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Pathfinder Online

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Nihimon wrote:

Co-Dev, Co-Development?

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'Community designed game world'? 'Join our community of online trailblazers'? 'Topless Pumpkin Spiced Lattes'? 'Join the GoblinSquad and receive a free 10-minute oil change'?

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First I was thinking of The new Era, but quickly reconsidered...

My suggestion would be:

The Epoch

The reasoning behind this:

- The word Epoch applies to the beginning of a new period marked by radical changes and new development - while era applies to an entire period. So Epoch is much more suitable since it is a complete word for what you are trying to do in many ways (I will list some of them here)

* Totally changing the "normal" mmo market and even more so the sandbox market.

* A huge difference have been the communication with your fanbase which I am quite confident that it will continue (this is the most common problem with unsuccessful mmo releases). So maybe this will mark a new epoch in mmo gaming.

* The "start" of the game will most likely be populated by many of the longtime followers of Pathfinder Online... the first pioneers who believed in you from the beginning. Since this will most likely be the first big MMO release made by this concept and using the kickstarter as a kickoff ground (this will be copied thousand and thousands of times from nowon and you were the pioneers in the MMO market I would say). then I would also consider this being an epoch.

Of course there are tons of other reasons, but I guess most people know them already so I shall not post a wall of text here ;)


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I'm playing around with different words and phrases. Keep coming back to "Framework". It's immediately recognizable and has both technological and literal connotations. Whether laying the framework for the game's systems, functions and features, or literally laying the framework for settlements, factions, and economies. Plus again, everyone knows what it means regardless of how mmo savvy they are.

I was also thinking it would be cool to utilize terms from the actual rpg. Initiative, Artifice, Creation, Alignment... It would be nice to find a term that both meets our needs and has a history with the pen and paper game.

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AvenaOats wrote:

I was thinking along those lines too, but it sounded too tech-y. And for some reason, when I say "Co-Play" in my head, I keep hearing "cosplay" - although I still think it has merit.

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Nihimon wrote:
AvenaOats wrote:
I was thinking along those lines too, but it sounded too tech-y. And for some reason, when I say "Co-Play" in my head, I keep hearing "cosplay" - although I still think it has merit.

It's GrumpyMel's "Frame Of Reference" conundrum.

Attenuated Development... nope, too long-winded. The way I see it, there's value in the players' option to co-author the game? Hmm...

Co-Author(ed) Design/Game/MMO??

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The next dev blog will be in the post–Tech Demo world, and we can't wait to get there. See you on the other side!

That means we don't get a dev blog update today? :o

Liberty's Edge

Ryan Dancey wrote:

We're saying that this will be a unique process. We will actively solicit player input, and will be factoring that input directly into the prioritization of feature implementation.

We will also be asking and listening to player commentary on balance issues and we'll be using that input to adjust the game systems to make them work better.

The first 12 months or so of the live game will be a feedback-driven period when we intend to move player participation into the development of the game in a way more intimate than any other developer has done with a successful MMO to date.

Everyone who is playing during those 12 months will have the opportunity to see their ideas made into reality if enough other players agree with those ideas and if they're feasible to develop and they stay within the boundaries of the game design we've outlined.

There will be formal processes to solicit this feedback. There will be many avenues of indicating agreement or disagreement with plans and priorities. And of course there will be a tremendous informal give and take between the developers and the community via every venue we can organize effectively.

A lot of projects promise that there will be a lot of interactivity between their community and their developers but the very nature of the games they build make that really impossible. This is another advantage of making a sandbox not a theme park. Because we're focused on the idea of giving the players tools to enable them to maximize their own interaction, we don't have a huge list of mandatory content that has to be developed and tested then shipped.

We have instead a service-based plan that says once we get the game into a very basic playable state our vision for the game gets replaced by a vision that combines our ideas with your ideas.

This is in my opinion a unique process. It is not something that any successful MMO has ever announced, attempted, or implemented. It is, to steal a phrase from the VP, a big f-ing deal....

