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Rise of the Runelords

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Actually, the fire shield would have taken Simon to -5, and the fall to -18 (one more than his Con score), giving him a clean heroic death, right after he successfully shield slammed Mocmurian into the wall. Simon will never quit (LN, and believes he's on a mission), but I'm kind of tired of being the guy who gets hit alot so that Rikert can do the real damage. I almost screamed when Rikert saved him for more of the same...

You're welcome!!! Simon makes a great punching bag!


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But someone has to do the damage when Rikert is polishing his helmet or whatever he gets up to when nobody's looking...

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Xandu’s Journal Entry:

We bound our wounds and mostly our pride after taking that a$$ whipping from a “Female Kobold“. Albeit she was one vicious little lizard. Moxie’s not going to let that one go for a while I think. We made the decision to not engage the “Red Caps” what ever they were and keep moving down into the darkness. We also decided not to use any light unless absolutely necessary which would leave several of us blind for most of the rest of the way unless there was already light in an area.

I grabbed Simon’s cloak and followed him into absolute darkness. I could hear the troupe ahead of me and Rikert and Flak behind me but the darkness closed in on me like nothing I’d experienced before. I even had to shut my eyes on occasion just to get relief from the strain of trying to see. I tried my best not to touch the walls or walk on anyone else’s feet. I tried to remember the woman in my dreams that had started helping me become more familiar with the power that Desna has granted me. Hanna. I know she’s female but I didn’t understand what she called herself, that doesn’t really mater. What I was doing while walking behind Simon was trying to put myself into the void and float there but I couldn’t quite get there. When I got close a sound or movement would distract me, I would try to see what it was but couldn’t and I would need to close my eyes again, it’s so dark it hurts. In the dark the smells and dampness crept in on me. There was so much I couldn’t see even though I knew it was there. I felt very vulnerable, my grip on Simons cloak was tight, I think if I wanted to I could tell you the thread count of the fabric. It is pretty high, a well made item and a great hand hold.

We moved through an area where I could hear the sounds of large creatures and their heavy breathing. There was a noise and Simon stopped, then moved forward quickly. I stumbled but kept my feet under me somehow. All of a sudden I could see. There was light ahead of me and around a corner. To me it looked like we had come to an exit or an entrance and light was poring in but as I rounded the corner it was just a small ion stone of Moxie’s that was shining, so bright I couldn‘t look directly at it. She had it out for some reason. I glanced behind me expecting to see a giant on my heals but there wasn’t one. Davok and Moxie were in a hall with carpeted walls and it continued on but they were stopped, Davok’s hands were red with blood and Moxie was trying to aim at one of the carpets in front of her.

As Simon and I reached them in the hall a spear point of sorts shot out of the wall and gutted Simon. I now knew what had happened to Davok and why he looked so troubled. The rest of the troupe moved to the lighted hall and tried differing approaches’ to deal with the threat. I prayed and focused Desna’s healing power on my friends. A shout from the room we had just moved through caught me off guard. A loud voice in giant was cursing us for making so much noise. I wanted to reply in giant but knew my voice would not sound deep enough to fool him.

Not knowing what the room or hall that we had just come from looked like I cast a spell to hopefully keep the sleeping creatures from hearing our struggle. It felt so good to channel Desna’s power. I felt so alive. It turned out to be two trolls on guard behind the walls that had murder holes in them, that they could easily attack out but almost impossible to get a good strike back at them. The troupe figured all of this out in short order and found ways into the trolls hiding places and killed them without bringing the resting giants in on us. I was almost sorry that the fight ended because I knew I was going back into the darkness. I think I know what Haytham’s Roc must feel like except it doesn’t know when it is tucked away. That’s how I felt in the dark, tucked away until I was needed. We moved further down.

Down and down we went deeper into nothingness. I had finally reached the void that had eluded me in the upper levels. I was able to let Simon guide me along as I seemingly floated in the void. My eyes no longer hurt from lack of light or I had just shut them and forgot about them I’m not sure. I could hear whispers about the change in the rock from rough hewn stone to worked stone. I reached out and slid my fingers along the walls to see if I could feel the difference. I was happy that I could. The stone wasn’t cold or damp as I had expected, nor was it warm. It was just stone. The troupe stopped and a light was produced. I actually looked away and shut my eyes. The light was to bright.

Davok and Moxie had come to a doorway and were going in. There was a glow about the room and I was witness to Davok shrinking down to Moxie’s size. Moxie stayed the same. Their movements once in the room were what concerned me. They started wobbling like they were drunk on spirits. Davok also engaged something out of my view. The rest of us moved into the room Simon shrank, I shrank, Haytham and Lynn shrunk as well. The walls started moving out of the corner of my vision so I shut my eyes. I could hear fighting and some banter from Simon towards Moxie now that he was her height. At which he and the rest of us caught quite an ear full from Moxie. I think the room had an ill effect on her, that or we’re all just about to go bat $h!t crazy.

The troupe killed the two giants that had been stuck in this room or were guarding it. Either way, they died. Lynn told the troupe that the spell that had shrunk half the party would wear of soon enough so we continued on. Simon still laughing (mostly to himself) about size. I didn’t catch it all and that’s okay. I continued to heal the troupe and tried my best to keep track of everyone’s health. I didn’t want to lose any body. Especially this far underground. The next fight came as no surprise as the lead members piled into a room and the rest followed.

Moxie raced to the far end of the room as to attack from behind the golem that worked here. The problem I had is when I entered the room I became very ill. The dim lighting the humid air and the stench from the caldron all coalesced into a nauseating result for me. I don’t know who picked me up and carried me to the other side but thank you. The Troupe killed the golem. Simon says Rikert did the most damage. Who cares I did nothing and am glad to be rid of the whole room. We do a quick heal check and get everyone back to just scrapes and bruises before entering the next room. What a sight this room is. Magicly the room is very cold and there are rows of frozen giants in it. Oh yea, this is where we should not be but it’s where we are all going. Moxie says there’s a door on the other side and as we walk towards her Haytham checks one of the frozen giants he’s walking past. He screams (in the best manly way) undead! Their undead! And at that, several of the giants animate.

I unleashed Desna’s healing power till I was aglow with it. It was wonderful. I healed the troupe I harmed the undead. Desna’s divine power surged through me, around me, and I didn’t want it to stop but it did. We took stock after the troupe had taken care of the undead giants and we moved on.

