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It occurs to me that I have yet to see a Transformers RPG, so ...
Any one have any thoughts on how to go about it?
I am figuring you can play either human or a transformer, but have yet to figure out how to stat up the transformers...maybe there is a way with the Ultimate Race Guide...

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There are good reasons for this. Also if you do it then the humans must all be part of G.I. Joe it is the only way to keep them alive.

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Not sure that Pathfinder is the system for that.

But I would like to say YES!!!!!! to a transformers RPG at some point.

There have been several fan attempts at a Transformers RPG, the best one I have seen so far is the White Wolf adaption, which uses the a modified Storyteller system.

Or you could just grab any existing Mecha-based game (Mekton, Mecha!, Jovian Chronicles) and go with that. :)

Thank you for these great suggestions! I will continue to formulate how to go about it, and include the G.I. Joes, too. I really like that idea!

Heck, while I'm at it I might just do a whole bunch of the 80's shows, too. Airwolf, Knight Rider, Hardcastle and McCormick, the A-Team...etc ... and a touch of the Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers.

But first things first...the Transformers.

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You might want to check out Spectrum Games' Cartoon Action Hour Season 2 RPG and the Giant Transforming Robots supplement. Not played them myself but am aware of them.

Note: the Season 2 bit is effectively an in genre term to mean 2nd Edition I believe.

A friend of mine wrote his own Transformers game when we were in elementary school. It was surprisingly entertaining, for something written by an 11 year old!

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hogarth wrote:
It was surprisingly entertaining, for something written by an 11 year old!

I'm of the opinion that more kids should be involved with the writing of RPGs. Too many of us grew up, got technical degrees, and have started turning games into C++ programming and workflow spreadsheets. If 1000 monkeys typing on 1000 typewriters could churn out the world's greatest novel. Surely a few 11 year olds shouting "no make the explosions bigger!" and "I want a sea-doo that transforms into a puppy with a canon on its head!" could give us a Transformers game worthy enough to shake the very pillars of Cybertron.

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When 3.5 came out FFG did a whole run of third party lite games just using the PHB as the core rules-set. I can no longer remember the name, but one of them was just what you are talking about. The over-all name for the line (the third party lite I mean) was Horizon. I still have copies of Grimm & Virtual.

That said, I strongly recommend something more like Cartoon Action Hour or Big Eyes Small Mouth, which has the advantage of having ALL the rules you would need in one book.

"Transform" should be a swift action.

Unless we're talking about the movies. Then it would be a full-round action and cause a blur effect.

Okay, I think I have a quick a dirty way of using Pathfinder rules to do Transformers.

They should have DR vs fire, cold, and most physical attacks. Let's call it DR/5. It can be overcome by magic.

They are also treated as constructs as well as living beings.

Base AC should be 20 I would guess, seeing as how they are made of metal.

They also have an extra sense that picks up energy.

(You can use D20 Modern as a basis to create these characters and convert to Pathfinder)

Base rate of movement in transformed mode is dependent upon rolling or flying. It will be equal to whatever they are impersonating.

Transformers are adaptable, so they can take on the shape of anything in their size category, as long as they have scanned it prior.

Lastly, Touch of the All-Spark. Roll 1D10 to determine how 'touched' they are. Each point can be used as a bonus of 10 to Attributes, AC, an increase of 1 size category (they start with Large, but smaller size categories can be purchased), DR and/or pick up 'special abilities'.

Weapons: The transformers come equipped with at lest 1 melee weapon and 1 energy weapon. Damage is based on size and the Touch of the All-Spark. 1D10 per point of all spark. Size bonuses apply.

DR should be around 5 or 6 plus the Touch of the All-Spark bonus.

That is all I have right now.

The swift action is a great idea.

You guys are going to make me finish my "Not The Transformers, Really" RPG supplement for that Mecha game I'm always going on about ahead of scheduler, aren't you?

Trying to, lol.

xanthemann wrote:
Trying to, lol.

As soon as the mechanics are done and hammered down, I'll make sure I come back to this thread, then, and say so. :)

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