Treasure Generator from Ultimate Equipment?


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I know it would be a lot of work, but is anyone working on making an online version of the treasure generator from Ultimate Equipment?

Or an App for iPhone and Android?

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This would be a neat app for paizo to produce to follow their icrit and ifumble

I'll be following this thread to hear of anyone finds one.

I'd love to incorporate treasure from that book into a new campaign I'm writing!

Yeah it would be great to have such treasure generator!

You guys know about Tablesmith, right? I don't think the tables are done already, but it would be a pretty simply copy & paste into Tablesmith to get that done.

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don't know about it being as simple as you think. You have 51 different table groups, each one consisting of anywhere from 1 to 5 tables. Additionally, these tables reference the magic item tables, so you are looking at another LARGE group of tables. And then you would need to link them all; without the relationships intact they would not do what you need them to do.

really, any way you go about it you are looking at a significant time cost to get it set up.

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OK, so finding that no generators out there have updated or mentioned being updated for Ultimate Equipment, and some being stale (as in no updates for 2+ years) and no source code for anything, I decided to start my own project for my own campaign purposes.

It's currently in Google Spreadheet. I have no idea how this will scale as I cheated with some simplistic methods which causes many many cells to recalc often, but we'll see how it goes :)

Link to view: JQNjJ0ZEtxaUE

I currently have Armor 90% Done. I have some work around Special Materials (what a pain!), specifically limiting what goes on what and associated costs.

I thought I'd post here with a link in hopes there may be some data monkies out there that may want to help! :) If you are interested, let me know and I'll open the sheet up to you and we can collaborate. I only plan to incorporate UE for now. But being a spreadsheet, adding new data should be "doable". You will have to watch out for some formula's and adjust the % tables, but better than digging through perl code :)

Currently, all the "logic" is in spreadsheet formula's. There is a gscript but it basically just copies the items into a list and sorts it. All the other generation can be "manipulated" if you wish for your own purposes.

Anyway, here are some samples generated using the Large Town generation method (given it ONLY had Armor to work with).

1,155 sp, +1 Buckler
1,175 sp, +1 Studded Leather
1,180 sp, +1 Tower Shield
1,200 sp, +1 Madu (Steel)
3,300 sp, Forest Dragonhide Plate
4,250 sp, +2 Chain Shirt
4,300 sp, +2 Chainmail
4,350 sp, +1 Bolstering Splint Mail
4,655 sp, Burglar's Buckler
5,160 sp, +1 Expeditious Leather
6,700 sp, +1 Shadow Stoneplate
9,750 sp, +2 Rallying Half-Plate
11,160 sp, Enchanted Eelskin
15,200 sp, Breastplate of Vanishing

4,157 sp, +1 Ramming Heavy Wooden Shield
4,180 sp, +1 Deathless Silken Ceremonial
4,180 sp, +2 Tower Shield
4,200 sp, +2 Scale Mail
4,655 sp, Burglar's Buckler
5,500 sp, +1 Jousting Half-Plate
8,210 sp, +2 Expeditious Lamellar (Leather)
9,153 sp, +2 Mirrored Light Wooden Shield
9,157 sp, +1 Arrow Deflection Heavy Wooden Shield

1,170 sp, +1 Heavy Steel Shield
1,400 sp, +1 Banded Mail
2,650 sp, +1 Full Plate
3,153 sp, Caster's Shield
3,175 sp, +1 Benevolent Studded Leather
4,153 sp, +2 Light Wooden Shield
4,159 sp, +1 Defiant Light Steel Shield
4,350 sp, +1 Impervious Splint Mail
4,350 sp, +2 Breastplate
4,400 sp, +2 Banded Mail
4,655 sp, Burglar's Buckler
4,750 sp, +1 Stanching Half-Plate
5,650 sp, +1 Defiant Full Plate
6,153 sp, +1 Rallying Light Wooden Shield
6,200 sp, +1 Creeping Scale Mail
10,650 sp, Equestrian Plate
12,650 sp, Folding Plate

1,175 sp, +1 Studded Leather
1,180 sp, +1 Tower Shield
1,209 sp, +1 Light Steel Quickdraw Shield
4,170 sp, +2 Heavy Steel Shield
4,180 sp, +1 Balanced Silken Ceremonial
4,200 sp, +1 Stanching Scale Mail
4,200 sp, +2 Scale Mail
4,300 sp, +2 Chainmail
4,350 sp, +2 Splint Mail
5,650 sp, +1 Balanced Full Plate
5,650 sp, +1 Defiant Full Plate
5,650 sp, +2 Full Plate
5,650 sp, +2 Living Steel Full Plate
7,925 sp, +2 Slick Studded Leather
9,153 sp, +2 Impervious Light Wooden Shield
9,165 sp, +3 Hide
13,170 sp, Celestial Shield
81,250 sp, Daystar Half-Plate

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What kind of help do you need? I am only a basic user of Excel so can't be trusted to input complex formulas or macros, but I can data entry the hell out of things!

