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Who is/was your group's favorite NPC, from which AP, and why?

Nik-nak - I think he was called. A kobold in the first couple of Kingmaker books. Got turned int a friend and allay. Then a cohort and Royal Assassin.

The Kingdom was much more stable and secure with Nik-Nak doing the rounds.

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Niknak? Yeah, in my kingmaker he was the leader of the elite raptor cavalry. They hunted criminals with mancatchers and nets. Terrifyingly efficient.

And I thought the Royal Assassin version was cool...

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Nakpik or Mik-Mek are the two named, but not exceptional kobolds from Kingmaker 1. My brother killed Mik-Mek by accident, while Nakpik became a constant companion on his journey after they met.

When I ran Rise of the Runelords, my party liked Brodert Quink so much they offered to pay for him to travel to Abaslom and train to become an actual spellcaster. He trained at the Clockwork Academy, quickly graduating. He returned to Varisia while the party was in the process of fixing up Fort Rannick and became their resident sage/war mage. He set up a lab and started working on building golems to defend the place.

It *was* Mik-Mek... he was awesome. Ended up with a set of dragon-scale armour...

defintiely the boggard chap in KM

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During our Curse of the Crimson Throne, one of the players took trinia sabor and established a cool romance subplot with her. It was pretty memorable when she would make guest appearances through him having leadership.

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Heh. We have the romance subplot with Laori in our Crimson Throne campaign. (Okay, post-Crimson Throne campaign now.)

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My players took a shine to the Beast of Lepistadt in the Carrion Crown AP. I played him pretty well as hurt, yet volatile. They pretty quickly came to sympathize with him.

In the Council of Thieves, they loved to hate Thesing Umbero Ulvauno. He was nasty, egotistical, sniveling, very delusional and jealous. When he eventually

becomes a Vampire, I added an intricate, melodramatic revenge plot that had the party chasing clues all over Westcrown with ambushes set up at sites of their earlier adventures culminating in a 'restaging' of the Six Trials of Larazod at the theatre.

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If enemies count, then Vanthus Vanderboren is the NPC I love to hate.

Yes, Vanthus was definitely an NPC that inspired a love to hate for my group as well.

Laori Vaus certainly made an impression in CoCT.

Rolth from CoCT became a great recurring villain.

Scribbleface who appeared in my first session of Jade Regent likewise created a stir.

I had a couple in my Curse of the Crimson Throne Campaign, Vencarlo was definitely a group favorite. I just couldn't resist playing him with the Antonio Banderas accent. Everyone always got a kick out of rp'ing with him.

We also had a romance with Laori that had a fun twist:

The PC who had the relationship actually considered converting to Zon Kuthon and at the very end after Ileosa is defeated and they have crown of fangs, Laori tried to get her to turn on the rest of the PC's, hand it over and run away together. It was a very tense moment with the group and no one, (including myeself) had any idea how it would turn out. The PC ended up staying with the party and betrayed Laori, who was shortly after crushed by a falling debris from the ensuing madness with everdawn pool. Everyone paused for a moment, like 'holeee crap.' All in all it was a pretty memorable finish for that campaign.

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Avern from Savage Tide. Baby sitting a spoilt brat was great fun (for the GM).

Duristan Silvio Ariesir from Carrion Crown. His idiocy is hilarious. Party couldn't stop laughing for 5 minutes when he started stabbing everyone with a silver fork to make sure they're not werewolves...

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Shayliss Vender (okay, not really, I'm just seeing if anyone's paying attention).

Check the avatar. The Cinderlander. What a righteous pain in the tuckuss he proved to be...

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Laori from Crimson Throne

Coridan wrote:
Laori from Crimson Throne

Was she the bard?

I think we ended up sapping her into uncoinciousness - and half crippling her in the process...

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Funky Badger wrote:
Coridan wrote:
Laori from Crimson Throne

Was she the bard?

I think we ended up sapping her into uncoinciousness - and half crippling her in the process...

Trinia was the bard. My rogue wooed her and they became romantically involved. She watched over all those orphaned children I took in.

Laori was the spiky elf girl.

I really liked DM'ing the following:
-Chammady Drovenge: Some of the PCs weren't sure whether they wanted to kiss her or kill her, which she reflected back at them in spades. It was fun to role-play someone who came off as a flirtatious killer but really had a grand plan for the city.
-Skinsaw Man: One of the few times I've come close to freaking out my players with pure obsessive creepiness
-The Beast: Without the opportunity to RP this creature and all the tragedy he embodies, this adventure would have fallen flat. The PCs seem to care more for the Beast than anyone else they've met in Lepistatd. I love portraying the child-like innocence coupled with inhuman strength and size.

In our KM game which I'm playing, Mikmek (or is it Niknak) has unsurprisingly become the most popular character.

