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I've been finding that when I do freelance design work, the Paizo PRD has been an amazing tool.

I have an office, but your typical Office Depot computer desk, and usually I'm surrounded by little tv trays piled high with hardbacks and softcover campaign setting books. And I knock stuff over. Or my poor cocker spaniel wants to go outside and I'm just barricaded by books and moving stuff out of the way get out of my chair. I accidentally knocked the B3 on his head, poor guy!

Lately I've just been bringing up the PRD, opening multiple tabs, and referencing information (OGL Rule information) quickly and easily without knocking down a ton of books all over the place. I can review how to build a haunt, create an item, or just check whether a monster is suitable for an encounter in just a few seconds.

It's really been a big help, and I bet you hear it from the fans, but I wanted to add my thanks as a freelancer too. :D

I also find it useful for adding class levels or templates to monsters if I am typing them as you could copy paste then change things in the stat block.

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Me too, thanks guys. It's one of the best PRD websites out there!

I think its probably THE BEST PRD THERE IS!

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jreyst wrote:
I think its probably THE BEST PRD THERE IS!

Hey! I use a certain other one too, that has RULES elements from other product lines. :P


I work for Team Golem, John, I gotta show them the love!

(EDIT: and actually, I really like Paizo's index, I love the new spell index particularly, and when they update, the PRD is updated. I'm just saying there's room for both!)

Oh no, you misunderstand! I was genuine! The Paizo PRD is almost certainly the best PathfinderReferenceDocument there is!

I said nothing about SRDs though... ;)

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