Fighter (Cad) Recommendations?


Hi everyone, I'm going to be applying to a Skull and Shackles PbP game soon, and I'm very interested in playing a Cad archetype for the Fighter. However, my current plan is to stick with Fighter for probably only 3 or 4 levels, and then multiclass into something different, and that's where I'm looking for advice: where to go next?

My ability scores, a 20 point buy, are looking like this:

Str: 16
Dex: 14
Con: 12
Wis: 10
Int: 13
Cha: 14

I am choosing Human, and my starting feats will likely be Improved Unarmed Strike, Combat Expertise, and Improved Dirty Trick or Disarm (haven't made up my mind). Anyway, I'm looking for a character who will be unpredictable, charismatic, likeable, and brave. I want him to be able to slip among enemies, socialize and make them like him, and then randomly start smashing chairs over people's heads in a hectic outburst of violence.

Anybody ever had experience with the Cad archetype, or a character similarly styled?

You're wise to ditch out, that archetype is terrible.

But it does add some nice class skills, so as a 1-2 level dip, it's ok. More than that starts to turn sour very quickly, though.

Next you could go to a sneak attacking class if that fits your theme. Or it could be an interesting paladin (one who thinks a fair fight = you have horrible tactics; historical samurai, closest real life paragons of lawfulness, didn't shirk from setting up ambushes or fighting "dirty", why should a paladin?) character.
There's also the Maneuver Master Monk.

My plan is to only stick with it for a few levels, anyway. Paladin could be funny, if the GM is willing to let that slide... the problem would be playing a lawful pirate :P

Dotting because I'm very interested where Garabbott goes with this.

And because his avatar makes me chuckle.

What do you folks think about 2 levels of Fighter (Cad) and then Barbarian? I like the idea of the rage, continuing the high BAB course, and added HP to make up for having such little armor. There's got to be some rage powers that could compliment things, as well, any suggestions? I'll look into it myself, but I haven't actually had much experience with the barbarian.

Get Strength Surge rage power to boost your CMB, and dip Oracle for Lame or use some other method to become immune to fatigue so you can use it 1/round.

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