Snapshot, flank with ranged?

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like the title says.

Creatures with Reach can flank at a distance from their target who would not have Reach.

I don't see why not...

Nope, still can't get around the melee-only factor of flanking. There is no way to flank at range that I recall. You can fake flanking with Enfilading Fire teamwork feat, but if you're wondering about ranged sneak attacks, that doesn't work.


You do threaten though. So your compadre with the sword/axe/melee whatever can get the +2 flank bonus.

No you don't flank. The flanking rules specifically call out a melee weapon. Snapshot only allows you to break the AoO rule with ranged attacks. It says nothing about breaking the flanking rule.

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To add to the discussion:

The flanking rules require that the person making the attack use a melee weapon.

CRB p197 wrote:
When making a melee attack, you get a +2 flanking bonus if your opponent is threatened by another enemy character or creature on its opposite border or opposite corner.

What is interesting here is that it does not require the person threatening to threaten with a melee weapon. So, if you have snap shot you may provide flanking (because you threaten) but not benefit from it.

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well boo on the not able to flank but ++ on the giving flanking (I knew you could provide, just wasn't sure on the getting)

This make Snap Shot even more powerful than it was already.

I remember that coming up before. I was thinking of the person with the ranged weapon getting the full benefit, not just being a helper. So yes the range person can provide the flanking bonus.

then why would you not be gettign sneak attack with a bow if within 15 feet with snap shot / greater snap shot as you are threatening . If someone is within 15 feet of me shootign me with a bow its just as confusing as the guy swinging the halberg from 10 feet away and seemingly would make it hard to nto be confused and disorientated on which way to turn which is exactly how the sneak attack works . if not save money until you get a ring of greater invis and do it that way . lol

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