We may have gotten thirty or forty feet down a hallway when out from the walls came a pot bellied fiend belching molten metal out of a maul in it’s belly. I yelled an alarm and pushed Davok out of the way taking the brunt of the molten metal it had spewed in our direction. The rest of the troupe tried to engage it but it walled off Lynn and Simon and looked at Davok once again. What was it with this thing that it hated Davok so much? I almost wasn’t in time this round to save Davok from the spewing maul of the fiend but I did. Pushing Davok out of the way at just the last second and taking the brunt of damage myself. Simon would be so mad at me if he saw what had happened. I wasn’t in front and neither was Davok and I thought there was enough time for me to push Davok out of the way and for me to escape too. I was wrong.

Wanting to help as many of the troupe as possible and not able to run around healing everyone in this tight corridor with that fiend biting and spewing on everyone I gathered Desna’s power and formed it into a column of positive healing power right in the hallway. I yelled to the troupe if you need healed just touch the column of light or stand in it and it will heal you. I stood in Desna’s glory for a moment before giving way to the others that needed healing. I returned after we had killed the fiend to heal and to bathe in Desna’s light, then it was gone.

Moxie had thrown a sunrod into an intersection and was waiting for the rest of us to catch up. There were huge double doors to the left and a single door to the right. The entire hall had runes on the walls and Lynn was deciphering them saying that they were calming runes. Meditative in nature perhaps. All were in Thessalonian. Moxie said a key was needed to enter the huge double doors and Lynn mentioned a summoning spell on the doors as well and advised not to mess with them. During this discussion some of the troupe had entered the smaller door down to the right. Moxie was stationed outside the door in the hall readying Anne (the name she gave to her long percussion wand, Uther is what she now called the smaller of the two).

The troupe was busy fighting some floating or flying dogs is all I got out of Moxie as she concentrated on what was in the room. Lynn had picked up Moxie’s sunrod and had brought it down the hall but I could still see nothing passed the doorway, it was dark. The dogs were killed and there were a pair of doors on one wall of this chamber. Moxie was heading to the doors to check them out as we like for her to do, just in case. When Flak and Rikert walk right up to them and open them. Moxie’s hands went straight to her hips and she shook her head and walked on over to the doors. I’m glad I was in the back this time and didn’t have to see Moxie’s glare. By the time I got to the double doors Haytham had conjured up a wind to disperse the fog that was within. Flak and Rikert had already advanced into the foggy room and were out of sight.

We all moved in and were immediately accosted by a foul cloud but that too was driven to not by Haytham’s wind, although not before choking some of the guys but no lasting effects. There was a giant and the other end of this enormous room. Even with several light sources I couldn’t see the ceiling. The giant was on a stage some forty feet off the ground and was casting spells faster than the troupe could react.

Haytham cast a fiery furnace wind that engulfed the stage but the giant just stepped out into the chamber as if he had wind walk or the like on himself. Simon, Flak and Rikert were all changing into larger than life personas of themselves. Rikert even had wings. Simon and Rikert engaged the giant and Flak tried too. I concentrated on keeping Davok alive as he was the only one hurt that I could reach. I had cast sanctuary on myself early on in the battle and it works great because not once did the giant try and hit me, even while I ran around helping the troupe. No sooner had I run over to Haytham and asked him to take down the fiery furnace wind so I could go up to the stage than the giant had dimensioned doored out. I received several disappointing words from Rikert and others about me being able to keep that from happening but after I had explained that I had used that spell to power a healing spell all but Rikert were understanding.

We knew that Mocmurian (the giant from this room) would be coming for us soon and with backup. I really thought he would need to heal up a bit more before coming back. Luckily no one listened to me because we did a quick scan of the room and looted as much as fast as we could then went back to a small room that we could all just fit into. I was about to start praying when they came. We were just passed the cold room where the potbellied fiend had attacked us when we started hearing voices. Mocmurian was already back and he was pissed. Then I heard Conna’s voice too. Maybe we won’t die I thought to myself. The troupe moved to engage Mocmurian and his pals once more.

Davok started it with a great shot to Mocmurian as he advanced down the hall towards Davok. Mocmurian staggered back and let a Lamia past to deal with Davok. That’s when Simon and I ran into the hallway. Simon glared at me as I skidded to a halt, trying to remain behind and not get out in front of him. I must of still had the glow of Desna’s power around me because as the Lamia moved up to Simon and I, it ignored Simon and attacked me. Davok, Simon and Haytham focused their attacks on the Lamia and it died. In the cold room Flak had taken a grievous blow but the giants and Conna had turned on Mocmurian and the remaining Lamia and as we killed Mocmurian he read from a scroll. The scrolls power didn’t work and instead his head animated and a voice that I’d heard once before uttered forth. After, the body of Mocmurian quivered and shook in a spasm until he died.

I had walked over to the closest giant and even in my diminutive state he jerked away as I reached out and healed him. Once he understood what I had done he looked at Conna then took off a necklace he had and handed it down to me. I was proud. Conna asked that we stay here for a few days, we could have whatever we wanted of Mocmurian’s loot. She wanted us to stay down here while she dismissed the giant clans. We agreed and she and her giants left.

Right away we started looking through Mocmurian and the Lamia’s bodies for clues treasure and the like. A key was found and it might fit the huge double doors in the hall not far away. It was decided to be tied. I needed rest before I could attempt to even talk with Flak let alone bring him back. So we went to the huge double doors and Moxie was able to gain entrance. Inside was a huge library of Thessalonian origin. Pristine and magically kept it even had a mechanical librarian of sorts. It was decided that we’d stay here. I will need to talk with Flack soon. Sweet rest, black sky white tree.

"Hello Xandu, Humble Servant of Desna." A voice was never so welcome to my ears.

Careful, Lint -- your posts are reaching "Leilani-sized". People will complain! :-P

I had to catch up. It's been weeks since I posted. I don't like to post in the middle of things. I may have to start. I still have more to post but I need to email the others to figure out some things. Like does Flak want to come back. I have "Do not resuscitate" orders from some. But not all. I do remember Moxie going through his personal effects at the end of the night so......

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I wonder what will be named Flak now?

I'm still pissed I was trying to find out what a 'Lucien Sunrod' was in Ultimate Equipment. ;)

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Lint wrote:
I had to catch up. It's been weeks since I posted. I don't like to post in the middle of things. I may have to start. I still have more to post but I need to email the others to figure out some things. Like does Flak want to come back. I have "Do not resuscitate" orders from some. But not all. I do remember Moxie going through his personal effects at the end of the night so......

Oh, don't get me wrong -- I love long, detailed posts. Yours and Moxie's are definitely my favorite for flavor and detail. (Though I have to admit, Simon's "Action Reports" are delightful in their abrupt terseness.)

I just laugh because this thread inspired me to start our Second Darkness thread, and on that thread I just started typing like a madman, and once the other players saw everything I'd typed up as Leilani they said, "We're supposed to type all THAT?!?!?! Forget it!!!!"
Fortunately, my 9-year-old is still excited to post as Lian, and I have a 4-day weekend right now (LONG, sad story about spending so much on gaming food I had to cancel a trip to Disneyland. Food good.), so posts will finally appear in both my threads...

