escaped last session...

The battle with the dragon was hard fought, with us bottled into a small area that offered no protection from its breath attacks besides a 15 foot pit and the dragon spent its first round creating a fog bank. Eventually we did manage to take it down with a brutal hit from our fighter, the dragon slid over the edge and fell 300 feet.

I then climbed out of the rift to re-secure the piton. After doing so, I looked around to see if I could spot who had removed it and then saw the priest of Sithud bearing down on me... having won Initiative I immediately jumped down the rift, casting feather fall, and screaming a warning to my compatriots.

I was now at the bottom of the pit with no way out. So spending a round I looked at my surroundings and my inventory to see what I could use...

I found the body of Vexenvag... and a Scroll of Animate Dead we had found earlier on. It took me two rounds to manage to Use Magic Device on the scroll, during those two rounds the Priest had used wind blasts to throw two of my party members down the rift, luckily for them I had two 1st level spells left to feather fall them.

We all clambered on to Vexxy and rode back into the battle.

The rest of the battle was hard fought and exhausting(these two fights took up our entire 6 hour play session) However the fight ended on a wonderful note. Vexenvag had become incredibly easy to hit and lost most of her hit points upon becoming a zombie, and currently had 3 spiritual weapons on her... she was going to die next round. So I commanded her to grab the priest...

and stop flapping her wings.

So this was without doubt, my favorite way I have ever killed someone... a 300 foot drop while carried in the jaws of a dragon. While I am quite sad I lost my new favorite pet.. I am sure I can find a replacement somewhere.

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Nice! I love it. Very inventive use of what you had available. I'm glad your game got some use out of the extreme depth of the rift - I thought it could be a fun and different kind of environment than a standard "dragon cave" - but good thing you had those extra feather falls!

We came prepped for a white dragon, it was the rift that scared us the most. Really a brilliant idea that made perfect sense for a locale for a dragon cave and it added the memorability of the fight.

yea we had great fun in the dragon cave.

they snuck down to the egg chamber and the dragon (who had run from a fight with them a few days prior) waited untill they were in the room then started spamming 4 or 5 castings of create mist totally obscuring their vision. the then took turns hitting them with breath weapons and borring a tunnel into the back of the room where she was able to ambush them. she was doing well but the paladin was doing massive damage when he got a chance and she eventually ran away again abandoning her cave.

the party was forced to winter over in the village and so after about 2 months the dragon raided the village again but this time she had recruited a pack of winter wolves and had the aid of a few protection spells and a dispel magic (aid received from Katiyana)

The battle went well and eliminated any consideration of bypassing the B!+@# in the tower.

having said that... I thinkn your story is pretty awesome. I love cinematic battles.

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