Serpents skull: The Chief of the cannibal tribe on the island (cant recall his name) The team had an incredibly hard time getting past all the cannibal barbarians ont he island in order to get off the the island so this portion of the campaign went on like a small war for quite some time.

I played him like a combination from little rascals savage "yum yum eat em up!" and head hunters from episodes of gilligans island. so even tho he was incredibly fearsome in combat, he was also hilarious, as the group attempted multiple times to parlay with him and all they got back from him was screaming, tounge sticking out and "yum yum eat em up"

Thats why i cant remember his name because the group just called him yum yum eat em up.

As a player, definitely Laori Vaus from Curse of the Crimson Throne. She was a cheerful priestess of Zon-Kuthon; I was a cheerful priestess of Sarenrae; we had so much in common despite the alignment and S&M stuff. Our group was all very sad when she decided to go off with the Naughtybat.

As a GM, I got loads of mileage out of the Second Darkness NPCs from Riddleport. The players hate a lot of them (Braddikar Faje, Clegg Zincher, Saul Vancaskerkin, Bojask, the Splithog Pauper) and have hooked up with some of them (Samaritha Beldusk, Lavender Lil).

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Laori Vaus from Curse of the Crimson Throne gets the win with my group.

The Beast from Carrion Crown comes in close second.

And the NPC they loved to hate most was Gregori the Bard from Kingmaker.

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Sasha Nevah from Serpent's Skull.

I play her up as a ditzy but loyal hottie who loves getting to hang around with the PCs because they're rich, good-looking, and have lots of fun, violent adventures. One of the PCs bonded with her so well that they've actually become bosom buddies and Sasha's effectively her cohort now. (All the more amusing because said PC is herself a complete ditz.)

I don't care what people say, I'm absolutely in love with Ameiko!

I think Kendra Lorrimor is a nice NPC. I think it would be hilarious to play either of my Tiefling characters (the two sisters from Cheliax) in Carrion Crown, since both of them would quickly take a liking to her, and I mean that in the romantic sense. The kobolds of the Sootscale tribe in Kingmaker are also full of win (especially the chieftain), and I hope the PCs in my current campaign will be smart enough to make some use of them as the AP goes onward.

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Bokken in Kingmaker was the NPC that my group had the best reaction to. So fun to have them go seek him out after meeting him for the first time.

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My three favourites are Shalelu, Laori and Kendra Lorrimor.

KigerWulf wrote:
Bokken in Kingmaker was the NPC that my group had the best reaction to. So fun to have them go seek him out after meeting him for the first time.

My players were equal parts amused and frightened by the babbling old man.

Akiros Ismort from Kingmaker 1. Once his backstory got out to the PCs, they all loved him.

Nawtyit wrote:
Akiros Ismort from Kingmaker 1. Once his backstory got out to the PCs, they all loved him.

Oh lord, I can't believe that I forgot about Akiros. Due to how I RP'd him, my original group mistook him ripping the Stag Lord necklace off his coat for him RIPPING A METAL BREASTPLATE OFF HIM WHEN HE STARTED TO RAGE. That was so over the top and awesome that we never forgot it and he became an instant fave. I bet I will do the same thing with the new group, just to see their reactions to the guy jumping to their aid after ripping a large chunk of steel in half with his bare hands.

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Laori Vaus, for ever and ever.

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Oleg and Svetlana from Kingmaker; they started to really lie these two after they burned down Oleg's fort not just once, but twice.
Oh and I turned the radishes into a fertility aid/aphrodisiac and once Svetlana had her twins, they were ferocious when it came to protecting her and the twins.

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Our GM has played Oleg and Svetlana like versions of Johnny and June Cash. Very likable, good old country folk who want to live simple good lives. Also, Oleg "Shot a man in Brevoy just to watch him die."

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I loved Nualia the Aasimar. But I changed her dramatically in the "timeline." Instead of her being already grown-up with her disturbing childhood history, I made her like, 8 or 9 years old, and had the PCs see her awkward moments and even participate in her awkward moments, knowing that one day she would grow up into a MESSED UP chick.

I only just started playing through this AP; we're only 1/2 through #1. But I hope the chick bodyguard for Queen Ileosa becomes a cool and important NPC.

It may sound weird but in my group Father Podrick became an important and cool Cleric that helped the PCs (who had no Cleric).

K Oh man!
Sootscale the Kobold became a hugely important NPC. As did Falgrim (after his brief jail term), Dovan of "Nisroch" and Ayles. Four Evil NPCs that joined the PCs early on when the Stag Lord got it, and, especially because they're evil, made for very interesting cohorts. Also, in my campaign Johd was given the Stag Lord's Helm and became the new Stag Lord -- a good guy.

I liked Judge Daramid quite a bit and wish she would've played a role even after "Trial of the Beast." I also really liked the head vampire in Caliphas (forgot his name).


Added spoiler tag to thread title. Carry on!

