Legal questions about the Pathfinder name and published artwork

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First, my apologies if this is the incorrect forum for this topic. I won't be offended if this thread needs to be moved. Okay, on to the meat and potatoes.

I'll be setting up a YouTube channel soon where I can talk about Pathfinder. My primary intention is to make it a tool to introduce players and GMs to various aspects of Pathfinder and Golarion using audio and visuals. I have two concerns before I get started: 1) If I use "Pathfinder" in the channel name will that draw the ire of Paizo? 2) Can I briefly show images from the bestiaries, campaign settings and other Paizo materials without drawing the ire of Paizo?

Here is the minimum product quality I'm willing to produce. I have to work on my voice presentation quite a bit... Pathfinder Character Creation

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You want to look at the community use policy to the left to get the full details, but I'd be shocked if they did anything against you, in fact they'll probably support you. Images are a bit more difficult, they need to have been released under the community use policy, which means in the pack or on the Paizo blog.

Consulting the CUP is vital though

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Thanks, Enlight. You are right, the Community Use page clearly defines what images can and cannot be used. I wonder if special permission would be given to present city district maps and such. Maybe sometime after the dust has settled from GenCon I will contact someone from Paizo.

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