(And for those of you thinking, "Cancel a 9-year-old's trip to Disneyland? Worst. Father. EVER!", this year we bought annual passes, so this was going to be his third trip this year, and he's getting another at Christmas, so he's not exactly hurting for Disneyland trips...)

I went to Disneyland once. It was rubbish. Save your money for pizza.

Flutterby, just because you didn't see doesn't mean it didn't happen! (Grin) Hello??....SNEAK-ABOUT!! 8P

Xandu’s Journal Entry:

I didn’t need to look for her, Hanna was standing near the tree when I arrived. As she greeted me and started down the hill towards me I looked at her, watched her. Something had happened and I needed to see if I could get a hint as to what I had done wrong. Her robes more opaque and modest than the first time I saw her but still white and still nothing on her feet. Her black hair was shoulder length, not short or long, common, if I was bold enough to say so. Her eyes were not, they reflected our surroundings, shinning like the stars but not condemning. This was all the same as when I first met her but I was noticing more of the subtle details now. Her robes were not pure white as I had thought but they retained the patterns that they had when they were colorful and bright. Her voice still accented and heavily, held an air of authority. It made me feel safe and I smiled.

“What are you grinning at?” she asked. She stopped walking, looked at herself then at me, as she put her hands on her hips. I quickly explained to her that I was just noticing……her dress still had it’s pattern as when it was colorful…..and she doesn’t wear shoes…..There was a long pause and I dared not to look away. I stared at her eyes. If there was ever a void I could float in, it was her…. “You were grinning because I don’t have shoes?”

“Your voice!” I was startled out of my thoughts. “Your voice, the way you speak. It makes me feel safe.” Desna help me I feel like such a fool. “Even though you are smaller than I, the way you speak calms me.”

“Now isn’t that strange or perhaps it’s just coincidence, Desna has used those exact words when describing to me your prayers to her. Even though he is smaller than I the way he speaks calms me. Fascinating.” Hanna had taken on a serious look. I could feel sorrow.

I knew it. She knows I have done something. I pleaded with Hanna “I must of done something wrong. Earlier this night I tried to speak with one of my fallen friends but I couldn’t, I couldn‘t contact him. I didn’t tell any of the others that I had tried. Hanna, what did I do wrong?”

There was a flash in her eyes and she smiled. Then she said “I do not know but there is one that does, ask her.” Her eyes focused behind me.

I knew who was there and I didn’t want to turn around but I also longed to see her. I looked again at Hanna and saw only love. I turned and standing near the stream was She. The Song of Spheres, The Tender of Dreams, Queen of the North Star, Mother Moon and so many more names, more titles. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I looked upon her. Butterflies swarmed around she had wings too just like them. Her hair dark if not black and her eyes were stars in the night sky. Silvery and shinning. She smiled at me, smiled and held out her hand. I ran to her. Taking just her hand, I asked what it was that I had done wrong.

She told me that Flak had been a devout monk and when he was bested by a creature named Enga, a female kobold. As close to a living embodiment of Lamashtu as they come. While Flak was close to death Lamashtu whispered in his heart and he, Flak, listened. Flaks god allowed him this one forgiveness and instead of sending a messenger to correct him he decided to let Flak follow his inner urgings. When Flak died he was whisked away and protected from Lamashtu. That same protection also kept you from speaking to your friend. He has some redeeming to do before he will be allowed to return to the material plane, if ever.

She also said she was proud of our pact with the giants. That she wanted someday to win over Lamashtu for the domain of beasts. I told her that Hanna had a lot to do with that. She looked at Hanna and smiled. I can only guess what all transpired between them. I stood there what seemed hours but could not have been. At some point I felt her squeeze my hand and let it go. Take care my little one. You are stronger than you know. Keep your friends safe. Look to Magnimar for your friend Friedrich, he is at the college there. There is another there for you to recruit though you do not know her. Know that I am with you always. She reached out and poked me in the chest.

“Have you fallen asleep? You were supposed to be praying. You need to talk with Flak and get him back for us.” Moxie whispered loudly in my ear. Finger poking me in the chest.

Xandu’s Journal Entry:

“Desna….., Hanna…..,” I looked around I was in the library. “Moxie” Sitting up I realized I had been speaking aloud.

“Speak up flutterby. I know who Desna is but who is Hanna?” Moxie said still poking my chest with her finger, it was starting to hurt. I had never seen that look on Moxie before. She was in her night clothes, well her traveling night clothes and she was staring at me very intently. I don’t know if that was a smile or something else but it scared the heck out of me.

Moxie wrote:
Flutterby, just because you didn't see doesn't mean it didn't happen! (Grin) Hello??....SNEAK-ABOUT!! 8P

I thought that was the whole idea! Nobody saw it, therefore it didn't happen.

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Since we are taking a few weeks to play our annual Halloween Cthulhu game, I thought I would update everyone on what will be happening.

Right now the gang is still holed up below Jorgenfist where they intend to teleport in Friedrich (our former alchemist) and Brodert Quink (who will probably collapse from heart failure at the sight of the library).

As Conna is convincing the tribes to disband and to return to their homes the group will be doing some research and resting. Haythem, who's reason for joining their group was the unnatural disturbances to the weather around Hook Mountain will return north to his home. Friedrich will once again join up with the troupe. The Monk/Barbarian will remain dead and will be replaced with Annie's backstory adoptive mother. From what I understand, she will be a pure witch. This ought to be interesting.

Once finished with the Library, they will have the option of returning home or poking around some more before returning home. I would imagine they will also make contact with the army that has been moving north/east from Magnimar to explain what has happened, which will probably be coldly received. Depends on who goes, when they go and what they say.

Then on to Book 5! It's hard to believe we have been playing for over a year with this Adventure Path. Longest I have ever GM'd in one sitting, and still have a ways to go. Having played Second Darkness, Council of Thieves, most of Legacy of Fire, and currently playing in Shattered Star (just started Friday) and Serpents Skull (Roll20 system with old WoW guild), I have to say that I really love this AP.

Xandu’s Journal Entry:

I looked around the library and some of the others were still up, looking at all the books and objects in the library. I explained to Moxie that I had tried to contact Flack but couldn’t. I told her what Desna had reveled to me, that Flack had almost been taken by Lamashtu and that his god had protected him and took him away. We were not going to be able to get him back. I also told her that Desna had told me were to find Friedrich, and one other who I don’t yet know. I think I’m to bring them back here. With that in mind I may have to go to Magnimar by myself. Moxie and I talked about my going by myself to Magnimar, she was against it. She also kept a close eye on me and the others as we talked.