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Thanks, Liz! :)

The Saturday group's "love to hate" favorite was Vencarlo in Crimson Throne.

Singer wrote:
I don't care what people say, I'm absolutely in love with Ameiko!

Ameiko is by far our favorite so far as well. So much in fact I think we're going to do the Jade Regent because of her.

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Laori Vaus. Curse had a bunch of good NPCs (with Vencarlo being another well-liked one), but Laori was a standout.

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The Beast of Leipstadt. He became quite interesting, especially post-campaign. A wish was used to allow him to shed tears. He took the name 'Den.

'Den of Leipstadt is now a djinni-bound electrified flesh golem Unchained Barbarian 14. As a foe his CR clocks in at 18. As a friend, he's priceless. Haven't yet decided on his background skills.

Other adopted/beloved/hated NPCs:

  • Laori Vaus got two of the PCs to convert to Zon-Kuthon with enthusiasm in our group's CotCT PF-Beta campaign, resulting in Korvosa now 7 years later being ruled by the King and Queen of the Crimson BDSM Throne.
  • Nefeshti (Legacy of Fire), the den mother.
  • Olangru (Savage Tide), most hated villain thus far.
  • Shadowmist (RotRL) - think of "Max", the horse from Tangled.

There are many wonderful NPCs! Some of our recent favorites have been Chief Sootscale (Kingmaker), Arueshalae (Wrath of the Righteous) and Pierce Jerrell (Skull & Shackles). ^_^

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Not counting NPCs I made up or added from external sources, my Kingmaker PCs have gotten most attached to:

Oleg and Svetlana
Akiros Ismort
Chief Sootscale
Auchs (they cured his mental trauma so he now goes by his real name, Caleb)
Elga Verniex ("The Old Beldame", prior to her reincarnate into a much younger gnome)
Perlivash and Tyg-Titter-Tut
Satinder Mourne
Kisandra Numesti

However, there is a broad array of NPCs I either made up whole cloth or imported from other books (Eranex from Dragons Unleashed, Krojun from Curse of the Crimson Throne, a few others) that the players are equally fond of.

From my old Savage Tide campaign from a few years ago, the PCs were particularly fond of:

Lavinia Vanderboren
Amalla Venkalie
Rusty the Rust Monster
Captain Harliss Javelle

And of course, much loving-to-hate of Avner, Vanthus, Ripclaw, and Olangru.

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Sanvil Trett, that dude can't do anything right

Meyanda, looks cool as F#*# and has been the most delightful NPC to flesh out.

Rosie Cusswell, who doesn't love Rosie!

Mr Plugg, one party hated him so much and had such a great time killing him they spent a week torturing him with The Whale before finally putting him out of his misery.... too bad for them he contracted Ghoul Fever from the Botflies beforehand...

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Iggwilv in the Savage Tide has terrified my players. The fact that demon Lords treat her with kid gloves and their own interactions with her have put her on the mad respect scale as well as the not wanting to have anything to do with shelf. The fact they Know her help is only putting her at a greater advantage already has them cringing for epilogue twists.

Oh! I forgot to mention that all the PCs enjoyed the company of

Eando Kline
after we got to rescue him in Serpent's Skull. That was a fun Paizo celebrity NPC encounter.

There were a lot of really great NPCs in that adventure path.

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The Great Zograthy from Magnimar (Shattered Star AP.)

By the book, he was meant to be a one-time encountered, pesh-addicted, Sczarni-connected, fortune telling con-man in a dockside bazaar the PC's go to for some info.

The PC's encountered him, got their info, and moved on. Many sessions later, he was named by assassins as their employer, so the party bum-rushed the bazaar, the barbarian dazed him for many round by slamming his head into a table, and hauled him off to a remote location for questioning.

During questioning, they realized he was not the guy - mistaken identity - and Zograthy realized he had them over a barrel, demanding a monthly payment of 100gp to not turn them in to the Sczarni or authorities.

Negotiating, an agreement was reached to teach Zograthy *real* magic, and after some very fortuitous die rolls, he mastered prestidigitation.

Fast forward two more sessions, Zograthy is being enrolled into the local school (his tuition bankrolled by the Sczarni syndicate.)

What was meant to be a one-time encounter has become the party favorite NPC; they want to keep track of his progress.

A favourite from our Kingmaker game was Jamery Gorbasken: eccentric chef, perpetrator of enormous or bizarre dishes, and proprietor of the bluemoonradish restaurant in the capital. He invited the ruling council to the opening night of the restaurant and presented them with the set menu:


This turned out to be:


Dried corn kernels (lightly seasoned) popped in a miniature brazier at the table
Electric eel sashimi
Moonradish sorbet
Elk steak flambé
Citrus salad

Gorbasken’s (somewhat) mysterious demise…

Kingmaker spoiler:
…in a locked room was the final trigger that caused the ruling council to invade another world.

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