I have some suggestions that may be fitting with the above mentioned...

They are..

1. Genesis
2. Forgeplay or Forgetest
3. Dawn or Dawntest
4. Inception

Personally I like Forgeplay/Forgetest. But, I'm also very fond of Genesis, as it totally covers the "creation" aspect .

Regardless, good luck and salutations!

MaUiWoWiE =)
(A D&D o.g. right outta the 70's)

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MaUiWoWiE wrote:

I initially read that as "Foreplay"...

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So basically, you are looking to fill the world up with new characters, ideas, etc. You want to create some "lebensraum" or living space. You are creating a....

Pathfinder Habitat

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Nihimon wrote:
MaUiWoWiE wrote:
I initially read that as "Foreplay"...

That would kinda fit aswell, although, i don't think it's well suited for the gaming industrie per se.

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lol @DiSkOrD

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Open-Mod MMO?

Open-Source MMO?

Interactive Dev?

Made-To-Measure Phase?

Prescription (not subscription) MMO/Stage?

Think Tank Development?

Open Roots MMO?

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^Perfect definition - but maybe not catchy enough??

Perhaps we could go for an 'earworm' name such as, Let It Be Stage? :p

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I like Ensemble...

Ensemble Phase, Ensemble Creation Event, Ensemble Testing, Ensemble Trial Phase, Ensemble Foundation, Ensemble Resolution...

Lantern Lodge

First Age: Genesis Ensemble
The First Age: Epoch Ensemble

Then each major expansion to the game can be an Age, Era or whatever, or even Epoch: Genesis Ensemble.

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Improvisational Game Development?

Town Hall Style Development?

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Massive Multiplayer Online Progressive Community Gaming

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

Collaboratively Designed Online Game? CDOG, which is easy to pronounce. And it seems to cover the core of what the game is about.

Lantern Lodge

First Generation: Settlers of the River Kingdoms

Player established game

Player Grown Game

Liberty's Edge Goblin Squad Member

Community Driven Evolution

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Symbiotic Growth

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Pathfinder Online: EVOX

Evolutionary Virtual Online Experience.

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Pathfinder Online: Origins
Pathfinder Origins
Pathfinder Evolution
Rise of the Goblins

Other descriptive words;
* Infancy (as it PFO is in its infancy)
* Germination
* Foundation

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No acronyms.

Shadow Lodge Goblin Squad Member

The Convocation
Communal Endeavors

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Pathfinder Online: First Take

Pathfinder Online: Prologue Co-op.

Pathfinder Online: The Silver Strand Highway.

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There's a couple of gamasutra articles that show people are tending in this direction, perhaps not as eloquently as what Ryan's already described:

Emergent gameplay, F2P key for MMO user retention problems

Why Wing Commander's Chris Roberts turned to crowdfunding

Key terms:

Emergent - Crowdsource - User-Created - Directly Targeted Audience - creative freedom

Key features:

F2P, streaming gameplay for "tv", open world, online connected


I still can't nail a sassy term, maybe "Call-Up!", Got the right amount of buy-in/extra mile/duty/Your mmo needs you etc.

AvenaOats wrote:
..."Emergent Development" name tag that is being discussed in the previous blog...

I must have missed that one, but I like it. A lot. +1

Goblinworks Executive Founder

Straight off of the blog:
collaborative design and development

From that, PFO is a 'collaboratively designed MMO'.

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I think Ryan is not so much looking for an accurate description as he is a pithy, non-jargony new coinage.

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I'd be interested in a non-English word that means something like construction or collaboration that we could embue with our own meaning. That tactic can work well...

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Opus Populi - Latin, "Work of the People"

Molis Populi - Latin, "Massive Construction of the People"

Mundus Adstructum Ambae - Latin, "A World Built Together"

Note working off my high-school Latin and an online Dictionary so I could be off a good bit here...