Then she got in real close asked again who Hanna was. I wasn’t ready for that question. Hanna had told me that I mustn’t tell anyone about her. I’m sure I blushed has I said that I didn’t know, maybe it was just a dream. Moxie pouted her lip and said as she leaned away, “Fine keep your secrets but I’ll be watching you.” With that, her pout became a smile. “You look tiered” she again whispered “I’ll stay with you and watch over you. Get some rest my little flutterby” She tucked me in my bed roll and kissed my forehead. “What am I to do with you?” I heard her say as I closed my eyes.

We're back! We start our adventure again this coming Tuesday. Hopefully others will write some short pieces before hand. There is a lot to do yet just to get cought up. We were suposed to email this part but we all got too busy so I guess we'll start where we left off in the library.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to our adventure.

Woo hoo!

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And there was much rejoicing :)

Mudfoot wrote:
But someone has to do the damage when Rikert is polishing his helmet or whatever he gets up to when nobody's looking...

That would be Lynn :D All of these guys crank out much more damage than Simon; though having recently gotten the Shield Master feat, and soon to get Two-Weapon Rend, he seems to be making up the ground with shear number of hits. Since his role of bringing tactics to the group seems pretty much over (Xandu hasn't tied to get out front for several months), he now functions as a lightning rod and punching bag. So far all that's saved him is the best AC in the party.

I was actually thinking of talking with UsePlanB and having Simon "recalled" to service in Magnimar and bringing in a character better suited to filling one of the groups weak spots, but I think I'll just ride along and see how this plays out.

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I like Simon. He's one of the most enjoyable characters in this campaign. Of course, part of this is due to your own depiction of him in the journals... :)

In the campaigns where I've been asked to create a front-line fighter, I *always* create a two-handed weapon monster; Halek is at 2d6+30 (with the bard) in RotRL, and Raj at 2d6+25 in CC. It's hard to keep up with such creatures, though you can take solace watching them take massive damage because their ACs can't keep up.

I, too, love Simon's write-ups. Hopefully going TWF will allow him to continue to shine!

I know this Tangent, and I love you for it. And I don't love guys (NTTAWWT). I'm fairly confident that my wry wit would come through no matter what character I chose to play, we all crack wise around the table, and a considerable amount of that makes it into the write-ups.

Still, Simon ain't no quitter and I refuse to give in to the temptation to take the easy way out. I don't want to be 'that guy' (looks meaningfully at Haytham/Friederich's player). ;)

Nobody, Simon has been a TWF (sword and board) from the time he joined the campaign. Longsword (+1 Frost) with a ~17 AB, doing 1d8+8 (three attacks) and +2 Mithral spiked bashing shield with a 21 AB doing 1d10+9 (?) with two attacks (Improved TWF ftw!). I am curious how your characters are cranking those huge adds to base damage though. Clue a brother in?

Oh, absolutely.

Raj: Level 12 fighter/1 barbarian:
STR 18 (+6)
Power Attack with a +12 BAB (+12)
Weapon Master (Greatsword) (+3)
+1 weapon (+1)

So he's at 2d6+22 before he rages (+3), has Good Hope cast on him (+2), or has the bard play (+3). So most of the time the bard's playing and he's 2d6+25, and when he really needs to "push the envelope" he's at 2d6+30, and he hasn't even taken weapon specialization yet.

Halek's much more ridiculously simple:
STR 24 (+10)
Power Attack (+12)
+1 weapon (+1)
Greater Rage (+4)

Again, the base is around 2d6+27, plus 3 for the bard, plus 2 for Good Hope, so he's usually around 2d6+32. And then the earthbreaker is a x3 crit on a 19-20 with an auto-confirm rage power. Automatically doing 6d6+96 any time you roll a 19-20 really does hurt your enemies a wee bit.

In both cases, Power Attack is the biggie; you just start with a two-handed weapon and ALWAYS Power Attack and you can really crank out the damage.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook Subscriber

Yeah. I must confirm the absolute sickness of a Barbarian using a two-handed sword. To the point that when I sicced a Barbarian/Rogue on the group and ended up having a Cohort go up against that character, I was expecting the Cohort to die (and felt bad about it).

Then the first hit happened and I realized the damage just wasn't huge... because the barbarian was using a War Razor instead of a two-handed weapon.

Lucian from my own Runelords game will do 1d10+19 when Raging, before such benefits as Prayer or Bardic Performance. Power Attack and Rage with two-handed weapons are a horrifying combination. However, Lucian also only attacks twice a round. You're getting five attacks in each round with Simon. Add in your higher armor class... and you very likely have a character who can outperform and outlast my group's barbarian.

(Sadly, Elena's not been able to make the last few games due to her work schedule. This might eventually result in Lucian leaving the game, at which point the group will have some troubles ahead; though their Eldritch Knight has plans on a Large-size gear-driven Construct he'll "drive" and use for fighting in. So there is still an alternative for them in that situation. Not to mention the two Cohorts (Paladin and Ninja-maid) so....)

Ah, the two-handed weapon bonus, which I continually neglect. We also don't have a Bard or access to Good Hope (at least, no one has cast that at Simon). So I'm looking at Simon as straight 11th level fighter (+11 BAB)
STR 20 (+5)
Power Attack hasn't been hitting reliably, but that's -2/+4
Weapon Focus (longsword), Weapon training 2 (hvy blades, +1 to hit and dam)
+1 Frost weapon (+1d6+1)
Two Weapon Fighting (-2) giving a total to hit of +14, and damage of d8+d6+13 with the sword. (I'm impressed I came close to getting this all right earlier)

With the Shield, he's got Improved Shield Bash, Improved Bull Rush, Shield Slam, Shield Focus, Double Slice, Improved Two Weapon Fighting and Shield Master, as well as Weapon training 1&2 (close) for a total to hit of +17 (with power attack) and d10+13 damage.

Without power attack, he's hitting the big stuff more reliably, but dropping to +7 (longsword) and +10 shield, currently clocking in at 32 AC. Looks like all I really can do is get some spell support. It doesn't look so bad from here, but when the cursed Paladin is cranking over 80 damage per round once he gets in the fight, it leads to slight feelings of inadequacy :(

Interestingly enough, I just ran the numbers and found that IF Simon were to hit with all 5 swings without power attack, he should average 80 points per round. With power attack, that jumps to 104. Man, I gots to get me some spell support so Simon can hit more often!

You've got your Power Attack off by one.
It *starts* at -1/+2.
At +4 BAB it goes to -2/+4.
At +8 BAB it goes to -3/+6.

So you should be at -3/+6 rather than -2/+4.

