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Shadow Lodge

I want to verify how I'm reading this feat. Rules are:

"Benefit: When making a charge or using Spring Attack against an opponent who is flat-footed or helpless, you treat your first melee attack against that target as if you had the Improved Critical feat."

Is that "charge or (Spring Attack against an opponent who is flat-footed or helpless)" or is it "(charge or Spring Attack) against an opponent who is flat-footed or helpless"

I would think it's the latter, but have hopes for the former.

I would assume it's your second option.

I'm no expert on English grammar, but I'd say "that target" refers back to "opponent who is flat-footed or helpless". If so, then there's no "that target" for the charge in your first option, making the second option the only logical choice.

Sovereign Court

I think that they most likely meant the second one, since it's the least complicated version; if they had something special in mind they would say so more explicitly.

Also, if you try to separate the two options, you'd get

"(When making a charge) or (using spring attack against an opponent who is flat-footed or helpless), ..."

Which makes no sense, since "using spring attack" also needs the "When". So the proper way to analyse the text is:

When ((making a charge) or (using spring attack)) against (an opponent who is flat-footed or helpless), ..."

It is my imagination or this is an awful feat?

I can see 3/4 BAB melee druid really loving it especially since it applies to anything used.

Nicos wrote:
It is my imagination or this is an awful feat?

I'll agree to that. Not only does it require two sets of circumstances (a flat-footed or helpless foe, plus a high roll that's almost but not quite an ordinary critical threat) to do something, but it also has nothing to do with a jaguar's pounce.

A jaguar (uses the rules for leopard) doesn't have an increased threat range. And pounce obviously works very differently than this feat.

The feat would have made more sense (and would have been useful) if it made your first attack an automatic critical threat instead.

Shadow Lodge

Thanks for the help.
*tosses feat away from planing table.

Silver Crusade

Could this be used at all with the scout,rogue archetype?, the scout's charge 4th level ability, would you always get the Improved Critical feat added on?. What Is the the source of Jaguar's pounce?, probably still not worth the expense of a feat probably.

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