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Career Opportunities wrote:

We are based in the Seattle suburb of Redmond. We commenced operations in mid-2012. We're growing, and we'll employ about 30 people by the end of 2013, doubling in 2014.

Now, I could be making a mountain range out of a molehill here, but that looks to me like it hints at a launch date in 2014. Now, they already have about 7-8 staff, and want to hire 15 more. That puts em fairly close to 30. 30 staff to round out the tech demo sounds about right, and doubling that staff would make it far more viable for a launch and the rapid code/updating required by a live game.

Anyone else agreeing with me here, or am I tilting at windmills again?

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8 developers are working on the tech demo. This group doesn't include Ryan as far as I understand it - he's on the fundraising/promotion/etc team. Their goal was to have the tech demo finished come mid-September, at which point they'll make most of the additional hires to work on the main program.

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