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That would be great! I copy and paste tables from the pdf but it always needs correcting to get it in nicely which takes time.

If you want to just start creating tables of data i can import them easily and do all the formula work. Just look at my sheet and see the format which is basically just like the book. I will need every table basically, starting with weapons next, i have just the one table in.

If you can put it in google spreadsheet, it will be easier to share than excel files.

I may skip to potions, wands, and scrolls after weapons as those will be easier than wonderous items, just more data.

Email me at jamz the man at gmail for any other details/questions.

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Let me know where you'd like me to start (I could do the Wondrous Items for example) and a deadline--can be loose, but a general idea for when you'd like them, or I'll forget.

Shall I do the tables in excel?

I'll email if I have further questions after thit.

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Ya, go ahead and start on Wondrous Items, one table per sheet (ie Table 5-2 on one sheet, with a row between each section of that table).

I would say I'd be ready to use them in a few days to a week. If you get done earlier, I'll skip to that section and assign another :) If later no problem as I'll just continue on to the next section.

And excel is fine if that's what you are comfortable. I have Office 2010 so any format is fine. Although, if you used Google Spreadsheet, I could grab tables from you as you finish all sneaky like haha

I have to say, after a few days of working with GS and years of Excel, I do miss a lot of things. GS is no where near as complete, but what you can do with it via live updates, scripting is really cool.

I plan on creating a "Magic Shop" tab that will have random items, with a script that runs every week that will remove/add items. It will then be a link to our forums for my players to view. I will never have to fill the store again! I'll even need to stop in and see what's for sell lol

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Armor, Weapons, and 80% of wonderous items done. It's been fun seeing the range of random stuff you now generate using UE...

Great work! Looking forward to benefitting from your many hours of toil!

Trapped as I am in a database course sequence, the thought has crossed my mind.

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Ya, thought of doing it in a database and use php or java but i didn't really know how I wanted everything set up and what was involved.

Figured a spreadsheet was real easy to edit data and manipulate the lookups and see how many restrictions there are, etc.

The special materials was the biggest pain only because it's so vague, so I had to go through each weapon and categorize them into about 5-6 groups.

Anyone could probably easily convert the spreadsheet to a database after I'm done. At least we'll have all the data in.

DeathQuaker has been a great help being my data monkey :)

It's easily customized to, I have it so you can generate, say, just weapons, potions, and rings. It uses the original percentages and extrapolates those across. ie Say normally weapons pop 10% of the time and Rings 10% and potions 20%, 60% other items, I take the 60% and distribute it across the other 3 so it would be 25%, 25%, & 50%.

All in all, a little more customizable for the GM.

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OK, everything is now done except for Potion/Scrolls/Wands (which UE really supplied nothing new in that area but will be added Soon(tm).)

Just copy the Spreadsheet to your own account and run by clicking the Generate button on the first sheet.

On the Magic Shop sheet you can select the community size or specify numbers for Minor/Medium/Major. You can also change the percentage chance a Lesser vs Greater item is rolled.

On the second tab (Table 7-37) you can select which Items you wish to include (set true/false), for instance you can select to ONLY roll for Weapons & Armor.

All fields marked in Green can be changed. All Purple fields are formulas and should only be changed if you know what you are doing.

For instance, you can easily add or change the Community chances for Minor/Medium/Major items by adjusting the random number in each. See the Sanctuary line as an example (this is a custom Community Size).

The spreadsheet is NOT the fastest but does the job and includes everything from the Ultimate Equipment, including all the Special Materials and follows the rules set forth in that book for randomness.

If you find any errors or items generating something that it shouldn't (ie a Weapon/Magical Ability Bonus match), please let me know.

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Done! All magic items from UE are not in the sheet.

Enjoy! JQNjJ0ZEtxaUE

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Looks awesome Jamz. Gold piece values are still showing up as sp rather than gp though.

