Helgarval reveal? *SPOILERS*

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My players never went to the shrine of shelyn after the searching the burial ship of Snorri Stone Eye, instead they went to the rimerunner guildhall the next day. I suppose the figured since they didn't find Ulf on the ship there was no need to get to a safe house.

So does anyone have any suggestions for some other event other than fighting the elemental and helping the priest in the street that might persuade Helgarval to reveal himself?

By the way, the players are not generally acting very lawful or good so I'm struggling with this one, and I'm considering having the helm just fly off and abandoning the PC's.

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Well, IMO you shouldn't force a personality change on the NPC, especially since this one is an actual angel and therefore not very prone to compromise. So, if you think he should fly off, let him do it. After all, him not being around doesn't change the campaign dramatically.

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As a quick aside my players almost killed Hargaval by stuffing him in a bag of holding and nearly suffocating him to death in the process.

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He's an outsider, he doesn't even need to breathe.

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PRD wrote:
Outsiders breathe, but do not need to eat or sleep (although they can do so if they wish).

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Ah, I got that wrong, then. I applied the latter part to all bodily functions.

So, um, how does a helmet breathe?

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magnuskn wrote:
So, um, how does a helmet breathe?

Same way it talks!

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Tiny pair of dangling lungs.

My players also decided that, without Ulf, there was no reason to go to the temple. Instead they started traipsing on down to Ravenscraeg. Thankfully one of my players was actually playing an Ulfen barbarian who took a bit of a fancy to the helmet. I opted to have Helgarval reveal himself when they made camp about halfway to the fortress. I figured that, by that time, they would have discussed their plans enough for him to realize how much their goals aligned.

I prefer to believe that it did not appear too ham-fisted.

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