Yeah, the combination of Power Attack and two-weapon fighting takes enough off your to-hit that I've always stuck with two-handed weapons, though I believe the optimization threads show you the extra attacks make up for it. I just don't like to have to pay attention to DR... :-P

You're absolutely right. I have the totals right, but messed up the level on PA. Looking forward to getting that -4/+8 next level, and considering putting off two weapon rend for 1 level in favor of weapon specialization. It's all about that bonus damage.

I looked at some of the fighter variants when I was originally building Simon, but I really don't feel that (in most cases) what you get makes up for losing armor and weapon training. I think I'm going to spend the rest of the evening doing a variant build with him as a Two-Weapon Fighter and a Shielded Fighter, and see which looks better to me. There's always that next campaign...

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Little things like Prayer, Bless, and Heroism can really help improve your hitting prowess.

I'm surprised you didn't get Greater Weapon Focus as well. Weapon Specialization (and Greater Weapon Specialization) is also helpful in increasing how much damage you do.

Heh. There's no powergamer like a GM. ^^;; Then again, my favorite NPC is an Arcane Trickster and I know lots of people consider those a waste of time. ;)

I'm going to stop here to avoid (further) derailing UsePlanB's thread, but Tangent101's right -- more than any other character class, a fighter's only as good as his party's buffs.

We had a drop-in player declare that Raj was "overpowered" because he walked up and one-rounded an undead linnorn. I had to point out just a couple of buffs:
- Haste, Good Hope, and Inspire Courage from the bard (+5 to hit, +5 damage, and an extra attack per round)
- Death Ward and Freedom of Movement from the druid (no grapples, no drains)
- Protection from Energy (acid) from the Sorcerer (that breath isn't so nasty any more, is it?)
- Protection from Evil from the paladin (what fear aura?)
- Bard's Escape to drop him and the paladin flanking the dragon

So yes, technically Raj did walk up and one-round the dragon. But it took four people buffing him over multiple rounds to put him in that position...

AT 12th level, PA will go up another 2. Add Wpn Spec, a potion of Enlarge Person, Greater Magic Weapon (+3, lasts 12 hours) and Prayer and you'll be up to 3d6+20. Stick in there. Varisia needs you! The alternative is chasing pickpockets around the muddy streets of Magnimar.

I'm listening. You'll get the help you need. :^)

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Are you boys quite finished!?! E-GADS!! Boys and their toys!!

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So speaks the girl who was so enthralled with a boy's noisemaker (ie, handgun) that she went out and got her own. ;)

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….I reloaded Annie with a tracer round and watched the shadows and reflections play in the aerial melee and waited for a better field of fire. When the moment presented itself I leaned from the pillar taking aim at the largest part of his enormous frame and let loose scoring a direct hit, HUZZAH!! He shimmered in the shadowy, windy heights of the pillared chamber, just enough to pick him out of the troupe engaging him. As I had been instructed, I followed the tracer with the digger round. It was difficult to load for it is more a cylinder than a ball and is designed in the nature of a drill bit. After seating the charge carefully I held Annie upright and watched again for an open shot by shadows and reflections from the safety of the pillar. When the opportunity arrived I stepped to the side of the pillar and braced Annie against it with my supporting hand. This was my chance to make a difference in this fight so it had to hit its mark. I tracked to the outlined beast and with worried countenance for Annie and myself loosed the digger. I lost track of the digger as I followed it to the shimmer, but was certain of a hit, again…HUZZAH!! As the foe seemed disinterested in my efforts I knelt at the pillars side and while reloading Annie, I stole glances of the diggers affect as the tracer rounds light faded away. Duh’rock had been busy targeting him in the benefit of the tracer also, as was evident by the amount of fletching sprouting from the giant. It did seem to get Mocmurian’s attention as he was unable to continue an effective defense while the digger was active. Mocmurian had taken much of what the troupe had offered and before I could release another cackle from Annie the giant magically slipped away. Confound it, we are yet fools again and my peak of effectiveness was spent. Now I am required to do this the old fashioned way, at arm’s length and that has become quite hurt-acious of late what with fighting giants and all!

As the wind subsided and wayward papers floated to the floor I slipped to cover and concealment to avoid and counter any instant return. As calm washed over the chamber my troupe mates relinquished their flight and produced useful light. It was then I felt secure enough to exit my redoubt and peruse the chamber. The wind had ravaged books and scrolls but the troupe managed to scavenge some complete volumes and other works. We also happened upon a modest amount of coin!! After scouring the chamber we retired to an anteroom off the main hallway connecting to the frozen giant room. Here we managed our wounds, shared our prepared foods and took a much needed rest from non-stop action. In hushed tones we formulated an ambush in expectations of the enemies return in force.

I chose a set of legs still frozen to the floor of the cold room for my point of action, and made the best use of the shadows. Others followed with their own tactical forte waiting patiently for a return of Mocmurian. Duh’rock made periodic checks in the pillared chamber in case he made a magical return. Some of us enjoyed a quick nap before the thunderous voice was to be heard coming from the room with the caustic cauldron. Everyone’s muscles tensed like a loaded crossbow waiting for a trigger to be pulled. As Mocmurian left the frozen room entering the stove monster passage Duh’rock was heard strumming his bow in quick order. Mocmurian was followed by two cat like lamia. The lead lamia was my mark. Annie was silent no longer and I admit I took great delight in the reaction to her cackle not to mention affect. Chaos ensued. The troupe rushed into the fight. I took advantage of my marks pain and moment of panic loosing Uther’s fury at her too! She lashed back with spells as I backed away releasing Uther’s rage until he was uncomfortable to handle. Switching back to Annie I struck the lamia repeatedly with the butt plate. The room was suddenly filled with giants attacking the lamia and a cascading arcane overload producing a vitriol of spontaneous mage flame and discharge. Arrows could be seen streaking through the flashes with glints reflecting from blades and armor . As quickly as it had started, all fell sickly quiet. Our friendly giantess had come to our aid and after letting us collect our fallen and the bits looted from the recent combatants we retired to the hall with the great metallic door. I opened the door with a “key” purloined from Mocmurian’s husk.

“GREAT GLORY OF SHELYN!!” Before us was an immense expanse, a pristine library of ancient Thassalonian origin, preserved in time and serviced by a delightfully humorous mechanical tea pot librarian-savant. My first thought was of Brodert! He must be brought to this place without delay! Then as our excitement dwindled so did our energy. Much had been spent in the effort to achieve our success. The most costly was the loss of Fluke. I will admit no measure of fondness for his person, but paid him the respect of preparation and prayer as I had any former troupe mate, after collecting his clacky wooden shoes. Those able requested works from the tea pot librarian. I am interested in a rudimentary knowledge of the language and may take the time and avail myself of the bountiful deposit herein. But first the escape plan….which is a subject that had yet to be broached. Thankfully our gracious hostess suggested we let her work her influence on the tribes and provided she succeeded we would wait for her return once it was clear for us to leave afoot.