Have you thought about adding the generator for monsters? (to generate treasure by creature treasure type)?

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Thanks, and regarding sp, check the first page, there's an option for "Base Coin", just set it to " gp" :) Also you may want to check out the "Store" sheets. I made a script that will run every week for my campaign and it basically sales (removes) random items and inserts new items every week based on the Town purchasing power. And you can select which items each store sales. I personally then publish the "chart" as an image post to our personal forums and it's automagically updated, never need to generate store items again.

I cut everything by 10 in my campaign so gp == sp, sp == cp, etc. It makes the campaign coins go a lot farther and makes Copper coins last longer than first level.

Regarging the treasure tables, I thought about it and I may in the future, although it may most likely need to be a new spreadsheet as this one is getting large. (I can stiff reference back to this sheet if needed).

If all the data was present in a spreadsheet, it may give me incentive but I'm pooped out after that run for now lol

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Yeah, I was checking the store sheets and they are very cool. And very useful for those PC shopping trips!

And as the volunteer data monkey I can see if I can plug some of that in, for the monsters. May take awhile though.

I'm really, really excited about this. Thank you, Jamz and TMDQ. This will help me a great deal.

There is a small detail.

I have NO idea how this works.

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Sorry, I should have pointed out. To use, you need to make a copy for yourself. If you are signed into Google, this should be an option. Once you have your own copy and can edit, on the first tab you should see a "Generate Items" button, click it! If anyone has trouble copying it, let me know.

It will generate a random number of a random type of items based on the Community Size (it's a drop down, select it) and what items you have set to TRUE. (Setting all items to TRUE would be the default).

It may be useful to set only Weapons & Armors to true if you only want to generate those for a store or something.

Also, you can set Minor, Medium, Major to any number to generate a number of those items. Delete those cells to use the random number based on Community Size.

Finally, you can set the Multiplier to any number. ie Setting it to 4 will generate 4 times the number of items for a given community size.

For the Stores, you have to generate those by going to the scripts menu and either setting a Trigger for them (advanced use) or run the script manually. And as I type this, I realize most don't know how to do that probably :) I'll add a button on those store sheets if you want to use them.

Also, for the Stores, you can copy them and have as many as you like.

And DQ, thanks for all the help! And if you get a good chunk of data in, just email me. Until then I'll be hacking up Map Tool. :)

If anyone has any specific questions, let me know.

Excellent Work Jamz!! Thanks for the hard work.

I'd love one for Monster CR's now too but at least this will populate all of the item availability in towns and now I can use the UEG!!

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I've added a version number on the first page.

o Fixed some minor bugs, spelling, & capitalization.
o Weapons & Armor now have chance to generate Small & Large versions

o Fixed Wands (Greater Major Wands were not showing up), added chance for
o Wands now have chance to generate < 50 charges (uses Lesser/Greater chance %)
o Potions, Scrolls & Wands now show Caster Level for reference
o Added 2 new options to generate Non-Magical versions of Weapons & Armor (Chance for Masterwork uses Lesser/Greater chance %, and standard 5% chance for special materials)

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Jamz wrote:

Done! All magic items from UE are not in the sheet.



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o Updated text for Metamagic Rods, the table 4-2 in UE list what should be "Lesser" as "Minor".

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I also tried to do it with excell but there are soo many flaws in the random table of the book that I pause the project until Paizo publish an erratum

r-Kelleg wrote:
I also tried to do it with excell but there are soo many flaws in the random table of the book that I pause the project until Paizo publish an erratum

I haven't looked at those tables extensively, so I'm not sure what you're referring to - can you give an example?

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I'm looking to sort all the magic items by level appropriate for player level. I'm looking through the book PDF, and I don't see any arrangement that way. As a GM, I'd find it very useful to see lists that are appropriate power levels for the level of the party. This would make selecting treasures a snap. Can this spreadsheet do that, or does that type of electronic sorting exist anywhere?

Pax Veritas wrote:

I'm looking to sort all the magic items by level appropriate for player level. I'm looking through the book PDF, and I don't see any arrangement that way. As a GM, I'd find it very useful to see lists that are appropriate power levels for the level of the party. This would make selecting treasures a snap. Can this spreadsheet do that, or does that type of electronic sorting exist anywhere?


I don't think any such list exists. Your best bet is to look at the Character Wealth by Level table, and compare that to the prices of items. But that's only a rough approximation, because some characters may prefer to invest all their gold in a single item, while others would benefit more from having it spread around.

