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Carrion Crown

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The Hero Lab community has been hard at work inputting all the Adventure Paths and dozens of Paizo modules. The complete Chapter 1 to Chapter 6 of Carrion Crown AP is now available.

For more information please see on the "Community Bestiary" post on the Hero Lab forums. It has info on what is included and setup instructions.

Once you have downloaded and installed the "Community Bestiary" data package you can get the NPCs and Bestiary monsters for every adventure path and dozens of modules from the "Hero Lab d20pfsrd Repository" in the Community Bestiary NPCs folder.

I wanted to make sure more than just the people on the Hero Lab forums knew about this and hope people find this helpful. =)

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This is great, downloading... now

Thank you

Excuse the thread necromancy, but does this HL data set or any other contain the Agent of the Grave prestige class? Statting up an NPC and need to add some Whispering Way-itude to it. Thanks in advance for any help!

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Yes, just make sure that you've selected "Carrion Crown" on the configuration screen.

I recently started work adding more CC NPCs to HL, but I need to learn more customization skills before I get much further. Anyone else working on this, by any chance?

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