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Sorry for posting this here, I don't know who to contact or where this would go best.

At PaizoCon I was one of the finalists in the race (and came in second by an initiative roll-off, arrrrrgh!) and we were told that the runners up would be getting a boon in a week or so as it hadn't been written up or printed out at the time. I believe I even spoke to Mike Brock about whether or not it was going to be done by e-mail or some other means as I was leaving the country shortly after PaizoCon (though I may have spoken to another member of the staff, I think I have it right though!)

I was wondering if anything came of this. I haven't seen anything show up in my records or received any e-mail, and if it's something linked to a character I'd love to be able to get my hands on it before getting brutally murdered due to stunning incompetence.

Grand Lodge 5/5

There was never any prize scheduled to be given for the foot race.

Scarab Sages

Huh, well then the GM told us wrong and a must have confused whoever I talked to. Thanks for the speedy reply!

Shadow Lodge

That was a great race man, I thought for sure you had Hector beat. :D Yay for big initiative rolls!

Scarab Sages

I was what, 5 levels below the next lowest? You needed to roll a one or a two for me to win on that final initiative-off. Still, that was a completely hilarious race, when it came down to one roll for me to win I was just thinking "No way, I'm ahead of the Xth level monk"

That was a great race though, everyone was a hoot!

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