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If anyone is interested in playing NFL Fantasy Football this year, I have a few spots open in my league - it's a league solely composed of PBP RPers from a couple of PBP sites. If so, please PM me your interest and a valid email address to set up. There will be some sort of prize for top dog and a sufficiently humiliating one for the unfortunate soul who comes in last.

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what website are you guys playing on? what kind of draft? snake/bid? i am interested.

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We'll probably use yahoo, though I can use ESPN as well. The draft will be online, snake type. Scoring is relatively standard, but I typically give DEF double for sacks because...well, sacks are nifty. It is not PPR, though if that's what everyone prefers, we could go that route. Thanks for the interest!

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Is it a free or pay league. Reason I ask is that in a free league, once someone starts losing they typically stop playing as well.

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True indeed! Know, though, that I never stop playing...even if I'm dead last. If we get the right amount of turnout, I may also make it a keeper league, which would give some the impetus to at least shuffle players about at the end of the year and plan for next season.

It's a free league, but I'll be offering a prize for first place and winners of the consolation bracket and losing bracket. It'll probably be gift certificates to the paizo store if I can clear it with them, or an open RPG site, or even Amazon. The winner of the losing bracket will get a "best of the worst" T-shirt.

sign me up. i play on espn every year.

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g0oatsticks - you're in, and welcome. I'll get invites out this weekend. Just to verify - are you still in if we go with yahoo in lieu of ESPN?

never played on yahoooooooooo but i'm sure i can figure it out.

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Bump - one more spot to fill

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If you've still got a spot, I'm in. thunderspirit at hotmail dot com.

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Hi thunderspirity; I think I still do, in fact. It'll be a deep league at 14 teams, but I think it can work. I'll be sending the invites out over the next few days, and welcome!

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Fantasy football, eh? Can I play? Are we using Pathfinder Rules? Can my football player be a Synthesist Summoner?

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