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For the fighter archetype there is the 5th level power that allows them to disarm and do damage "without the usual strength modifier" Now this is supposed to suggest that the bonus damage done is just by adders and other riders but what about other stat modifiers (ie dex) to damage? hter-archetypes/aldori-swordlord-brevoy

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The ability lets you disarm someone and do damage to them at the same time, sans your Str Mod.

All the other mods you can think of would apply.


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I would disagree here, but only conditionally. Most of the abilities that allow you to use Dex for damage say that you use it "in place" of your Str mod. In this situation Dex would be prohibited since it is being used as the STr mod. For instance, an Agile weapon would state "Agile weapons are unusually well balanced and responsive. A wielder with the Weapon Finesse feat can choose to apply her Dexterity modifier to damage rolls with the weapon in place of her Strength modifier."
Since the Aldori Swordlord says you use Disarming Strike and deal damage without the normal STR modifier, and Agile provides your Dex in place of the normal Str modifier, your Dex would not be added to damage.

If you had an ability that allowed you to somehow add your Dex to your damage in addition to or outside of the way you typically add your Str, it would work.

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