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Just looking for some real gems in different APs.

My faves from the ones I ran

AOW - Champions Belt (or whispering cairn)
Rise of the Runelords - Sins of the saviours
Kingmaker - Varnhold Vanishing
Second Darkness - Armageddon Echo

I'm planning a campaign, and am considering stringing using adventures from different APs, so your suggestions may point me in the right direction :)

Curse of the Crimson Throne - Skeletons of Scarwall

I'll accept nominations for Seven Days to the Grave, but my wife still occasionally yells "Scarwall" at me if she hasn't been able to game in a few days...

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Given that you've already thrown in one from AoW, I'm going to suggest Mad God's Key (Dungeon 114). I know it's not technically part of an AP, but I used it as part of SC, and it fit beautifully, and is one of the best low level adventures I've ever run for a party.


(and for an official AP adventure, I'm going to support NobodysHome and recommend Scarwall - as a stand alone (or as part of an AP) it is excellent. Very moody and thematic, and a great adventure as well.)

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The Haunting of Harrowstone was probably the best adventure in Carrion Crown.

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RotR - Skinsaw Murders
CotCT - Seven Days to the Grave (#1 of all time)
Second Darkness - Endless Night
Legacy of Fire - Howl of the Carrion King
Council of Thieves - The Sixfold Trial
Kingmaker - War of the River Kings
Serpents Skull - Racing to Ruin
Carrion Crown - Broken Moon
Jade Regent - Tide of Honor
Skull & Shackles - Raiders of the Fever Sea
Shattered Star (looking forward to most of the series) - The Asylum Stone

Oh yeah, Shackled City - Life's Bazaar
, AoW - Champions Belt
Savage Tide - Into the Maw

Posting only about those I've ran/played/read.

Rise of the Runelords [ran]: Skinsaw Murders, but not too far ahead from Burnt Offerings.
Council of Thieves [ran]: The Sixfold Trial
Serpent's Skull [read]: Souls for Smuggler's Shiv
Carrion Crown [read]: Trial of the Beast, close call with Haunting of Harrowstone
Skull & Shackles [read]: Island of Empty Eyes probably

As for Jade Regent, I've only skimmed it and I took a liking into The Hungry Storm.

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Haven't played most of the AP's but there can't really be any debate about this:

CotCT - Seven Days to the Grave (#1 of all time)

I'll put in another for 7 days to the grave, Tides of Dread from STAP and Harrowstone

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I've only run Carrion Crown all the way through (well, we're finishing this month or next). My favorite is a toss up between Trial of the Beast and Wake of the Watcher. TotB had the best RP moments,with the party actively befriending (and naming) Frank (with me channeling Peter Boole in Young Frankenstein). WotW was the only one, thus far, to actually creep my players out. The entire thing shocked both players and characters, and the madness also led to some amazing RP moments. The party alchemist wound up with multiple personalities, with one being LE. The paladin used detect evil on him every morning, and if he was evil, refused to acknowledge his presence until he was good again.

I am also in a Council of Thieves game, but it has been so extensively rewritten by ths GM that I have no idea what actually came from the actual AP.

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Shackled City - Flood Season
AoW - Champion's Belt
Savage Tide - The Sea Wyvern's Wake

RotR - Skinsaw Murders
CotCT - Seven Days to the Grave
Second Darkness - Shadow in the Sky
Legacy of Fire - End of Eternity
Council of Thieves - The Sixfold Trial
Kingmaker - Sound of a Thousand Screams
Serpents Skull - Souls For Smuggler's Shiv
Carrion Crown - Trail of the Beast

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I've only run Runelords, and we're only halfway through it, but it will be very hard to beat Skinsaw Murders.

Of the AP's I've played:

Shackled City: Lords of Oblivion
RotRL: Hook Mountain Massacre
CotCT: Seven Days to the Grave
Legacy of Fire: Howl of the Carrion King
Carrion Crown: Broken Moon

RotR – Hook Mountain Massacre
CotCT - Seven Days to the Grave
Kingmaker – Varnhold Vanishing
Serpents Skull - Souls For Smuggler's Shiv
Carrion Crown – Wake of the Watcher
Skulls and Shackles – Wormwood Mutiny

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of the paths i'm familiar my favorites, SPOILERS!!!!!!!

Kingmaker- River Runs Red. grigori, you magnificent bastard. also crazy fey

Serpent's Skull - Racing to Ruin. one of my favorites, let the pc's chart their own course, still used 90% of the adventure and it was a blast.

Carrion Crown- Trial of the Beast. how many adventures do you get to be a lawyer/detective then assault a mad scientist's cliff side castle? simply awesome

Jade Regent- Night of Frozen Shadows- ninjas and vikings, written by Greg a. Vaughn. yes!

Skull & Shackles- Tempest Rising- simply awesome

it should be noted that as of now i only have first four of skull and shackles

so if you had to put together a best of AP, what would be mod 1,2,3,4,5 & 6.....

I probably havent played enough APs so id have

JR part 1
CC part 2
KM part 3

Shackled City : Lord of Oblivion (DM All of it)
Age of Worm :Champions Belt (DM not over)(my best AP ever)
Savage Tide :Lightless Depths (dm All of it)
Rise of the Rune Lords : The Hook Mountain Massacre
Curse of the Crimson throne : Escape from Old Korvosa
Second Darkness : Children of the Void
Kingmaker : Sound of a Thousand Scream (Dm All of it)
Serpents Skull - Souls for smugglers Shiv
Jade Regent - My best Ap in Pathfinder(DM all of it)
Skull & Shackles : ? I'm a player in this one and we haven't started yet.

I've read through CotCT (haven't played it), and I'm surprised to see Seven Days to the Grave get so much love. What did you guys love about it?

