Shattered Runelords, a Rise of the Runelords / Shattered Star smash up (SPOILERS).

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The Setting

The cast
Crimson Chevalier, a gunslinger from Riddleport interested in ancient lore recently admitted to the Pathfinders.

Ira Heidmarch, half-elven bastard child of Sheila Heidmarch of Sandpoint, an alchemist out for profit, and a Pathfinder more through family than personal desire.

Dirk Ironsides, born and raised in Sandpoint, recently returned after joining the Pathfinders, combines old Shoanti wisdom with the latest in armor protection, and a love of partying between battles.

Rocky of Magnimar, ex-gladiator turned Pathfinder, armed with skill with small blades and fondness of small animals.

Session 1.
Crimson and Rocky received invitations to come to Heidmarch Manor in Sandpoint and meet with Sheila Heidmarch in a few days regarding a new Pathfinder Lodge that may be opening in Varisia soon. Crimson and Rocky decide to head to Sandpoint a few days early to enjoy the Swallowtail festival.

Once there, they meet up with Ira and Dirk, old childhood friends, and they go enjoy the festival. They all lose horribly at darts, enjoy fantastic free lunches, and watch Dirk win the weight lifting contest, followed by Rocky winning the cross town sack race. A tug of war match between the locals and the out of towners broke out, it was close but locals barely pulled it out in the end. Much merriment and drinking was had by all.

Close to sunset, Dirk, now thoroughly drunk, decides it would be a good idea to go streaking through the town square while Father Zantus was giving his speech.

This is when the goblins attack and battle ensues, chaos reining, but due to the Pathfinders (and Dirk getting lucky some lucky hits using a sack of flour as a weapon), the town square is saved.

The Pathfinders head to Dirk’s house to grab some clothes and a proper weapon. Upon exiting, they see a noblemen gripped in terror as a goblin mounted on a weird looking dog kills his prized hunting dog.

The battle is joined, and while most of the goblins drop just like the ones in the town square, the mounted one seems to know his way around a blade. Both Ira and Dirk are cut down by this skilled goblin before Rocky manages to land a fatal blow, sheathing a dagger right into the goblins heart.

Father Zantus manages to save Ira and Dirk before their souls flee, and the Pathfinders help restore order to the town. They decide rest their weary selves, while Rocky ends up “rescuing” a kitten from the streets. The next day the Sheriff approaches the Pathfinders to thank them for their help in the town square, and to see if they would come help him with a minor mystery in the boneyard.

After a quick battle with some skeletons at the crypt, the Pathfinders realized the former priest’s remains have been stolen, and the something bigger than a goblin raid may be going on.
End Session 1.

Start Session 2.

Dirk woke up with a nasty cold and was bedridden for a few days.

Meanwhile, the others ran into the noble they saved, Aldern Foxglove, at the Rusty Dragon Inn. After thanking them and rewarding them, he invited them out for a boar hunt. The Pathfinders accepted and quickly tracked down a boar in the nearby forest. Rocky leaped out and closed with her daggers, while Crimson and Ira shot and tossed everything they could, but in the end only Rocky’s quick thrusts with her daggers proved to be effective against the beast’s hide. Ira and Rocky tried to cut and clean the beast, but they both were just having trouble with it. They ended deciding to take it back to the Rusty Dragon Inn and see if Ameiko could do anything with it. She was thankful for the role the Pathfinders had in the goblin raid, and was able to turn the boar into a lot of delicious pulled-pork sandwiches.

Crimson was approached by one of the local villagers, Shayliss, who asked him to “help her” with a rat problem at her father’s store. Upon reaching the store it quickly become obvious that there were no rats, and when she began to make her move in the basement, her father walked in, his fists raised. Crimson quickly backed away and with some quick words shifted all the blame to Shayliss, and left the father and daughter arguing with each other in the basement. An hour later, Shayliss found Crimson again, and smacked him something fierce and then left without saying a word.

Ira hearing what happened to Crimson, decides to pursue Ameiko, however he has never had a way with words and doesn’t make much progress.

While trying to woo Ameiko, her father comes in the Inn screaming at her in a strange foreign tongue. The two of them fight for a while, but when her father Lonjiku grabs her by the hair, Ira leaped up and quickly grabbed Lonjiku and threw him out of the Inn. Ameiko was grateful, but made it clear she could have handled it, but grateful she didn’t have to ruin her favorite ladle.

Later that night while getting ready for bed, they heard a woman in distress outside, they discovered one of the villagers holding her son, showing some vicious bite marks on his arm, screaming for anyone to help her husband who was fighting a goblin in their home.

Upon arriving in the house, they discovered the husband dead, and half
his face eaten away. Ira quickly burned the depraved goblin with alchemist’s fire while Crimson shot its legs out from under it. The Pathfinders managed to capture the goblin alive. Sadly Ira was the first to speak to the widow, and she lost it upon hearing his very blunt words regarding what happened to her husband.

The sheriff arrived shortly thereafter and calmed the widow, took the goblin into custody, and asked the Pathfinders to grab one of his deputies that knew the goblin’s language, and to meet him at the jail.
After questioning the goblin, who just kept talking about food, longshanks, and that it didn’t know anything about the “secret mission”, the Pathfinders talked with the sheriff about what may be going on, that someone was organizing the goblins and that they had an agenda. The sheriff recommends waiting a short time for an expert on the goblins, Shalelu, an elven friend of the town to arrive, who is expected in a week or two.

So the Pathfinders wait, seeing who will arrive first, Shelia Heidmarch, Shalelu, or more goblins.

End Session 2.

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