Heather Dale, the Kitsune Enchantress


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Really I think I should have taken a different bloodline. But..

Heather Dale

I'm finding this character to be kinda fun. The reason the stats are so high is its a two character RP. If I rebuild her for a new campaign what bloodline should I take?

If you are doing the Kitsune Enchantment Sorcerer thing, Infernal or Fey is the way to go. An extra +2 on either your Charms or Compulsions, combined with inherent Kitsune bonuses and the Favored Class bonus, is seriously, seriously powerful. Basically anything that isn't immune to Enchantments will be your mind-slave in one standard action.

She should be a bard :-)

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What about Serpentine, Rashaka, Pestilence?

Serpentine: Totally viable option. Lets you affect a wide variety of non-humanoids more easily with your spells, and it is combined with acceptable (if not amazing) bloodline powers.

Rakshasa: Not much to recommend it. Arcana is weak, bloodline powers aren't much better. Okay spells, but that isn't enough to recommend it.

Pestilence: Making Vermin count as animals for spells is not great. Vermin are generally low level and weak. The rest of the abilities are pretty "meh" as well.

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It doesn't really matter what bloodline you take with a 29 charisma at level 2. Your DCs will be 5+ higher than most people even without the Kitsune favoured class option.

I'd recommend Serpentine Bloodline to be able to affect Monstrous Humanoids, Magical Beasts and Animals or if you know it's going to be an Undead heavy campaign then the Undead bloodline so you can affect them. The additional +2 to DCs from Fey/Infernal doesn't really do much for you...

edit - why did I write domain instead of campaign? what is happening to my brain?

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You should check the option of a Lotus Geisha Bard.
Enrapturing performance and the free Spell Focus Enchantment and greater Spell Focus are adding up.

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