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One of my regular players just asked me a question I'm not sure about an answer to. Basically, if you are replaying a scenario (as in, you are not going to receive credit for it, so First Steps don't count), and your character dies, does he really die or can you just ignore death or other conditions?

My gut feeling is to say, yes he dies, pay your PP or gold. However, if you are replaying and not going to receive credit for participating, what difference does it make? The player could have played a pregen for no credit just as easily as he could his own character, and if the pregen dies no one cares.

So what would you do?

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I personally would let them retain their character with out a penalty because of the reason you stated.

I would say risk should balance reward. If they aren't going to get anything for playing, they shouldn't pay anything either. It's just happyfuntime, basically.

A little off-topic, but if you do replay can you only do so if:

1) The GM allows you to
2) You form a legal table (i.e. only 2 other players)
3) less than 8 players

Reason I ask is I'm getting to the point where there are fewer and fewer games I'm able to legally play with credit.

I echo Patrick and Nimon. No reward = no risk. I mean, you don't even get a chronicle sheet, so how could you even mark down death or gold spent?

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This was a Very Hot Topic at one time... That said..

I agree with Sean, Nimon and Patrick...

A few things..

Don't report the players when reporting the scenario on the Paizo Page it will just kick back an error, though it will let you do it.

I would suggest if any replay is done for no credit have the player play a Pregen, though that seems to be no longer required.

Here are some dangers of replay and what causes controversies

There are players out there that insist there should not be zero risk no matter what in fact that was a big issue about a year ago (Change in Module play)

What happens if the players uses Consumables? Are they used? Is it just ignored?

And of course like you mentioned what happens if the PC Dies?

What do you do if the replay player PC level brings the APL to the higher tier when it would not be without him?

I don't have an answer for you on any of that.

All of those are easily avoided by having the player play a pregen.

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The only downside to not having any risk is that there is a chance someone might make a character specifically dedicated to doing this. Stock up on consumables, play as risky as possible, and then at the end yell out "I'M IMMORTAL!"

That seems unlikely though.

Why is that a downside? They're not getting credit, and they have to get permission to replay, so if they're irritating about it they'll never get to do it with the same DM twice.

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Dragnmoon wrote:

Don't report the players when reporting the scenario on the Paizo Page it will just kick back an error, though it will let you do it.

I would report the player played mainly for the fact that Paizo can see #'s of players. Just report the prestige as 0 and you should be ok but it will cause a line saying PC has already ready played.

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