So, my party resurrected Kvalca Sain. [Broken Moon / Adventure Path Spoilers]

Carrion Crown

At the end of Broken Moon, with the party reaching 9th level, the cleric with travel domain decided to teleport to Magnimar with the chunk of Kvalca's heart and have her resurrected. The cleric did essentially ask the new Packlord Rhakis Szadro for permission with a Sending spell; he said "yes."

Kvalca's first three questions when she came back to life were "what became of the necromancer?" "How long was I dead?" "Who's now Packlord?"

Now, I made both Kvalca and Rhakis comrades of Professor Lorrimar, and both them attended the funeral and had met the PCs there.

The party helped Rhakis become the new Packlord of Shudderwood at the Stairs of the Moon, and Rhakis received the vision from Desna along with the PCs.

In light of the Whispering Way having attacked Shudderwood, Kvalca will support Rhakis as Packlord and support his task of taking the battle to the Whispering Way.

As part of that, I'll stat up Kvalca as an ally to appear in book 6, along with Rhakis and Count Caromarc.

I would make her a level 13 barbarian, or perhaps a barbarian/ranger multiclass, with her alignment being Chaotic Neutral (good). And I'd probably give her leadership for flavor purposes.

Any suggestions as to archetypes or rage powers that really fit with a dire werewolf clan leader? I am NOT familiar with barbarian abilities and would welcome advice.

Well, the first archetype that comes to mind is the Scarred Rager. A Packlord would have been the victor of countless battles, and with the savage way werewolves settle challenges, it stands to count that she would be scarred beyond belief. Not to mention the scarred rager's ability to shrug off status effects is pretty good.

As for Rage Powers, No Escape is brutal for a werewolf with their increased movement. Renewed Vigor and Regenerative Vigor are great for self-healing if there isn't much for combat healing. Renewed Vitality and Renewed Life are amazing as far as being perfect for the Carrion Crown adventure path. Finally, Intimidating Glare and Terrifying Howl just make sense, flavor-wise, for a Werewolf Barbarian.

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