I decided to rest but found myself still a bit nervy after such a precarious fight, and in such a wondrous environment. All was quiet, most had retired or were reading voraciously only making noise when changing pages. Then I leaned back and took in each of the troupe in their respective peace. Lynn was reading soaking up the text in as much comfort as could be managed. Brisket was drooling on his pack pillow in a heavy breathed slumber. Rikert’s slumber was peaceful with a twitching of lid covered, dreaming eyes. Duh’rock was half-sleeping seated using his bow for a pillow with his head bobbing and jerking as he fought off a deeper sleep. Hayfever had fallen asleep with a still open ancient volume in his hands. Sheldor seemed to be in reverie, a technique of the elves to retain the many memories of such a long life, much like a state of meditation. Then there laid the lifeless husk of Fluke…shoeless, when I heard Xandu have a rather emotional outburst as he was what I had assumed were his nightly prayers. He looked uncomfortable so I stood to right his situation. I padded to his side to find a sorrowful, tearful countenance upon his face as he mumbled in incoherent language. Kneeling at his side I moved his hand from where it lay to his stummy and tapped his chest as is proper so as not to startle a clergyman in prayer whispering to him…
”Hey, have you fallen asleep? Don’t you say your prayers about now? We need you to talk with Fluke, so he can come back!”

Xandu responded in a hushed sleepy plead, “Desna…Hanna” and as his eyes opened he called my name. I felt a wave of warmth rush through me as I heard an unfamiliar womans name come from Xandu’s lips in such a manner. There was jealousy and anger but I kept all but the blush from making my feelings apparent. Grinning I pushed on his chest (harder) whispering “Flutterby…. Desna I know, but pray tell…who is this… Hanna?” I looked straight into his eyes for truth. Instead of an answer to my question he explained why Fluke was lost to us, but redeemed. He also said Desna told him he was to go to Magnimar and Freiderich was to return with another unnamed person.

Hanna I bet?!?…I thought to myself! I tried to dissuade him from the trip but he insisted it was Desna’s will. I continued my dissatisfaction with the unnecessary travel. I checked to make sure I wasn’t causing a scene, and no one was moved by our conversation. WHO WAS SHE!?? I made one last attempt. I collected my best countenance of character and with much anxiety leaned into him closer than I had when we celebrated Barus’s life and whispered in his ear “Whooo iiis Hannaaa?” I could feel his face warm as he whispered back, “I donno, perhaps just a dream(?)” His answer wasn’t definitive. My stummy filled with stone and I let it pass before returning to my footing. With my playful pout I scolded him “Fine! Keep your secrets, but I’ll be watching you!” I could tell he was uncomfortable and gave him a quick bright smile. He was taxed by the day’s events. I placed one hand under his chin and pushed his bangs back with the other and whispered “You look tired, I’ll stay with you and watch over you. Get some rest my little Flutterby.” I covered him snug and warm and placed a kiss on his brow. “What am I to do with you?” I kept the vigil listening for more dreams but none came. Xandu finally slept.

Grand Lodge

Last night we sanded off the rough edges from the end of the last session where they had killed Mokmurian. We started with a quick recap of the death scene and Karzoug's little speech, and then went into the details of what they found (ie. Flume map).

I decided to have Conna trot back down with a giant in tow to retrieve one thing and some of the players got to watch the giant going all Governor-esque on Mokmurian and departing with the head to prove his death to the tribes.

The group then rested the night and in the morning Xandu attempted to teleport to Magnimar with Rikert from the Library. Wha wha whaaaaa. Dimensional lock prevented the teleport and so they rested another day. Xandu fearing that he couldn't "truly" commune with Desna began sleeping in the halls and it wasn't until the next day when he wandered in eating some hard tack that the other realized they hadn't eaten anything and they weren't hungry.

This time the teleport worked and they arrived in Magnimar in the early morning (around 5 am) since they had no idea what time of day it was. Their internal body clocks the only way of telling time. So they rested up at Rikerts family home and then divided up at morning to do their errands. Rikert went to the Lord Mayors estate to give news of what has happened. I played this up a bit, feeling that an unexpected guest would mean having to wait, so he did at the gate for half an hour before being allowed on the grounds. From there he went in and found the Lord Mayor and the "captain" (their point of contact for most of their Magnimar doings) having breakfast. When Rikert attempted to explain what had happened the Lord Mayor waved off his story and told him to sit and eat. Explaining that he never did business on an empty stomach since it befuddled the mind. At this point I described a rather extravagant meal, one only the disgustingly rich would have. Once that was done and the story was told the mood darkened. I would imagine that any chance at Magnimaran glory was lost with the parties success. Not that the Lord Mayor was upset, just any glory that could help reinforce to the people of Varisia that Magnimar was the true seat of power was lost. Not to mention he paid to move an army deep into Varisia only to see no reward, even if it was just a perceived award. The meeting ended with the captain giving the high sign that it was time to depart for Rikert and nodded with smile.

Xandu went off to the wizards college. He did this by trying to enlist a street kid to leading him there by paying him a silver piece and saying he needed to get to the wizards college. When the kid looked at it and pocketed it Xandu was surprised when the kid said "Congrats?" When Xandu asked if he could be directed there the kid shrugged and said, "I don't know where that is" and walked off. Which sounds like a jerk move from a GM but not all kids know their way around Magnimar, and kids living in upper Magnimar would probably not know much about lower Magnimar. That aside, I do not have my Magnimar book at the moment since I loaned it to the GM running the Shattered Star game I'm in. (I have a campaign journal started for that as well, but the Paizo staff moved it out of the Shattered Star message board and moved it to the campaign journal board. Who knew they had one of those? I didn't.) When he got to the lower section another kid took the coin and directed Xandu to the college and after being paid again when they arrived promised to wait to escort him where ever he needed to go. Xandu met up with Freidrich explaining that they found the motherload of information on Thassilon and that they needed his help. (This is where Haythem is leaving and Friedrich is returning.) As they left the college to wait at the Rikert family estate the kid again showed up asking where Xandu needed to be taken next and explained that the extra person cost an extra silver. Xandu wanting to go back to the estate had the kid lead them to the edge of the district where he returned one of the silver coins since he only knew the district name and not where the estate was located. Xandu paid him a gold coin and told him to look for him at his favorite drinking spot down on the docks when he was in town. The kid will definitely be there from now on.