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As Bobson said, there really isn't a list of "items for 3rd level characters".

Instead, just go by item cost. And in reality, that sorts itself out as if you only give out X gold, they can only afford items X. Our if it is random loot, you would only give out items worth X amount.

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The closest you can come is finding suggested treasure for NPCs of a certain level, and then amping it up a bit. Or just looking up what generally shows up in the treasure horde of a given CR.

Otherwise, I know generally the game more or less assumes PCs have +1 armor by level 3 and going up every 3-4 levels from there, and +1 weapons by level 4 and going up every 4 levels to +5 at 20th. Usually they will gain more armor and wondrous items before getting super duper weapons (although in practice sometimes it's the opposite).

It probably could be done in PCGen with kits.

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I love this sheet. It's been posted over at Reddit a couple of times and I grabbed it from there.

Thank you for this sheet, i will use at the next chance :)

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Thanks for the Reddit posts :) I tried to save this as a Google Template so it could be found easier but it fails, not sure why.

I updated the Base Coin slot with a comment to explain why it's sp and to just change it to gp for your game.

I probably should have created a copy to share vs sharing the copy I use, which is why there is always data in the Overrides section.

Also, you really don't HAVE to change/deal with the other store tabs like Dragon Tooth Arms. Those tabs I use in my game which are randomly generated every week via Google Script schedule. It's REALLY easy to set up to. My players can then check during the week if there is anything new.

The scripts basically take data from those tabs and copies them to the Magic Shop tab and then Generates from there, copying the data back. Also, based on the "Purchase Limit" of the community, it rolls for each item in the "Store" to see if a current item sells, and if a new item is added. It causes more expensive items to come up less often and also causes them to stick around. I run a high magic multi-player/multi-gm game where everyone runs up to 5-8 charactrs (1 at a time), so in a normal game, you would be dealing with MUCH smaller lists generally.

If anyone has any questions (the sheet really has no documentation) feel free to post here. I check in periodically.


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Unfortunatly I can't use this because I have an older copy of Excel. Are there other options out there?

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CalebTGordan, this doesn't work in any version of excel. It is a google spreadsheet, which is free, so, there you go! :)

Combat Manager App

This has everything, included what the OP asked,hope you won't be upset.

Gandal wrote:

Combat Manager App

This has everything, included what the OP asked,hope you won't be upset.

I love me that app, but it is missing something, by no fault of the Dev's -- a version that run on something besides Windows or iPad. Assuming that's not an impediment, you're right: that app is the bomb-diggity.

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Gandal wrote:

Combat Manager App

This has everything, included what the OP asked,hope you won't be upset.

Well, all EXCEPT the items in ultimate Equipment.

Hi Jamz,

really nice tool.
I've just copied it to have a look at everything, but when I press the Generate button it just says "Oops, script function generateItems could not be found".

I looked in the script and found the function.
Any ideas what this could be?

Likewise, "Oops, script function generateItems could not be found."

Any tips to make it work?


Oddly, when I restarted my computer the spreadsheet started working... however now it generates a few items on the first tab ("magic shop") but if you click on any other tabs the screens go blank and a box saying "Working" just stays illuminated for longer than it would seem the programmer intended...

OK, it seems that the scripts are running again.

Now for a serious question :-)

Why this function?

Why not just enter the lowest number of the percentage range, like you do in other tables?

Pathfinder Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

Hey, sorry, haven't poked in here for a while :) Is there still an issue with the generate button? I don't use it in that way so never pay attention to it although I may have renamed the function causing the issue. I'll take a look :)

Regarding the function question, mostly because I was lazy :) It was a LOT of data so we were just copy/pasting from the PDF and instead of editing all those cells... In fact if you looked closely, how I did each tab of gear changed as I learned new tricks but didn't bother going back and changing the other tabs. If it ain't broke...

Hi Jamz, thank you very much for sharing your work. I really like your generator and I understood how to use it to generate random stuff in the Magic Shop. I like your idea of various shops but I have some issues and I would like to understand how to manage them so I may integrate them in my website for my players. Here are my questions:

  • What's the value in B20 (shops tab) for?
  • Is each shop independent from other shops and from the Magic Shop tab? Can I use them for different shops in different towns?

I see that I can refresh the shop tabs but they get stuck when I attempt to do it :( The only button that works is the big "Generate" button in magic shop tab.

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