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gæd - Proto-Indo-European root for "fellowship".

timbran - Old English "to build".

ga - Proto-Germanic collective prefix.

List of Proto Indo European roots might be a useful resource. Skimming over the list of nouns, I kind of like Weykskap. "Weyk" is a noun meaning both "village" and "victory" and "skap" means "tool". It also sounds a bit like "Wakescape" which is evocative.

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Couple more...

Nos Fabrica Simul - Latin, "We Build Together"

We Timbrie Endemes - Old English, "We Build Together"

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Mundus simul = Latin "A World Together"

Viventem Mundi = Latin "Living World"

Viventem Venatus = Latin "Living Game"


Viva Voce or Viva Vox =Latin Living Voice

Clarus Vox or Clarus Voce = Latin Important Voice

Maybe you could do a play on it ClaruVox ClaruVoce ?

Operari Ludentium Voce = Latin "Work of the Players Voice"

Simul Operari = Latin, "Together We Work"

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What about "dharma" (wheel) of development/phase/stage ie to begin "turning the wheel of the world"? Afterall, avatar is already borrowed. Aka: Dharmacakra.

Scarab Sages

Agoramorphic Amalgamation
Taking it to the market place for final shaping by accumulating distinct pieces from other source (players) that become part of the final whole ... and who doesn't love alliteration :)

or turn it down a notch and call it Agoramorphic Refinement.

Goblinworks Executive Founder

Kunlabora: Esperanto for 'cooperative'
kooperative Gestaltung: German for 'cooperative shaping'

Or Gestaltung: German for 'shaping'
Aufbauphase, anlægsfasen: German, Danish for 'construction phase'
samarbeta: Swedish for 'cooperative', evokes the cognate 'beta'

Google's grammar is probably off for these phrases. Consult someone fluent in the language in question prior to publication.

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Just a thought, I was looking through the wikis for any official languages of Golarion. It might be kinda cool if we used some form of elvish or dwarf language. So far I've found lists of languages but no actual words...

RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 32

Player Development Phase

Player-Assisted Development

Or simply, Playtesting

Daron Woodson
Abandoned Arts

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Goblin Squad Member

Social Development?

Founder Phase?

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Mcduff wrote:
Just a thought, I was looking through the wikis for any official languages of Golarion. It might be kinda cool if we used some form of elvish or dwarf language. So far I've found lists of languages but no actual words...

Well yeah, no table top game designers that I am aware of were language writers, closest you would probably come to that would probably be Tolkien's elvish and dwarven languages.

Lantern Lodge

Oh no! not Esperanto! :)

Actually, I am a conlinguist. I would love to write the various languages of Golarion, then we could use them!

I have already begun thinking about how to do goblin, and being that this is goblin works, it would fit perfect!

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Gestalt - PFO is a Gestalt of ideas between devlopers & players
Synergy - PFO is a synergy between devolpers & players whereby the sum is greater than the original parts or contributions

Aegis – noun
1. Classical Mythology. The shield or breastplate of Zeus or Athena, bearing at its center the head of the Gorgon.
2. Protection, support (under the imperial aegis)
3. Sponsorship, auspices (a debate under the aegis of the League of Women Voters)

Synonyms - patronage

Gestalt - noun
1. a configuration, pattern, or organized field having specific properties that cannot be derived from the summation of its component parts; a unified whole.
2. an instance or example of such a unified whole.

Synergy - noun
1. the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc.; synergism.
2. Physiology, Medicine/Medical . the cooperative action of two or more muscles, nerves, or the like.
3. Biochemistry, Pharmacology . the cooperative action of two or more stimuli or drugs.

My fav out of the three words is synergy as its a much more recognisable word to the general public.

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Synergistic Devolpment

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Ok those are GREAT! I need more time to read and digest but that's the vein I'm looking for.

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Sior Mochin- Hebrew for (actually based on ancient Aramic) for collaborative brain storming.

Hakam - Hebrew for the early stages of construction.


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