They returned to the group the next day and with two amazing rolls from Friedrich with Knowledge History of a nat 20 and 18 was able to discern all the possible info on Xin-Shalast and Karzoug. I gave a bonus of +20 because of the library and the librarian.

They then decided the two days had passed and headed back up and out. I decided that the giants had killed the two dragons from B12 The Pit and Caverns since they didn't want them attacking their people in the future. The group decided that the dragon carcasses could have some value so I allowed them to roll one Survival check per dragon, with up to two people assisting to retrieve scales, teeth, organs, etc. Anything that could be used as a spell component for example. I set the DC at 25 and gave them 1d6 x 100 gold in loot with half that number in weight. They made the rolls but I ended up rolling two 1s. RNG FTL.

The giants had also killed Lokansir and freed any prisoners there. but found little of anything in the room. On the way out Xandu checked the shrine while Lyn would not go near it and Xandu was happy to report that the spirit seemed to be at rest.

The outside buildings were all empty and I had decided that the giants also killed the harpies in the gate towers. Mostly because I didn't want to have the group fight them. They did descend into The Black Tower and met up with The Black Monk. Turns out that guy is a badass. He hit hard enough (I made him advanced with full HP) that the Paladin had to back away. Several of the party members lost levels on his breath attack and the fight lasted long enough he got to breathe again. My d4s were on fire and everyone paralyzed with fear (half the party) was frozen for 4 rounds. In the end they managed to drop him but he put the fear back into them thats for sure.

They finished out finally looting the dragons cave (Longtooth) and I doubled every thing there. So metric crap ton of copper pieces. :)

Moxie was our only player absent so the scroll case will have to wait until next week, even though I don't think she is good enough to open it. Next week the group will spend all their gold in Magnimar and we will begin setting up Book 5.

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After action report, 26 Kuthona, Simon Roque reporting:

1) After the fight, Conna cautioned us to remain in the lower complex for a few days to give her time to disperse the giants from the encampments above (apparently, giants gain their authority via challenge and trial by combat with previous chieftains. Conna had gained a considerable amount of authority with our assistance). A search of the remains turned up a key to the giant golden doors on which Flak (deceased) could not find a knob. Entry proved anticlimactic, with no further enemies encountered. The room beyond was a library of impressive extent, complete with a mechanical servitor of some sort. Most of us collapsed into various chairs while the healers treated our wounds and Lynn engaged in conversation with the… clank is probably as good a term as any.

2) Over the next two days, we finished exploring the lower complex and gathered what loot was to be found. We eventually discovered that while in the library, we did not need to eat or drink, and thus saved on some dwindling rations. Xandu took Rikert to Magnimar via teleport (false start there, with some mumbling about the library being “shielded” or some such. He’s never going to get the hang of that spell) and returned the following day with our old friend Freiderich. Lynn had convinced the clank to bring a number of tomes, and after a wide-eyed look around, Freiderich got to work on them. He was able to glean a considerable amount of intelligence concerning this “Karzoug” character (bad-a$$ wizard from 10,000 years ago, maybe vulnerable to enchantment and illusion magic and weapons infused with such) and his stronghold of Xin-Shalast (deep in the Kodar mountains near the highest of peaks in the range, mystically linked with other worlds including a nightmare plain called “Leng” or some such). I expressed the opinion that we should find some of these magical weapons (probably a quest in and of itself), and go find Xin-Shalast and kill this Karzoug in his sleep.

3) Lynn scouted the upper areas and found all the giants gone, so we spent a day exploring the upper complex and keep. No loot to be had; the giants had taken everything of value with them.

4) The largest tower in the keep above turned out to be some sort of tomb, which was guarded by an undead thing wrapped in cloth strips. Most of us were paralyzed with fear of the thing, so for once Rikert was the guy in front going toe-to-toe with it. I had a spectacular vantage point, and was mildly amused at seeing Rikert getting his clock cleaned without the stalwart punching bag (yours truly) taking the brunt. Rikert had sprouted wings again, and the glory shone round about and whatnot, and got in a couple of good licks before the thing nonchalantly disarmed his holy a$$ and sent him reeling. By that time others had gotten into the fight (including Sheldor with some well-placed lightning bolts), and one of them dropped the creature just as I was arriving to get full turn-about on the paladin. Perhaps another day.

5) We took what was to be had from the tomb and turned our attention to the dragon horde (wow, did that thing like copper), then returned to Magnimar to get some R&R, gear up and plan for the next bit of this little game. Now we know what the goal is and what might be at stake; we just need to figure out how to get there, succeed, and survive the attempt.

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In unrelated news, I discovered that Simon is pretty close to what he could do damage wise and AC wise with the Two Weapon Fighter variation, and faster on his feet with cheaper gear (not needing Mithral plate to get the dex bonuses to AC).

Simon also cranks out considerably more damage than the Shielded Fighter variant, though at a lower AC and without the ability to share an AC bonus of 5 to 7 points with an adjacent ally. Talk about heaven for a certain paladin! Still faster on his feet with cheaper gear.

We just made 12th level, so he can take the option of switching an earlier combat feat (weapon specialization, here I come!) which will go a long ways towards evening up the damage output as well. He's in this for the duration.

Loving this.

Yeah, my RotRL campaign got moved to the "Campaign Journals" section -- seems to be a random decision based on what moderator looks at it on what day.

Good to hear the Black Monk threatened SOMEONE! When the entire party saves and the bard jokingly flanks your BBEG, you know he's in trouble.

I liked your explanation of Conna's "trials by combat", though I did enjoy having my players watch said trials, especially with the hilarious results that ensued. (Conna's challenger fumbled twice, hitting the party paladin twice in a row, and the giants all decided that he must want to challenge her instead. Cue paladin beating the living tarp out of a poor giant whose only sin was rolling horribly.)

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As did my RotRL campaign AND my "Skyrim" campaign. *grumbles* It's not like anyone LOOKS in those either. That's why we post them here: so they'll get read.

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Im making an assumption that mine has not been moved because, as a GM, I am explaining my reasoning for certain fights to possibly guide other GMs or those with questions.

In my game Conna is the only elder giant with her entire tribe there. The rest of the tribes, albeit as large if not larger, are described as youthful. So when an elder walks out of "off-limits" grounds with Mokmurians head, its sort of like parents showing up at a high school party and telling everyone to go home. They grumble, but they do it. :)

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Well, we took out Mocmurian, but it took two shots. First time out, we started doing damage and got through to him. I removed his energy protection and started doing damage. He got damaged and took off via a dimension door. I am going to find a way to cancel that. I’m tired of the bad guys just disappearing before we’re done with them.

He came back, but he brought us help. He didn’t know it, but he brought Kona and a few other giants. Kona turned on him and the fight was on. We tried to focus on Mocmurian and Kona turned a couple giants to her side and they helped fight the other giants aligned with Mocmurian.

