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So in this style anyone can cast spells! OVERPOWERED you yell. I get it, but listen, I started this trying to help bring some non-casters in line with casters and I think it would simply be fun.

Here are the rules and rule changes.
This would represent how magic originally started. Then through thousands of years smart people developed a series of languages and movements that could take these and make them much more practical.

#1 Rituals take 10 minutes per level of spell to prepare. Once prepared the spell is "hung" as would be the case for a wizard after preparing his/her spells.

#2 This time can be divided by the number of people who successfully involve themselves in the ritual.

#3 To successfully involve yourself you must succeed on a spell-craft check = 10 + Spell Level. You also must know the ritual by heart OR have a book detailing your role in front of you throughout the ritual. Meaning six people doing a ritual to prepare mass fly would need to ALL have a ritual book in front of them or some of them would need to have learned it by heart.

#4 You may only learn rituals whose spell level are 1/2 your own character level. You may only ever know 2 rituals per rank in Spell-craft. To learn a ritual you must succeed at spell-craft check equal to 15+Spell Level and can only make one attempt per spell per new rank.

#5 One person is thew leader of the ritual. If that person has the ritual on their spell list, then the ritual time is divided in half. The spell that is hung, regardless who who is the recipient, is done so with the leaders stats in mind. Caster level is equal to the leaders caster level + 1/2 caster level per level in a non-casting class. The leader must make a concentration check equal to 10 + spell level to succeed.

#5 One person is the recipient of a ritual. The spell is "hung" in their mind. You may only receive 1 ritual spell level per character level per day.

#6 If the leader of a ritual has a feat that can modify the spell, including eschew materials, then they may modify the ritual as such, but all level increases per metamagic feat are still intact.

New Feats

Ritual leader

+3 to concentration checks during ritual checks. This increases to +6 when you reach 10th character level.

Strong Ritual

+2 to caster level for rituals that you lead. This may not increase beyond your character level. This may be taken more than once, its effects stack.


What then? Please destroy this or improve upon it.

Add +3 to the caster l

I have a ritual style casting alternate rule that im currently wroting up. its similar to this, but you have to have a feat to lead the ritual. Each ritual also has a min number of people that have to be there to help you. there will be spells and such that help boost this and make up for less people.

the big difference is that you dont use my ritual casting to cast regular spells. u cast rituals and they are their own entity altogether. plus theres a min char lvl for each ritual.

id be interested in discussing this with you more and get your feedback, and when the pdf is dun ill put your name in the credits as a contributer.

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