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Im looking to start a brand new role playing group in Kansas City.

My ideal group size for this group would be 5-6 players. This included the GM, Storyteller, whatever you wanna call him.

I have over ten years of role playing experience. I can run games, but id much rather play in them. I can co-gm if need be and i dont metagame to gain an advantage.

The games in which I run and which Im interested in playing in have a balance of role play, story, and combat, regardless of the setting. This maximizes the potential for the game. I feel that if Im going to devote 4-5 hours of my time on a regular basis, each session should play out like an episode of a very good tv show, such as The Walking Dead, Justified, Spartacus, Game of Thrones, etc. I can help GM's in this area if they need help with storylines, connections, etc. I also like more realistic games (and yes there is realism in RPG's).

I have a ton of terrain, access to tons of miniatures, and I paint miniatures for my characters. I like to use terrain and miniatures for every RPG I play in. It enriches the experience of the combat and you dont have to go by word of mouth for where players are on the map.

The nights Im available for gaming is very open depending on the time. Im looking to do something more during the week (either in the evening or late night), or every other Friday night. Im even open to late night Sundays.

Id like mature players, ones that wont metagame, power game, munchkin, rules lawyer, etc. This helps give us the maximum pleasure out of the game and we can explore some very drak, interesting, shades of gray aspects of life and gaming, and if you havent done this before, it makes the game so much more enjoyable.

I do like to add in homebrewed material depending on what it is. It does present more options and Im very experienced in balancing these options for whatever game I play in.

I own a lot of gaming material and tons of pdfs for all the games I own. This is open for anyone to use. The list of games (and gaming material) I own is listed below.

*Pathfinder RPG (this is what I own the most of and I buy almost every product Paizo puts out, I also have access to all of the adventure paths.)
*Midnight RPG by Fantasy Flight Games (for this I plan to update it to use the Pathfinder rules set.)
*Classic World of Darkness (this is what Im craving to play the most at this point in time. I do like the SYSTEM for New World of Darkness better, but not the setting save for Geist. I do have a way to make a hybrid of both systems combining the best of both worlds, even V20 Celerity in NWOD system. At this point though, Im all for playing the straight system for CWOD. I just wanna play CWOD period.)
-Vampire The Masquerade (20th Anniversary)
-Werewolf The Apocalypse (will be getting the W20)
-Mage The Ascension
-Changeling The Dreaming (eh, prove me wrong)
-Demon The Fallen
-Wraith The Oblivion
-Mummy The Resurrection
-Kindred Of The East
-Hunter the Reckoning
-All the Time of Judgement books
-I do not have the other supplements like dark ages and such but I am open to getting and playing them
*New World of Darkness (this Im not so keen on. while i love the new system, I dont care for the setting.)
*Savage Worlds
-Pirates of the Spanish Main
-Necropolis 2350
-Realms of Cthulhu
-Sundered Skies
-War of the Dead (zombie apocalypse)

If anyone is interested in joining and making a brand new roleplaying group, feel free to private message me or respond in this forum. we can exchange numbers and talk more. I can also provide transportation if necessary.

In short, yes, I (and quite possibly my wife) would like to join you. She's done DnD 3.5 which is close enough to PF. I've ran the gambit of DnD along with a smattering of Shadowrun, some White Wolf, and other random systems.

Unfortunately we are currently too busy with other obligations. We hope to get back into things ourselves after our second child arrives - she plans to stay hope so that should open up our schedule a bit. Although that is still about 6mo out.

But I saw this post and thought I'd mention that there are people out there looking to game. There are a couple groups out on Meetup that get together at times. One Meetup includes people that get together at one of the public libraries and some campaigns under that group gather at local residencies.

well im glad you posted. maybe we could try to figure out something that works best for you two so that you both can get some gaming in. feel free to private message me on here or even email me. look forward to talking with you more.


I have 3 players and a GM. We were looking to run a Throne of Night game by Fire Mountain games. We also like Shadowrun.

We play Friday nights 6-10ish pm weekly. Shoot me an Email at notearz76@yahoo.com if you guys are interested.

We are looking for 2-3 players to add.

But we would possibly enjoy taking a break from GMing and join a game as well. We are also looking for a mature group.

Spazz451 would also be welcomed. We have a couple that is in the group as well. Email me at notearz76@yahoo.com if interested. I sent fnipernackle and email, so spazz451 would be welcomed if and when the time might fit.

Hate to necro this post but I have a group of 3 that are looking for more people to play with every Sunday. All of us can GM and we can do 3.5 and Pathfinder.

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