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The Hero Lab community has been hard at work inputting all the Adventure Paths and dozens of Paizo modules. The complete NPCs and Bestiary portfolios for Chapter 1 of Shattered Star is now available.

For more information please see on the "Community Bestiary" post on the Hero Lab forums. It has info on what is included and setup instructions.

Once you have downloaded and installed the "Community Bestiary" data package you can get the NPCs and Bestiary monsters for every adventure path and dozens of modules from the "Hero Lab d20pfsrd Repository" in the Community Bestiary NPCs folder.

I wanted to make sure more than just the people on the Hero Lab forums knew about this and hope people find this helpful. =)

This is helpful, thank you.

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Where can I learn to create my own outputs for Hero Lab character sheets?

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custom that is

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Thanks for that, it's really helpful! :)

I'm a bit confused by the donkey rats, though, and their Strength of 6 when the Bestiary's dire rats they are based on have a Strength of 10. Am I missing something?

Are the future Chapters coming? I'm planning on running this shortly, and was planning on trying to run combats out of HeroLab, but without the community support I may have to find another way of dealing with combats.

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Sorry I don't get often to check all Paizo threads. The chapters have been slowly released over the last few months and they are now completely finished as of v2.10.

v2.10 of the Community Bestiary is available and contains Chapter 1 to 6 NPCs, Monsters, and encounters for Shattered Star.

If you don't already have the Community stuff setup for download from inside of HL then go to THIS post and follow the setup instructions.

If you already have the above setup then simply download v2.10 of the Community Bestiary from inside of HL. Then download the AP61 Shattered Star NPCs PART1.zip and AP61 Shattered Star NPCs PART2.zip files that contains all the .por files from d20pfsrd.

Final step of course is to unleash the horrors on to your players. =)

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