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It's extremely well-written, it's a theme that isn't represented much in the media with the plague break out. The Plague Doctors are excessively creepy in a Stephen Moffat way. Its an adventure that the players can irrevocably fail without actually ruining the rest of the AP. And it's fun.

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I also love Seven Days to the Grave's investigatory theme and how you can find the different clues in any order.

Posting only about the APs I've ran as a DM, played as a PC or read:

Shackled City (PC): Flood Season
Rise of the Runelords (DM): Hook Mountain Massacre
Curse of the Crimson Throne (DM): Seven Days to the Grave
Second Darkness (read): Children of the Void
Legace of Fire (read): Howl of the Carrion King
Carrion Crown (read): Trial of the Beast / Haunting of Harrowstone (can't decide between them)

I like how Seven Days to the Grave is pretty much the one consistent choice and then everyone else has their own personal favorites to choose from.

I have heard good things about CotCT so Save Days to the Grave must just be really that good.

For the APs that I've participated in:

Shackled City (PC) - Secrets of the Soul Pillars. Our party almost got TPK'd in the assassination attempt, so we were really vengeful with storming the temple of Wee Jas. Lots of backstory was revealed and Karran Kural was a great dungeon crawl with a cool boss at the end of it. Later on, my character turned it into his stronghold.

Savage Tide (DM) - Enemy of my Enemy. Such an awesome chapter, with LOTS of plane-hopping and interaction with the big shots of Greyhawk went great (especially with Orcus). I really worked hard for this chapter and read up on all the planes and prepared it really well with lots of descriptions and background music.

Council of Thieves (PC) - What Lies in the Dust. I know the customary answer when CoT is involved is Sixfold Trial, but I really loved Delvhaven. Haunts (never even knew they existed before that), creepy atmosphere, great enemies (shadowy triceratops), visions that characters get through reading the books, the way the backstory was given (through ghostly reenactment of the past events)... Not to mention there's not one but THREE bosses at the end. Kudos goes to whoever wrote up Mazeflesh Man, such a great idea. It was devilishly hard, because there were three of us and we had to risk a few times about using Sunburst from Morrowfall because we'd get blinded too... Ah, memories.

Legacy of Fire (DM) - End of Eternity. Right off the bat players have a chance to see the BBEG leaving the prison they're being put in and such a marvelous prison it is! A beautifully written world that allows the DM to think up great ways to present it to their players. My players all agreed that it was the best part of the adventure. And allows player interaction with creatures not often seen in APs - Proteans.

Kingmaker (PC) - Varnhold Vanishing. Intresting take on Croatoan myth and even though it's sort of a filler chapter of the AP, we enjoyed it, since it's a really intresting story with a cool dungeon crawl at the end of it. The boss is also very intresting.

Carrion Crown (DM) - Broken Moon. A fantastic chapter. Murder mystery, werewolves, lots of different werewolf clans (all of them were awesome), great NPCs with whom my PCs interacted a lot, so we had a whole session with just talking and exploring the Lodge with not one attack roll rolled.

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Rise of the Runelords: Skinsaw Murders
Curse of the Crimson Throne: Escape from Old Korvosa
Council of Thieves: Sixfold Trial (not just for the play, but the awesome dungeon as well)
Jade Regent: Night of Frozen Shadows
Skulls & Shackles: Island of Empty Eyes

Kingmaker is a 6 way tie. I'd give every single one of those adventures an 8/10. Kind of weird...

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Ok, here is my favorite (and sometimes, least favorite) issue:

Age of Worms:
+ Champion's Belt. Especially if the Apostole wins
- Gathering of Winds. Old-school fans rejoice, but the dungeon was a bit too one-sided, with a paper-thin excuse of going there in the first place

Savage Tide:
+ Tides of Dread. Great little sandbox hidden in this AP

Rise of the Runelords:
+ Hook mountain massacre. Visceral and very very dark.
- Sins of the Saviors. Just a pretty random dungeon drop, this could have been so very much more.

Curse of the Crimson Throne:
+ Seven Days to the Grave. An excellent influx of realism into the AP. Also makes the tryanny of Illeosa wonderfully visible, while her remaining in power becomes even more plausible

Second Darkness:
+ Shadow in the Sky. Especially the first part.
- Oh, boy... Armageddon Echo was weak, Endless Night could not live up to what it tried to do, and part five shall not be named here.

Legacy of fire:
+ End of Eternity: In an AP that didn't really grab me (not my genre...) this bit of pocket-plane hijinks was the most memorable bit.

Council of Thieves:
+ Sixfold Trial: Not just the play (which rocked!), but also the wonderfully build party

+ War of the River Kings: This one emerges from a pitched battle among very strong contestants. Stolen Lands is easily one of the best starters, Thousand Screams is the best AP cap up to this point

Serpent Skull:
+ Souls for Smugglers Shiv: Shipwrecked scenarios are tough to handle, but this is one of the best I've ever seen
- Racing to Ruin: Skipping the freemen rebellion in favor of repeating the first part of book 3, but in lesser form didn't convince me.

Carrion Crown:
+ Wake of the Watcher: I don't like Lovecraft, as a rule - so if I like a Lovecraft adventure, that is saying something!
- Ashes at Dawn: Not only is it a rather inflexible piece of railroad, but by then, the "Monster an Issue" format has worn itself out.

Jade Regent:
+ The hungry Storm: I for one liked this adventure, very nice "Artics" feelign about it, great backdrops!

Skull & Shackles:
+ Tempest Rising: The free Captains Regatta! Need I say more?
- From Hell's Heart: Ugh... Killing Harrington in part five was a brave decision. Not bringing him back as a zombie pirate now, instead putting up the "minor annoyance" Bonefist front and center. Major missed opportunity.

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