We finally took him down and started gathering loot. Kona asked us to remain here in this area while she dispersed the army. So while we were waiting, we started searching the area. We found a library with lots of stuff written in Thassilonean. There was also a construct of some sort that would get us what we asked for.

When we killed Mocmurian, we were blessed with an image of Karzoug, the person pulling all these strings lately. Turns out he’s a rune lord from 10,000 years ago that has apparently found a way to wake up and come back and start problems. Xandu went back to Magnimar to tell the mayor that we had stopped the giant army and he could recall them back to the city. He also got Friedrich to come back to us.

Friedrich studied what he could get from the library, over the next couple days. We figured we had what we were going to get and I went to explore the upper floors to see if the giants were still there. I found no evidence that the giants were still here. So we left.

Up on top of the cavern we searched through the various buildings and found nothing of real interest. Then we went to the black tower. Inside we found a trap door. We opened it up and it was total darkness. We could pick up a faint whisper of something about a green light.

We dropped a sunrod to the bottom of the hole which turned out to be about 50 feet down. So I went down and people followed. I was flying, others were cloud walking. Well, let’s just jump into the fire shall we. We found a very nasty creature down below, some sort of undead creature who didn’t play nice. Many of us were reduced several levels and I was frozen with fear and he hit me. It took us a while, but we finally took him down. He really didn’t like Rikert. Xandu did some healing to keep the paladin up and helped me as well. The undead didn’t like Xandu much either. Luckily for me he landed next to me to attack Xandu. So I hit him with shocking grasp. He now had several people he didn’t like. Decisions, decisions.

He moved away from me and I was allowed to shoot him with a lightning bolt and finished him off. The paladin had done damage and so had Sheldor with lightning also. Nasty creature and most of us don’t know what it is. He had a really nice scroll tube and we’re waiting for Moxie to open it.

With that finished, we then left to go investigate the dragon hoard cave. We gathered that treasure and we are planning on going to Magnimar to cash in and re-equip. It is my understanding that the levels will come back slowly.

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What!? After a long day(week,month)of killing tings what needs it and pickin up all my spare parts to be stuffed back in, a soul just wants a bit to savor a taste of home. Don't want to rite bout stuff I seen or done. OK!! Was travelin to Ranik to help a friend havin some trouble. Met up with his little girl who was going the same way. She was with a bunch of yahoos, figured there was plenty of blood to go around. They don't have the best luck, go thru people like I go thru Oldlaw. Headed north toARE YOU KIDDIN ME, DIS COULD TAKE DA REST OF MY LIFE! Short version is that we killed lots of things(mostly giants),saved lots of ingrates(goes with the job), bled all over(ditto), and picked up a few trinkets along the way. Ended up in a room full of books(?), but are finally going back to Magnimar to unload this mountain of stuff we hauled thru the wilds. Be nice to replace some tings and not get disemboweled for a few days.

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Rikert Krupt – Paladin of Iomedae

Several weeks have now passed since the battle(s) with Mokmurian, where we successfully ended his life and his influence over the giant clans gathering for battle at his fortress. It seems that once again, he was just another pawn being played by Karzoug. Throughout the bloody path that we have followed, the one thing consistent has been the overall leadership of Karzoug and his behind-the-scenes direction of all of the pawns and players from Sandpoint to our current location in the ancient library. It is now clear that Karzoug is the real threat, and that the Sihedron runes and sacrifices are a vital part in bringing him back to life and power. It is to this end that we now gather our strength for the final push to the lost city of Xin-Shalast which is rumored to lie even farther north in the Kodar Mountains.

While the others searched the library for more clues about Karzoug and his former empire, I returned to Magnimar with Xandu to inform the Lord Mayor of our success in stopping the army of giants, and our plan to venture farther North in search of Karzoug. While there I stopped briefly by the Church of Iomedae and informed the priestess of our success and future plans. I then rejoined Xandu and Freiderich who wanted to return with us to use the library, as his knowledge of Thassilonian history would help us learn more of Karzoug.

Friederich once again proved to be invaluable as he quickly found details most relevant to our pursuit of Karzoug.

After we left the library, we searched the towers of the fortress for any additional threats or information that might be of assistance. We came across an icy "tomb" of sorts that held a foul undead creature which nearly proved to be our undoing. The dark necromancy of the thing left many of our party helpless and stunned. Iomedae's holy power shielded me from the sorcery, but the creature was still a formidable foe that struck with unnatural power. It took the combined efforts of Xandu, myself, Lynn, and several others to destroy this abomination.

The creature held a magically-sealed scroll tube that we will have to open.

From there, we explored the abandoned dragon hoard and claimed it for ourselves. It will be useful for equipping us in our next step on the path to Karzoug. Now, we will return to Magnimar for supplies before venturing farther north in search of Xin-Shalast.

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Wow! Way for Rikert to pay attention to the plot! :-P

My party wandered around for another full book before deciding to head for Karzoug and Xin-Shalast!

Looking forward to the next installment...

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WONDERS NEVER CEASE!!! Shelyn be praised!! With great enthusiasm and joy I gladly welcome our resident half-blood Duh'rock to this expressive fold in the ether! Admittedly not so much a fan of the green-skins at first, I did not hold hope or trust in your commitment to our troupe. But you have proven far beyond the shadow of doubt that you are truly noteworthy as one of our troupe. On many occasion you have spilt your own blood in defense of the troupe, not to mention the many giant-kin laid low by the bow! Welcome troupe-mate, you are well received indeed!

Teary eyed, jumping in place-clapping!)

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I wonder how much it hurts the brain to jump into that mindset before writing Moxie-speak. :D

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Oh, geez. Don't get me started on Leilani. Popping into a 102-year-old, idealistic, FEMALE angel completely corrupts my brain -- my wife has learned not to talk to me while I'm writing as Leilani, because I'm just "not there" any more -- Leilani takes over completely.

I'm sure Moxie is the same -- you can't write like that without your character completely taking over your brain.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook Subscriber

The amusing thing is, there's actually a bit of Essanne in me so I don't need to do a massive switch when writing her. I might be a 43-year-old cynical GM who enjoys pulling various bits of evil on his players, but inside there's still that wide-eyed innocent who sees himself slowly being corrupted and goes "noooo! Stop, damn it! Oh shoot, I swore!" ^^;;

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(Wiping tears from my eyes, whispering and gesturing with hands)

Shh! Come close and I'll give you my secret!....

There is this , not so wee 10 year old, ginger haired girl back at home that I have watched grow up from an infant, she is special to me and I make sure she is well cared for. I see alot of me in her, some day she will do wonderful things. THAT IS MY SECRET! :)

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